Gigabyte are a company well known for their motherboards and graphics cards however more recently they have been branching out into all sorts of other areas such as peripherals (keyboards, mice, speakers and so on) and cooling solutions. The Gigabyte motherboards and graphics cards we have looked at in the past have always been good, however if we are honest the cooling solutions have been average at best. The G-Power in particular performed well - however was a nightmare to install on Socket 775 motherboards. Today’s review product brought back memories of the G-Power when we opened the box primarily because the fan used on the CPU section of the cooler is the exact same design...that’s right, a fan on the waterblock, certainly sounds different. Let’s see what the 3D Galaxy 2 is all about...

3D Galaxy 2 Packing/bundle

The 3D Galaxy 2 comes packaged in a box which leaves no question unanswered regarding the main components of the product. The large window on the front clearly displays the individual components which are all encased in their own foam compartment, covered by a plastic layer to keep them in place. Information is also plentiful on the box with various specifications and information to assist in comparing against other products and a handle on the box to aid transportation.

After opening the box and lifting out the foam section we find a smaller cardboard section, inside this are the smaller items which make up the kit such as heatsink attachments, tubing and screws. An external fan controller is also included. Additionally, inside the smaller box are the quick install guide and manual. These are reasonably well written, however the pictures could be larger (and therefore clearer) and there are several instances of issues which could have been avoided by proof reading. For example Intels Core 2 is noted as “Croe 2” and in at least one section a sentence ends part way through and leaves you to guess how it ends. Let’s take a closer look at the main components.



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