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With an incredible amount of First Person Shooter games available for the PC today, gamers everywhere have been stuck with the standard bulky keyboard in order to maneuver around the battlefield. Thanks to Flexiglow, there is finally a solution with a sleek and effective design. The Cyber Snipa from Flexiglow is a game pad specifically created for FPS games. It contains the most vital keys to gameplay in a relatively small area to increase your gaming performance significantly.

Out of the Box

The Cyber Snipa is renowned for its methodical design, and as a result, you can expect the packaging to be simple as well. It contains the Cyber Snipa Game Pad, a 6 foot USB cord and an instruction manual. The overall package is lightweight, so you can expect to save a bundle on shipping from online retailers.


Anybody who knows how to turn on their computer should easily be able to setup the Cyber Snipa. All you have to do is plug the game pad into a USB port and then place it on your desk. The game pad will be ready to go instantly and doesn’t require any special drivers to be installed. The Cyber Snipa will be completely functional right away, making the installation process foolproof.

Aesthetics / Design

Instead of having an oversized keyboard take up your desk space, the Cyber Snipa takes up hardly any space at all. The game pad with the palm rest is roughly eight inches long and six inches wide. As if that isn’t small enough, the palm rest can be detached to make the Cyber Snipa a perfect six by six inches. The pad itself is entirely black, as are most of the keys. However, the typical movement keys (W, A, S, D, Q and E) are blue with white arrows. To top off the already impressive looking piece of equipment, there are three blue LEDs (one on the top surface and two on the bottom). The Cyber Snipa is as stylish as game pads come these days and there is absolutely nothing to complain about here.


Above everything else, the most important factor for choosing a game pad should be the performance. While it seems reasonable to use a racing wheel for driving games or maybe even a special controller for platformers on the PC, FPS gaming has done amazingly well with just a keyboard/mouse setup. The Cyber Snipa improves on the standard keyboard by eliminating worthless keys and making the important ones more accessible.

The key layout is fairly similar to that of a keyboard, but everything is much closer. It’s no longer a hassle to check your objectives, activate your microphone, or even use the voice command. The numeric functions are lined up across the top of the keypad, easily allowing for quick weapon switches during battle. The directional keys are placed in the center of game pad, and are surrounded by essential FPS abilities. The reload key will always be right by your side and crouching is only a small stretch away. As if this wasn’t enough, the Cyber Snipa acts just like a keyboard, so you can remap any one of the 34 keys to your heart’s content.


The transition from a keyboard to the Cyber Snipa takes some time to adjust to, especially for gamers who have stuck by their keyboard for a long time. Veteran gamers should have the layout of a keyboard burned into their mind, allowing them to quickly respond to any incident during gameplay. Switching over to the Cyber Snipa was quite difficult at the start, but after playing enough, anybody can feel right at home. It was difficult to switch devices because some of the keys remain in the same spot in regards to the W, S, A and D keys, while other buttons have shifted slightly. For instance, the Tab key can be found right next to Q, but H is found to the right of A. These minor inconsistencies can occasionally get you baffled during a surprise attack, and the only way to solve this problem is practice. Once you have become familiarized with the layout though, you can expect increased game control, speed, and accuracy with the Cyber Snipa.

While the Cyber Snipa will certainly optimize your gaming experience, it does have its fair share of quirks. One major drawback is that you will no longer be able to partake in text-based chat during online play. The voice command is easily accessible for those of you with microphones, but not being able to type at all could be a potential problem. The space button is also a lot smaller than that of a standard keyboard, making it much harder to hop around corners or jump and spin around to bust up some baddies. The curvature on some keys isn’t always welcoming, but everything is close enough to easily make up for this. Aside from these flaws, the Cyber Snipa makes for a great gaming pad.

Flexiglow Mouse Pad

To go along with the Cyber Snipa, the Flexiglow Mouse Pad (sold separately) is an outstanding mouse pad for both gaming and daily use. Its slim yet sturdy structure allows for great amounts of pressure to be applied without any movement. Being only 5mm thick, the Flexiglow Mouse Pad is the perfect addition for anybody with a computer, even if they don’t have the Cyber Snipa!

While you could expect every mouse pad to perform just as well as the next, you would actually be mistaken. The Flexiglow Mouse Pad has a high durability steel frame with a smooth coating on the top and rubberized under-pad on the bottom. The top surface is seemingly devoid of any friction, allowing for any mouse to glide across with ease. The mesh-rubberized pad on the bottom prevents the mouse pad from sliding around during gaming, and it can even be tricky to intentionally take off your desk! Gamers with a limited desk space should make sure they have a 370mm by 240mm area available as the Flexiglow mouse pad is substantially larger than an ordinary one. Simply put, if you’re willing to shell out almost thirty dollars for a mouse pad, then the Flexiglow Mouse Pad is a great solution.


Overall, the Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Game Pad and Mouse Pad are both excellent choices for gamers seeking some variety. While spending forty dollars for a smaller version of a keyboard might seem unconventional, its mobility and gaming benefits will surely make it worth your money in the long run. The mouse pad is also a great buy, and the included carrying case will protect the sensitive surfaces when you take it to your next LAN party.

The Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Game Pad and Mouse Pad are definitely worth being looked at by any First Person Shooter fanatic.

Contacts: Reviewer: Andy "Vesper" Levine
Editor: Alex Di Domenico // Designer: Allan "Zardon" Campbell


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