ABIT 9800 XT


Review: Todd "Toddsmack2k" Roberts
Editor/Design: Allan "Zardon" Campbell


The expression better late than never came to mind when I first heard that ABIT had joined in partnership with ATI to provide enthusiasts with graphics cards based on the ATI R360 cores. ABIT has long been synonymous with motherboards and Nvidia graphics cards. ABIT is regarded for its excellent quality, innovative features and being an overclockers dream. They like other companies are deciding to join with multiple partners in manufacturing graphics cards to cover all areas no matter what brand preference you may have. This benefits everyone from ABIT themselves to us, the hardware enthusiasts.

ABIT has announced that they will be marketing the 9600XT and the 9800 XT. Which to me are two of the best ATI has to offer. ABIT has the basics covered for anyone looking for the best mid range performing card and someone who may settle for nothing but the fastest. I have been given the chance to give the ABIT 9800XT a work out. However I wanted to add a bit more to this as there are several reviews already out for the 9800XT. In this review I will show the difference in performance one can expect when going from a 9700 Pro to the 9800XT as it is a question that is frequently asked on our forums.


You will notice that nothing has changed with ABIT’s version of the 9800XT from the standard reference design on ATI’s original card, which is not a bad thing. The only noticeable differences are the ABIT sticker over the heatsink and the ABIT sticker on the cooling fan. There is no OTES cooling on it or any other changes. This is due mostly I would say because of ABIT wanting to get these cards out on the market and get the word out that ABIT now makes ATI based graphics cards before the supposed R420 cores come out.



The bundle that comes with the ABIT 9800XT is standard fare. Included in the bundle is S-video and composite video cable, DVI-VGA dongle, Power cord. ABIT manual, Installation guide, on the CD was Power DVD 5, ATI 3.9 drivers, ATI Flash Tool, DX9b and a voucher for Half Life 2.

While not as feature rich as some bundles it is adequate. I am more interested in the main package in the box, the card itself. Installation was easy and simple. Just plug in the power connector and slip it into your AGP slot. No fuss or extra slots taken up.


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