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Heatsink Dimensions: 104 x 58 x 126.5 mm
Fan Dimensions: 107 x 43.5 x 96 mm
Cooler Dimensions: 107 x 96.5 x 126.5 mm
Fan Speed: 300 - 2200 RPM
Air Flow: 40 CFM / 68 m3/h
Bearing: ARCTIC Ceramic Bearing
Weight: 528 g

Well it is time to have a look at a new CPU cooler from Arctic Cooling - the new Freezer 64 Pro. This cooler is built specifically for the AMD Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 Dual core line of processors. Most of you assuredly have heard of Arctic Cooling and some may be using their famous line of VGA Silencer coolers. They also make high quality PC Cases and cooling fans.

The Package


Extremely Quiet
The low speed 92 mm fan reduces the noise level to a minimum.
The patented fan holder is able to practically eliminate the typical buzzing sound of 92 mm fans.
Patent No 203 07 981 U1 (Germany)
Patent No 10/834 232 (USA)

The Cooler

The 43 aluminum fins draw the heat out of the copper heat pipes and the fan distributes air over the fins to quickly dissipate the heat. Thanks to the fact that they are using 6 heat pipes and their own pre applied high performance thermal compound, the Freezer 64 Pro promises to provide even better cooling performance then their previous coolers. The bent fins nearest to the copper base will also help to direct some air over the motherboard voltage converters to provide some degree of additional cooling.

Included in the shipping box there is an information sheet from Arctic Cooling stating that for the cooler to work 100% it must be installed so that the heat pipes are aligned horizontally. That would pretty much eliminate desktop enclosures.

They also mention that temperatures will improve after the thermal paste has gone through a 20 hour hardening and drying time. This 20 hour time period can be shortened by repeatedly putting the CPU under load which will heat up the paste and speed up the drying process. Arctic Cooling have implemented their new patented vibration dampening technique that will reduce the fan noise more so than previous versions. To accomplish this the motor holder is attached to the frame by using dual axial rubber suspenders. This in turn should virtually eliminate any audible noise transfer from the fans vibrations; which in theory should provide a near silent cooling experience.

The Retention Clip

Above are two different pics of the retention clip of the Freezer 64 Pro. As you can see it is made to attach to all three lugs on the CPU mounting bracket. This will provide the maximum level of stability for the Freezer 64 Pro. This cooler also uses the stock cpu bracket so there is no need to tear your motherboard out just to apply a proprietary mounting bracket. This is a nice feature in my opinion.

Here we have a look at the cooler after it is installed. You may notice that the fan appears to be sitting on top of the first 2 pieces of memory. In some situations it could be difficult to install memory in the first two slots after the cooler was in place. I would recommend that you fill the ram slots then install the cooler. The install was as simple as placing the clip over 3 lugs on one side of the stock cpu bracket; then using the black lever to place the clip securely over the remaining 3 lugs.

Test system
*Windows XP Pro x64 Edition
*AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU
*Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro
*MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
*Aerocool Masstige PC Chassis
*2 GB PC3200 DDR
*Dynamic temperature control

Dynamic temperature control

Another nice feature of the Freezer 64 Pro is the fact that it will dynamically adjust it's fan speed according to the temperature of you CPU. All that I needed to do was to enable a target temperature for my CPU in my system bios and the built in sensor will adjust the fan speed of the heatsink based on temperature. If you look at the two images below you will see the difference between dynamic and full fan speed. In dynamic mode the Freezer 64 Pro keeps my Athlon 64 3500+ at 30c. This is excellent considering the fan is only spinning at 1055 RPM and can not be heard over the other fan noise. After I turn off the desired CPU temperature feature in my BIOS the fan speed more than doubles. Even at the increased fan speed the cooler is not very loud at all. It also took another 5c off the idle temperature of my CPU.


I have to say that I am extremely happy with the cooling that the Freezer 64 Pro provides. Running Prime 95 for XP x64 for 30 minutes the dynamic cooling was great. The fan speed remains at or close to 1055 RPM which was the same speed it idled at. Even without having to increase the fan speed the Freezer 64 Pro kept things well in hand with temperatures maxing out at 35c. After disabling the temperature control in the BIOS the fan speed increased to 2687 which is almost 500 RPM above the rated fan speed of 2200 RPM. Once again noise was not an issue at all.

Final Words

Arctic Cooling have nailed it with this Cooler. Great performance combined with near quiet operation. I would not hesitate to recommend this to someone looking for a quiet cooling solution. There is really nothing bad to say about the cooler although the huge size may be an issue for some.

I would like to thank VC from Arctic Cooling for providing me with the review sample.


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