Altec Lansing are well renowned for producing high quality, aesthetically pleasing speaker sets and the Concert Stage 21 package does not let them down in any aspect. They are well designed, not only to look the part, but also to give crisp audio performance.

When I first removed the satellites from their packaging I was a little concerned about their prospective quality as they are very lightweight. Usually with weight and sound quality as one increases so does the other. This concern speedily dissipated as I took a closer look at the speakers themselves. The way in which they are constructed, there is a very small chance of the individual speakers (which make up the main satellite) vibrating in their housings. This design will greatly help to prevent distortion at increased volume level.

At the rear of the individual satellites, they each have an adjustable stand which allows the user to adjust the elevation to which they are pointing. Say you were wanting to put the speakers on your monitor or somewhere elevated above the level of your ears – you may wish to have them point downwards so that they project towards you better – this feature makes that a possibility.

The satellites themselves consist of a 28mm tweeter and 76mm full-range driver.



The subwoofer consists of a large, 16.5cm, driver and it really lets you feel the rumbles to say the least! As part of testing these speakers I increased the volume as far as my ears could handle, I took the speakers up to their maximum volume, there was no noticeable distortion and when something with plenty of bass was played, it, quite literally, made the whole house vibrate!

The airflow for the driver is on the reverse of the subwoofer, near to the power and other inputs (as shown below). This not only allows air in and out for the driver, it also helps to cool the powered amplifier which could, quite possibly, generate a lot of heat if the speakers have been in use for a while.



These speakers provide an SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of 108dB and the frequency response starts at 27Hz (reverberations per second) for the subwoofer. The individual satellites each use a continuous 30W RMS power and the subwoofer uses a continuous 50W RMS.



The specifications for the speaker system are as follows (quoted directly from Altec Lansing’s product sheet):

Altec Lansing’s superior sound comes from our proprietary technology, which utilizes custom-built, high-fidelity drivers, state-of-the-art equalization circuitry, and a harmonious mix of the following specifications:

Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 108 dB
Total Continuous Power: 110 Watts RMS
• Front Speakers: 30 Watts/channel @ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @ 140 - 20000 Hz 2 Channels Loaded
• Subwoofer: 50 Watts @ 4 ohms @ 10% THD @ 27 – 113 Hz Single Channel Loaded
System Response: 35 Hz – 18 kHz (-10dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio @ 1 KHz Input: > 86 dB
Drivers (per satellite): 28mm tweeter and 76mm full-range driver
Dimensions: 109 mm (W) x 114 mm (D) x 210 mm (H)
Subwoofer Driver: One 6.5" long-throw woofer (approximately 16.5cm)
Dimensions: 190 mm (W) x 309 mm (D) x 365 mm (H)

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