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Power Supplies


Corsair CS650M Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd December 2013

Today we take a look at our first CS-M series PSU from Corsair. This is the 650w model and is designed to offer gold efficiency with competitive pricing for builders on a tight budget.

Corsair RM750 Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 4th October 2013

Now Corsair are refreshing their range of available PSUs with the introduction of the mainstream RM series. We have the 750w version on our test bench today.

OCZ Fatal1ty 750W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd October 2013

The new revision of the OCZ Fatal1ty 750w includes bronze certification, a fully modular design, red LEDs and support for Intel's latest CPUs.

Corsair CX600M Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 13th May 2013

Now looking to mix the decent quality, low cost CX specification with the usually more expensive modular design Corsair have released the CX-m series of PSUs and today we look at one of the top models, the CX600M.

PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk.III 850W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 6th February 2013

Sometimes manufacturers rush out product after product when they release a new range. PC Power and Cooling (part of OCZ) cant be accused of that though because in November 2011 we took a look at their new Silencer MK.3 600w PSU, which was then followed by a 1200w model in August 2012. Now more than a year after the first Mk.3 OCZ have refreshed the range with new 750w and 850w models and we have one of the latter on our test bench today.

Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 31st December 2012

With some stand out styling and a low price point the PowerX 550w PSU looks to offer bronze level efficiency for those looking to build a gaming system, possibly with multiple low-mid range GPUs.

Corsair AX860 Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 11th December 2012

There are some of us who just want a unit which offers excellent performance and features with no extras. For those users Corsair recently refreshed their AX range of PSUs introducing the AX860, a Platinum certified unit and that is the focus of our review today.

XFX ProSeries 850W XXX Edition Power Supply Video Review

by Lauren TastyPC | 8th December 2012

Lauren takes a look at the XFX Pro 850w XXX Edition Power Supply in her latest video review for HardwareHeaven.

Corsair AX860i Digital Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 6th November 2012

Following the success of their AX1200i PSU Corsair are today bringing the features to a new performance level and price point with the AX860i. Can this new unit impress as much as the 1200w model?

PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk.III 1200W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 21st August 2012

The Silencer Mk.3 1200w is PC Power and Coolings highest rated model, matching the ageing Turbo-Cool 1200w at the top of the product catalogue. Today we find out if it has what it takes to compete at the high end of the PSU market.

FSP Aurum Pro 1000W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 13th August 2012

FSP are back with a new enthusiast range of products under the Aurum Pro brand. These Gold Certified units sit at the top end of the market and we have the 1000w model on our test bench today.

Corsair HX850 Gold Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 30th July 2012

Today we have the HX850 Gold rated power supply attached to our custom test station and will find out whether it continues the trend of high quality PSUs from Corsair.

Enermax Triathlor 550W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 23rd July 2012

In the next few months Enermax will be refreshing their offering in the mainstream / low end areas bringing the Triathlor to market. Today we have the 550w model on our test bench to find out what it offers for those on a limited budget.

Xigmatek Tauro 700W Power Supply Review

by James Reed | 28th June 2012

Xigmatek are releasing a new range of PSUs with the Tauro range. Aimed at performance users on a budget these bronze certified units aim to deliver an attractive mix of price and performance. Today we find out if Xigmatek deliver on those fronts, and more.

Corsair GS800 Gaming Series Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 13th June 2012

A little over a year ago we took a look at Corsair's latest mid-range PSU. Based on a CWT design and aimed at gamers the GS800 offered a nice balance of price and performance mixed with a design standing out a little. Time and the market move on though and now Corsair are back with a revised GS800 featuring new chassis, internal design and in theory, improved performance.

NZXT HALE82 N Series 750W Power Supply

by Stuart Davidson | 6th June 2012

NZXT are back with a new Hale82 range, this time featuring a N suffix which signifies non-modular PSU. Is it a worthy addition to the Hale82 range? We have the 750w model on our test bench to find out.

Sharkoon WPM 600W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 27th April 2012

Based on a well-known OEM design Sharkoon have added their own tweaks to the WMP series before setting it at a very attractive price. Today we review their 600w modular model.

OCZ Fatal1ty 1000W Modular Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 21st March 2012

Sitting at the top of OCZ's recently announced Champ1on Series of Fatal1ty PSUs is the 80Plus Gold Certified 1000w model with modular cables and very distinct styling. We have that very version on our test bench today and will find out if gamers should be putting it at the top of their shopping list for new system builds... after all we all need a new system with AMD and NVIDIA throwing out new GPUs almost weekly.

FSP Aurum CM Series Gold 650M Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 16th January 2012

A number of years ago FSP started producing retail power supplies for desktop PCs and during 2011 released their 80 Plus Gold Certified range of PSUs. There are two ranges available in the Aurum range, standard and semi-modular and today we have the 650w version of the modular PSU on our test bench.

Enermax Revolution87+ 850W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 20th December 2011

Not everyone can afford 1000w+ units, especially Platinum certified products which always come with a premium so to cater for the mainstream Enermax has just released their Revolution87+ 850w model and we have one on our test bench today. Can it impress us as much as their new enthusiast models?

Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 1000W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 15th December 2011

When it comes to PSUs Thortech may not be a brand which comes to mind immediately. In fact to many people they may not come across as a company competing in the high end of the PSU arena but with the release of their 1000w Thunderbolt Plus Thortech are aiming to do exactly that.

Seasonic Platinum Series 1000W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 28th November 2011

Today we have the latest Seasonic release on our test bench and being their first Platinum unit with a rating of 1000w it has a high standard to achieve.

XFX Pro 1250W Black Edition Full Modular Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 22nd November 2011

Today we have a brand new PSU from XFX on our test bench and on paper it is something pretty special. The XFX 1250w Black Edition Full Modular is a gold certified unit which has a number of new design features which should enhance performance... so let's get started.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk.III 600W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 9th November 2011

PC Power & Cooling are today launching the Silencer MK3 series in wattages ranging from 400-600w. We have the 600w model on our test bench so let's find out if the latest Silencer model finds that nice balance of price, quality and performance.

OCZ ZT Series 750W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 19th October 2011

Today we have one of the first samples of the OCZ ZT 750w PSU on our test bench to find out if it can hit that balance of performance and cost which appeals to the mainstream consumer.

Antec High Current Pro 850W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 21st September 2011

Today we have the 80 Plus Gold Certified High Current Pro 850w model attached to our PSU testing equipment to find out if it offers an attractive balance of price, performance and power for those who don't need to go over 1000w.

Corsair TX750M Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 17th September 2011

Today on our test bench we have the TX750M, a new addition to the TX range of high performance PSUs from Corsair. Aesthetically it is similar to the rest of the TX range however this time round Corsair have reduced the number of hard wired cables and introduced modular sockets for wiring that may not be essential.

Enermax Platimax 1200W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 13th September 2011

As with any product though there is always room for an upgrade here, a tweak there and that is exactly what Enermax have done to create the Platimax range. Building on the excellent foundations of the MAXREVO design is a unit which is 80 Plus Platinum certified and today attached to our test rig we have the 1200w model.

Enermax MAXREVO 1350W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd August 2011

Today we are taking a look at Enermax's latest high end PSU. The MAXREVO 1350w is designed for enthusiasts and those who want a PSU that will last them through a number of high end upgrades.

Corsair HX1050 Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 27th July 2011

Today we have the HX1050 attached to our custom test station and will find out whether it continues the trend of high quality PSUs from Corsair.

Antec High Current Gamer 620W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 27th April 2011

Antec know that high end PSUs are not within the reach of everyone's budget though and so there are lower specification models in the family which have a more understated design with lower power rating and price. Today we have one of those models, the High Current Gamer 620w, attached to our test centre and will establish whether Antec have been able to maintain their high standards at the lower price point.

Corsair GS800 Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 31st March 2011

It would be fair to say that the AX and TX2 ranges are premium products with great performance but a price which might be a little too high for some budgets. Enter the new GS range of PSUs from Corsair which are designed to provide over 80% efficiency and solid voltages for a more mainstream price. Let's see if the 800w model can meet the high expectations we have of Corsair products.

OCZ ZX Series 850W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 10th March 2011

The ZX Series 850W is the first model in OCZ's new range of Gold Certified PSUs, a fully modular unit it is designed for high efficiency and low noise operation. Let's see if OCZ can achieve these goals.

PC Power and Cooling Silencer 760W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 1st March 2011

2009 was the last time we looked at a new model, the Silencer 910w, which was another award winner and since then things have been a little quiet on the PCP&C front. That is something we rectify today as back in December they announced a new model in the range, the Silencer 760w and we have one connected to our test station.

Corsair TX850 V2 and TX750 V2 Power Supplies Review

by Stuart Davidson | 26th February 2011

On our test bench are two models from Corsairs new TX V2 range of enthusiast PSUs. The TX V2 range goes through the same certification as the modular AX and HX range of PSUs that Corsair use for their high end products but feature fixed cables rather than modular versions which gives the V2 a better price to performance ratio. Lets find out if Corsair can keep up their fantastic record for high quality power supplies.

Antec High Current Gamer 900W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 25th November 2010

Running on our test bench today we have one of Antec's latest PSU's a 900w model from their new High Current Gamer range. This is a product designed to offer high current, efficiency and excellent cooling so let's see what Antec's latest SLI and CrossFire certified range can do.

XFX Pro Series Power Supplies (650W, 750W and 850W) Review

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd October 2010

Today we have the first products in a new range of PSUs from XFX on our test bench. These models, aimed at the value conscious consumer who doesn't like to compromise, should be in-stock across the web tomorrow but are they worth buying?

Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 7th September 2010

The Silent Pro Gold 800W is a model in Cooler Masters new high end PSU range and features some unique design elements and 80 Plus Gold Certification. Let's find out if Cooler Master have what it takes to compete in this area.

Enermax Revolution 85+ 920W Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 28th August 2010

Recently Enermax have been refreshing the Revolution 85+ series and we have the 920w model on our test bench, let's see if the series continues to impress.

Corsair AX850 Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 19th August 2010

Today on our test bench we have the latest model in Corsair's PSU range, the Professional Series Gold AX850. This is Corsair's new flagship product and considering how well their previous PSU's have performed it has a lot of expectation placed on it.

Seasonic X-Series Fanless 400W PSU Review

by Stuart Davidson | 12th August 2010

Today Seasonic release the next PSU in their X-Series range, the X-400FL which aims to bring the same exceptional quality and performance to a new market segment. We have one of the first samples on our test bench so let's find out if it meets our expectations.

Corsair AX1200 Power Supply Review

by Stuart Davidson | 4th August 2010

Today on our test bench we have the latest model in Corsair's PSU range, the Professional Series Gold AX1200. This is Corsair's new flagship product and considering how well their previous PSU's have performed it has a lot of expectation placed on it.

Enermax Modu82+ II 525W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 8th June 2010

Recently Enermax updated their Modu82+ series, renaming it Modu82+ II, adding new features and claiming better performance than its predecessor. Today we are going to have a look at the 525W Crossfire certified version of the new Modu82+ II series to see how it performs.

Silverstone Strider Plus 850W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 2nd June 2010

Recently SilverStone supplied us with their Strider Plus 850W unit which combines a modular design with exceptional electrical efficiency and its specifications boast numerous features and exceptional performance. We will see if this power supply can perform as well as SilverStone claims in this review.

NesteQ ASM Xzero 600W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 3rd May 2010

In todays review we are going to have a look at a unique power supply from Nesteq, the ASM Xzero 600W. Even though the vast majority of power supplies share very similar features, the ASM Xzero series has a number of unique characteristics ensuring it stands out of the crowd. Its most important features are the semi-passive cooling design and a patented cable connecting system. We will thoroughly analyse these features as well as the overall performance of this power supply in this review.

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 29th April 2010

Today we will have a look Thermaltake's latest addition to the Toughpower XT series, the TPX-775M 775W power supply to find out how it has evolved from the previous model.

Cooler Master GX 750W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 21st April 2010

Today we will have a look at a unit from Cooler Master's newest gaming performance range, the GX 750W. The GX series is designed to please demanding gamers and other power users who own SLI/CrossFireX gaming systems. Today we will find out just how good the latest Cooler Master power supply unit really is.

Antec CP-1000 Power Supply Review

by Grace | 16th April 2010

Not too long ago Antec introduced the CPX form factor, a design of their own, which allows for much larger PSUs than ATX. Antec claims that the larger size of the CPX power supply units will allow all manufacturers to create better and cheaper products due to the space increase and the improved airflow. Today we will have a look at Antecs best CPX form factor power supply, the CP-1000. As the name suggests, the CP-1000 can output up to 1kW and Antec claims that it is designed to bridge performance with value.

Xigmatek NRP-PC602 600W PSU Review

by Grace | 13th April 2010

Today we are going to have a look at a new PSU from Xigmatek which is designed with high electrical efficiency and a value orientated price in mind. It has to compete against many similar products from several manufacturers so will really have to excel in one area to stand out.

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 750W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 8th April 2010

Thermaltake were founded in 1999 and started off as a cooling solutions manufacturer. More recently they have diversified into other areas including the subject of this review, PSUs. Today we will have a look at a model from their high performance series, the Toughpower XT 750W. Thermaltake designed the Toughpower XT series with enthusiasts in mind and the result is a very interesting product with a massive 12V line and a very long list of features.

Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 2nd April 2010

Thermaltake are best known for their chassis and coolers but also have a strong presence in the PSU market. Today we are going to have a look at one of their most powerful products, the Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 1000W unit. Thermaltake list some impressive performance figures for the unit, offer a very long warranty and price it aggressively.

OCZ Z Series 850W Modular Power Supply

by Grace | 31st March 2010

Today we are going to have a look at a model from the best power supply family OCZ has to offer, the Z Series. The Z Series consists of only two units at this point of time and it is the 850W model which we will review today. OCZ must be very confident about their Z- series, claiming boldly that these products are "nothing but the best". In this review we are going to put the Z Series 850W to the test and see how well this unit can really perform.

Enermax MODU87+ GOLD 600W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 22nd March 2010

Today we take a look at the Modu87+ 600W unit which, as the name suggests, is a modular unit. Enthusiasts usually expect exceptional efficiency and the very best electrical performance from 80Plus Gold certified units. Is the Modu87+ 600W model capable of satisfying them? Read on to find out.

Chill Innovation 450W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 18th March 2010

Today we are going to test and review the Chill Innovation CP-450F, a product able to continuously output "only" 450W but designed to deliver excellent performance. On paper the CP-450F seems to be the perfect choice for the average home/gaming PC, but can it deliver the performance the company promises? Read on to find out.

Antec TruePower Quattro 1200W Power Supply Review

by Grace | 16th February 2010

Today we will have a look at Antec's new flagship model in the TruePower Quattro series, the Quattro 1200W. Antec claims that their latest Quattro model offers cutting edge electrical performance while still operating quietly and this unit provides a unique feature, Powercache, which we will look at in detail.

Xigmatek NRP-PC702 700W PSU Review

by Grace | 12th February 2010

Today we are going to have a look at a new PSU from Xigmatek's NRP-PC range, the NRP-PC702 700W. Xigmatek aim the NRP-PC range at the mainstream market, combining value and good performance for the average users who want more than just a cheap product for their systems. Xigmatek makes some bold claims about the performance and electrical efficiency of their NRP-PC702; lets see if they have achieved their goals...

Jersey Modular Edition 750W Power Supply

by Grace | 29th January 2010

Today we bring you a review of a power supply unit from a newly established company, Jersey. Jersey is a sister company to Acos GmbH who are a large German computer components distributor that offers computer power and cooling related products.

Ultra X4 750W Power Supply

by Grace | 23rd December 2009

With a power output that seems to be ideal for the vast majority of gaming systems this product clearly aims towards mainstream gamers and enthusiasts. Ultra designed the X4 750W unit to combine high reliability, electrical performance and superior aesthetics all in one package.

Seasonic X-Series 650W PSU

by Grace | 3rd December 2009

Seasonic have released a brand new line-up of units, dubbed the X-Series. Boasting even higher performance than the M12D series, a full modular design and an 80Plus Gold certification, these might be the best performing power supply units money can currently buy. With this is mind we look at the 650w unit in their new range today.

Corsair HX650W Power Supply

by Aaron | 23rd November 2009

Today we are going to have a look at one of the latest additions to the HX series, Corsairs high performance series of power supplies which are aimed towards demanding enthusiasts, the HX650W unit. The specifications of the HX650W are considerably superior to those of its 620W counterpart and it also comes with an 80Plus Bronze certification and a 7 year long warranty.

Ultra X4 500W PSU

by Grace | 13th November 2009

Today we bring you the review of the least powerful product of the series, the X4 500W unit. It is a product designed to offer the high quality and aesthetics of the X4 series to enthusiasts looking something a bit above the ordinary for their mainstream home and office computers.

Nesteq ASM XZero 500W PSU

by Grace | 6th November 2009

Today we are going to have a look at a product from Nesteq a German computer products designer, the ASM Xzero 500W power supply. What makes the Xzero unique is that although it has a cooling fan it only uses it when the internal temperature rises above a certain temperature, making it what we would call a semi-passive running unit. It also ships with a variety of distinct features which we will analyse thoroughly in our review today.

Corsair TX950W PSU

by Grace | 2nd November 2009

Today we bring you the review of the latest and highly anticipated Corsair PSU; the TX950W. We reviewed many units of this series in the past, such as the TX850W and the TX650W, and they always were able to deliver an awesome price to performance ratio to potential customers. The company claims that the TX950W can deliver best-in-class performance at a very reasonable price.

Spire Blackmoon XP 600W PSU

by Grace | 22nd October 2009

Today we are going to have a look at one of Spires premium power supply units, the Blackmoon XP 600W. The Blackmoon XP (or eXtreme Precision) series is aimed towards enthusiasts and power users, therefore we expect to see the 600W model which we are going to review today delivering more than just middling performance.

Ultra X4 1200w PSU

by Grace | 19th October 2009

Recently Ultra released an entirely new series of power supply units, the X4. As the name suggests, the X4 series is the successor to the very successful X3 series. It is the 1200W version of the new X4 series unit which we are going to thoroughly test and review today, seeing how much of an improvement it is over an X3 series unit and how competitive it can be in todays very demanding technology market.

Enermax ECO 80+ 620W PSU

by Grace | 18th October 2009

Enermax are one of the world's most reputable PSU manufacturers and their products are considered to be some of the best that money can buy, so much so in fact that the new, highly rated Sapphire range use designs based on Enermax products.

Azza Titan 850W Power Supply

by Grace | 4th October 2009

Today we will be reviewing a power supply from a new comer to the particular market segment, Azza. Even though most European and Asian enthusiasts might have not heard of Azza before, the company was founded back in 1999 and is well known to the North American market.

Sapphire Pure 1250W Power Supply

by Grace | 28th September 2009

A few weeks ago Sapphire made another move into the PSU market. This time their move was much bolder, as the company released an entire new series consisting of four new products. Their new Pure series of units are designed to catch the attention of all kinds of technology enthusiasts.

FSP Everest 80Plus 400W PSU

by Grace | 22nd September 2009

At the time of this review the Everest series consists of no less than 11 products, with their power output ranging from a modest 400W all the way up to 1010W. FSP is also the only company who has two products of the same series sharing the exact same power output and base design, but of different electrical efficiency.

Thermaltake Evo Blue 750W PSU

by Grace | 15th September 2009

Unlike most units around its power range, Thermaltake didnt design the Evo Blue with maximum electrical performance in mind. This product is designed to catch the eye of modders and thus they intended it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. That said, no enthusiast would buy a power supply unable to offer good electrical performance, no matter how good it looks ā€“ so today we find out if it manages to do both.

XFX Black Edition 850W Power Supply

by Grace | 9th September 2009

XFX's first PSU, the Black Edition 850W boasts features and specifications that could easily make it one of the best possible choices around its power range. Today we will find out if XFX successfully enter a traditionally tricky market sector with a competitive and capable power supply for the discerning enthusiast user. Success or flop? you can be assured we will get the answers today ...

FSP Everest 80Plus 800W PSU

by Grace | 1st September 2009

FSP have released a great number of new consumer power supplies during recent months. We already reviewed some of their new products from their mainstream Epsilon series and the passively cooled Zen series a while ago. Today we are going to have a look at a product from their premium series, the Everest 800W 80Plus unit.

Cooler Master UCP 900W PSU

by Grace | 27th July 2009

Today we will have a look at a unit from their ultimate performance range, the UCP 900W. The UCP (Ultimate Circuit Protection) series is designed to offer the best possible electrical performance and reliability to the most demanding of users. Today we will find out just how good the unit is.

Enermax Eco 80+ 350W PSU

by Grace | 20th July 2009

Today we will take a look at the (currently) least powerful Enermax product, the Eco 80+ 350W. The units of the Eco 80+ series are designed to offer great overall quality and performance for regular home and office users.

Tagan PipeRock II 680W PSU

by Grace | 8th July 2009

Today we are going to have a look at one of Tagan's new products, the PipeRock II 680W. Designed to be a high performance modular unit, the PipeRock II boasts some very interesting specifications on paper and currently carries a very tempting price tag.

Corsair HX850W PSU

by Grace | 18th June 2009

Today we will review the larger and more promising of the two newly released models - the HX850W, a product loaded with features and boasting some very strict specifications.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 910W PSU

by Grace | 5th June 2009

The reputation of PC Power & Cooling as a PSU manufacturer is legendary, ever since the company has been founded they have consistently delivered products with the highest electrical performance.


by Grace | 1st June 2009

Being an aggressive company BFG have now released a very high performance 1.2kW+ unit aimed at the most hardcore of enthusiasts. Today we will thoroughly test it and see what kind of performance it can deliver to this demanding segment of the market.

Thermaltake ToughPower XT 850W PSU

by Grace | 15th May 2009

It has been more than a year since Thermaltake diversified into the power supply market. We reviewed a few of their mainstream supplies back then and found them to be competitive and appealing products. Today we will have a look at a PSU from their latest high performance series, the Toughpower XT 850W.

Seasonic M12D 750W PSU

by Grace | 30th April 2009

Today we will review one of their higher end products, the M12D 750W PSU. The M12D 750W boasts some very impressive specifications, but at the same time its retail price requires it to compete against the best products of its class. We will soon find out if it can take on some of the finest PSUs released in the retail market to this date.

Rosewill Xtreme RX950-S-B PSU

by Grace | 28th April 2009

Most American computer enthusiasts are familiar with Rosewill who are a sister company to one of the largest online retailers, Newegg. Rosewill's primary goal is to offer (through Newegg) a very wide variety of products, ranging from card readers to computer cases, all at very competitive prices.

Enermax Liberty ECO 500W PSU

by Grace | 24th April 2009

Today at DriverHeaven we have one of Enermax's latest mainstream products, the Liberty Eco 500W unit. The Liberty Eco is a modular PSU, designed to offer good overall performance and superior reliability at a competitive price.

Antec TruePower 750W PSU

by Grace | 6th April 2009

Just a few weeks ago (and several years after the first TruePower units were released) Antec introduced the new TruePower series. The new TruePower units are based on an entirely different design and boast superior performance and a lot of new features.

Sapphire FirePsu 625W

by Grace | 30th March 2009

Today we review one of Sapphire's new products and their first PSU, the FirePSU 625W unit. The company claims that the PSU is optimized for workstations and it boasts some very good features and specifications, but is it good enough to compete against the many renowned companies in today's PSUs market?

Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 PSU

by Grace | 18th March 2009

Today we will review the 600W version of the Silent Pro M series, a slightly improved product over the 500W version of the same series which we reviewed several months ago. The Silent Pro M 500W rated very well back then, so we have high hopes for the 600W version.

Hiper S625 PSU

by Grace | 16th March 2009

Hiper have three different series of PSUs, the Type-R MKII series consisting of modular high performance units, the Type-M series consisting of non-modular high performance units and the Type-S series consisting of simpler, mainstream units. We reviewed most of the Type-R and Type-M ranges in the past couple of years, but today we are going to take our very first look at their new S series with the S625 unit.

Tuniq Potency 650W PSU

by Grace | 14th March 2009

Even though many enthusiasts have heard of Sunbeamtech before, less so are familiar with Tuniq. Tuniq is a subsidiary company to Sunbeamtech, dedicated to designing and producing high performance and stylish products for a more demanding audience. Today we are going to have a look at their product range with a review of the Potency 650W PSU. The Potency is a mid range product with very interesting specifications and Tuniq promises excellent overall performance.

Xigmatek NRP-MC651 PSU

by Grace | 7th March 2009

We reviewed no less than three high output power supply products from Xigmatek in the past few months all of which were premium products and received glowing reports. Today we will test the performance of a mid-range product from Xigmatek, the NRP-MC651 650W. The NRP-MC651 is sourced from the same range as the MC851 850W which we reviewed not long ago.

Xigmatek NRP-HC1201 PSU

by Grace | 27th February 2009

Even though Xigmatek are a new player in the market, their innovative cooling solutions and high quality power supply units have quickly earned the company a good reputation. We reviewed several of their products in the past and they all were high quality items.

Enermax Revolution 85+ 1250W Power Supply

by Grace | 29th January 2009

Today we will take a look the new flagship PSU, the Revolution 85+ 1250W. Enermax never fail to impress when releasing new products and once again their new Revolution85+ range boasts better performance figures than we've ever seen to date. We will find out today if new records are going to be set.

Corsair TX850W Power Supply

by Grace | 27th January 2009

Throughout 2008 Corsair released a great range of power supplies which quickly earned them a strong reputation as a quality provider in the market. Today we will take a look at Corsair's tenth power supply product, the TX850 850W PSU. The TX850 is a newer, upgraded version of the very popular TX750 which we reviewed a few months ago.

AKASA Freedom Power 1000W PSU

by Grace | 26th January 2009

Akasa have released a very large number of PSUs during the past few months, taking a piece of the pie from every market category. We have also received a large number of their PSUs to review, ranging from low-priced products aiming for the best possible value to efficient and silent mid-range PSUs to expensive enthusiast-oriented units featuring a monstrous output.

Topower PowerBird 1100W PSU

by Grace | 15th January 2009

Today we will have a look at their latest PowerBird 1100W PSU, a high performance modular unit. The PowerBird 1100W is designed to compete in the most demanding category of the computer industry market and appeal to the most hardcore of enthusiasts. The big question remains however, is it able to compete with other high end offerings such as the Corsair HX1000W?

FSP Zen 400W Fanless PSU

by Grace | 13th January 2009

FSP (also known as Fortron-Source) are one of the most experienced computer PSU manufacturers on the planet. Even though they usually keep a low profile and aren't particularly aggressive in the retail market, FSP recently released a very wide range of self-branded retail products. Today we will have a look at one of the most interesting products they released, the Zen 400W Passive PSU.

Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R PSU

by Grace | 12th January 2009

Arctic Cooling owes their good reputation almost entirely to high performance cooling products, but they are making concentrated efforts to diversify their product range. Today we will have a look at a new product from them, the Fusion 550R PSU. Carrying an interesting name and boasting high performance and many features, it is the one and only PSU Arctic Cooling released. Is it worth being on a shortlist in such a competitive section of the market?

FSP Epsilon 600W PSU

by Grace | 23rd December 2008

During the past few months FSP have released many new retail products and replaced many of their existing series with newer, upgraded versions. Today we are going to have a look at the Epsilon 600W PSU, a quality mainstream product. The Epsilon series was released well over a year ago, but according to their specifications they still can easily compete in today's market. The 600W unit is based on a recent design and it is an 80 Plus approved PSU.

In Win Commander 1200W PSU

by Grace | 22nd December 2008

In Win were established back in 1986 and they never tried to diversify beyond designing and building computer cases. Merely a few months ago the company released a long line of high performance PSUs, the Commander series. Today we take a look at the high end 1200w model.

Lian Li EPS Silent Force 750W PSU

by Grace | 16th December 2008

While Lian Li focus heavily with chassis they have slowly began to design and manufacture other products as well in the last couple of years. These products have been mostly accessories and usually were better suited for their own cases.

Akasa Power 80+ 500w PSU

by Grace | 8th December 2008

Today we will have a look at another PSU from Akasa, the Power 80+ 500W. As the name suggests, the Power 80+ is a series of PSUs designed to deliver high efficiency and well balanced overall performance to mainstream users.

Hiper M1000 PSU

by Grace | 3rd December 2008

Hiper have just released a very promising product, the M1000. Hiper claims that the M1000 is a very high performance 1kW unit regardless of the relatively low price of the product. Let us see how well the latest and most powerful Hiper PSU will perform.

Chill Innovation CP-700M PSU

by Grace | 17th November 2008

Today we will have a look at the CP-700M PSU, a product from a smaller Danish company called Chill Innovation. They are not a new company as they were founded back in 1996, but they aren't very well known worldwide as until recently they have focused primarily on the Scandinavian market.

Antec Signature 850W Power Supply

by Grace | 10th November 2008

Recently Antec have released a new PSU series dubbed Signature which don't come cheap, however Antec claims that they are implementing cutting-edge technology and quality currently available for consumer PSUs. We will examine if these claims are true in this review as we will be pushing the Signature 850W unit to its limits.

Corsair TX750 PSU

by Grace | 28th October 2008

Today we will have a look at the TX750, a high output PSU designed to offer great electrical performance at the best possible price to performance ratio. Corsair released the TX750 several months ago but it still is considered to be one of the best choices anywhere close to its retail price. We will stress it to its limits in this review.

AXP Supernova 1000W PSU

by Grace | 9th October 2008

Today we're testing another AXP PSU, the 1000W model of the Supernova series. The 800W and 1000W models are much alike and share the same base design, but AXP tuned the newer 1000W version further and improved several of its key performance points.

AXP Supernova 800W PSU

by Grace | 26th September 2008

Today we will have a look at one of their latest and better PSUs, the Supernova 800W unit. The Supernova units are made to deliver good performance as well as a unique design at a competitive price.

Be Quiet Dark Power 1200W PSU

by Grace | 25th September 2008

Today we will have a look at the Dark Power Pro 1200W unit from Be Quiet, a product optimized for the best possible acoustics performance despite its monstrous power output. The Dark Power Pro P7 series 1200W is the most advanced and powerful unit Be Quiet currently produce and it has some remarkable specifications.

XIGMATEK NRP-MC851 Power Supply

by Grace | 23rd September 2008

Today we will have a look at the NRP-MC851, a very high performance product with a maximum power output of 850W. This "No Rules Power" series PSU boasts some remarkable specifications which should easily catch the attention of any enthusiast browsing for a good product. We will see if the MC851 unit can perform as well as Xigmatek claims it does in this review.

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1250W PSU

by Grace | 18th September 2008

Today we will have a look at one of their best units, the Real Power Pro 1250W PSU. The Real Power Pro is primarily designed to offer the best possible electrical performance over low noise or good aesthetics ... it is aimed at the most demanding users of all; hardcore overclockers.


by Grace | 15th September 2008

Xigmatek are a relatively new company mostly getting a great reputation for their proficient cooling solutions. Lately however Xigmatek has made a great foray into the power supply sector with units having extreme specifications and aggressive prices. Today we will take a look at their most powerful PSU, the NRP-HC1501 1500W.

Akasa Essential Power 350W PSU

by Grace | 12th September 2008

Today we are going to take a break from reviewing high performance products aimed towards enthusiasts and test a value PSU from Akasa, the Essential Power 350W. This product is meant to be not much more than a reliable power source for entry-level PCs at the lowest possible cost.

Enlight Sniper Power 650W PSU

by Grace | 8th September 2008

Enlight are a well known manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, albeit not very popular among hardcore enthusiasts. They are a conservative company with few high end products and they mainly aim at the value and mainstream segments of the market.

Cooler Master Silent Pro M 500W

by Grace | 4th September 2008

Today we will take a look at a unit from their latest series, the Silent Pro M. This product range consists of high quality, modular units with down to earth wattage outputs and very low noise figures. There are three models ranging from 500W to 700W and they appear as if they are the perfect choice for the mainstream users who are after a high performance but silent power supply.

Hiper Type-M 780W PSU

by Grace | 1st August 2008

Hiper have three different series of PSUs, the Type-S series consisting of low output and simple units, Type-R MKII series consisting of modular high performance units and the Type-M series consisting of non-modular high performance units. Setting the Type-S series aside, the main difference between the Type-M and Type-R MKII units are the modular cable connectors. Today we will take a look at one of the most powerful Type-M series units, the 4M780.

NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W PSU

by Grace | 29th July 2008

NorthQ are a relatively newly formed Danish company who have a diverse range of products ranging from PC cooling solutions to power supply units. We have reviewed many NorthQ products in the past, including several power supply units which we found to be very capable. Today we will take a look at another NorthQ power supply, the Black Magic Flex 650W. This is a modular PSU selling at a very competitive price.

Corsair HX1000W PSU

by Grace | 21st July 2008

Everyone knows Corsair for their high quality ram modules however recently their power supply units have been getting a lot of attention. The initial units were a great success and some of them survived for many months without any revisions. Corsair launched only a small series of power supplies aimed towards enthusiasts, dubbed the HX series¯, these have been a great success.

Akasa Power Xtreme 1200W PSU

by Grace | 16th July 2008

There is a lot of competition in the power supply market today, especially in the enthusiast segment where every manufacturer has released at least one 1kW+ performance unit to cope with ever increasing demands from the high end sector. Even though Akasa are better known for their cooling solutions, we have reviewed several of their PSUs in the past and found them to be very capable products, able to compete against any other brand in their league.

SilverStone Decathlon 700W

by Grace | 11th July 2008

Silverstone are one of the biggest players in the computer PSU market and have been for quite some time. We recently reviewed two of their most powerful products, the 1200W versions of the Decathlon and Zeus series. Today we will step down the scale a little and take a look at a more popular (and affordable) unit, the 700W version of the Decathlon series.

OCZ EliteXstream 800W

by Grace | 30th June 2008

Today we will review one of the higher end new OCZ units, the EliteXstream 800W supply. The EliteXstream is a high performance PSU, designed to appeal to hardware enthusiasts who above all else value top electrical performance. How good is it? Lets find out.


by Grace | 18th June 2008

BFG, a company renowned as a VGA card manufacturer have recently released several PSU products, mostly aimed towards enthusiasts and power users. Today we will review one of their higher end units, the ES series 800W power supply.

SilverStone Zeus ZM1200M PSU

by Grace | 9th June 2008

The Zeus ZM1200M is not a revamped version of the Decathlon DA1200 unit; it's an entirely different design down to the core. It is also one of the very few PSUs which have six 12V lines, but it also has the ability to merge all six lines into one, manually.

CoolerMaster Real Power M850

by Grace | 4th June 2008

CoolerMaster became famous due to their excellent high end cooling solutions and computer chassis, however lately their reputation as power supply designers is also coming to the fore. Our experience with their Real Power M series would certainly prove this to be justified.

Enermax MODU 82+ 625W

by Grace | 30th May 2008

Enermax has been long known among PC enthusiasts as one of the most reliable and proficient computer PSU manufacturers, in fact for every kind of computer PSU, Enermax units are considered to be some of the best money can buy.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W

by Grace | 23rd May 2008

PC Power & Cooling is one of the most reputable high performance PSU manufacturers, if not the most reputable. This good reputation is no doubt helped by them not offering budget products, only mainstream and high end models.

CoolerMaster Real Power M700

by Grace | 20th May 2008

Cooler Master are a company that is very well known for cooling solutions however in the last couple of years they have developed a very competitive line of PSU products. The Real Power M700 is perhaps the most important unit in Cooler Masters current range as it is aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers who usually require a unit within the 600-800W output range.

Enermax Pro 82+ (385W) PSU

by Grace | 16th May 2008

Enermax is one of the worlds most reputable switching PSU manufacturers and their products are considered to be some of the best that money can buy. Recently they released two new product lines, the Pro 82+ and Modu 82+ series.

Ultra X-Pro 750W & 800W PSUs

by Grace | 30th April 2008

Ultra's X-Pro range consists of many units with a power output ranging from 600W to 800W. Today we will take a look at the two most powerful units of this particular series, the X-Pro 750W and the X-Pro 800W. Today we will find out if they should be in your shortlist for an upgrade or for a brand new high end gaming system.

Ultra X-Pro 600W

by Grace | 29th April 2008

Ultra have some high end power supplies available on the market, such as their mind boggling 1.6kW unit, however for the majority of enthusiasts this is overkill. Today we will take a look at the more modest X-Pro 600W, a unit Ultra have designed for budget-conscious enthusiasts. According to Ultra, the X-Pro 600W offers high performance within its output range and they back it up with a lifetime warranty.

Huntkey Titan 650W

by Grace | 18th April 2008

While many people might not have heard of HuntKey before, they are currently the largest Chinese switching PSU manufacturer. They design and produce almost every kind of switching power supply currently available, including PC power supplies. Although they are not well known in the US and EU markets yet, their units have slowly been finding their way to store shelves. Today we will take a look at the HK650, a unit HuntKey designed for enthusiasts who want a powerful, yet inexpensive PSU. We will soon see if its worthy of your time and, most importantly, money.

Thermaltake ToughPower QFan 500W

by Grace | 17th April 2008

It was many months ago that ThermalTake released their first PSUs, these were good enough for them to start gaining a strong reputation in this highly competitive market. Today we will take a look at their affordable, mid-range PSU, the ToughPower 500W. The ToughPower 500W is a modular and silent PSU, but is it good enough to compete in the wide spanning but budget minded mid-range market?

Silverstone Decathlon 1200W

by Grace | 9th April 2008

Today we will take a look at a very powerful PSU from Silverstone, the Decathlon 1200W. Silverstone have taken the core of a slightly older server-oriented Olympia 1200W PSU, and have re-designed it to suit the requirements of hardcore enthusiasts, thus the 1200W Decathlon was born. Silverstone are renowned among for building products to the highest standards, so with that in mind let us see if the 1200W Decathlon can deliver the goods.

Zalman ZM1000-HP 1000w PSU

by Grace | 25th March 2008

Zalman have released several high end units lately and today we will examine the most expensive unit they currently produce, the ZM1000-HP. There are a few things about the ZM1000-HP which make it unique but the most important of them is the cooling system. Zalman have used their expertise with cooling to create a heatpipe system able to keep the powerful 1000w power supply cool and silent at the same time.

Nesteq ECS7001 PSU

by Grace | 31st January 2008

Today we will take a look at the ECS7001, a powerful 700W PSU featuring a patented cable connecting system. It may look like yet another modular PSU but unlike all other modular PSUs you don't have to connect each cable directly to the unit; you can connect each cable right where another cable ends. Interesting? We think so.

High Power Rock Solid 1200w

by Grace | 22nd January 2008

Sirtec have recently launched the “High Power” division, parallels of which could be made with Micron and Crucial; a branch of the main company marketing and selling products under their own umbrella. Sirtec’s move is very bold since they have already registered several patents and have a large product range. Today we will take a look at the most powerful Sirtec unit, the High Power RockSolid 1200W (HPC-1200-G14C) the specifications of which are quite promising.

Corsair TX650W PSU

by Grace | 20th January 2008

Attempts to diversify are common among PC component manufacturers, but these are not always marked by success. One of the most successful diversification attempts was made by Corsair nearly a year ago. Corsair, being a highly reputable RAM manufacturer at the time, released a small range of high class PSUs aimed towards enthusiasts, with the "HX series" moniker. We reviewed the HX620W unit back then which we found an excellent choice for enthusiasts and a year later the HX620W is still one of the best choices for performance systems. Because of the great success of the HX series, Corsair launched the VX series back in August and the TX series shortly after that. The VX series units are aimed towards the value-conscious PC users, however our review of one of the first VX450W units was a surprise because of its remarkable performance. The TX series consists of high output units but without unnecessary features or aesthetic add-ons, aimed towards enthusiasts who are seeking to get the best value out of their purchase.

Enermax Infiniti 720W

by Grace | 10th January 2008

If a poll was conducted amongst PC enthusiasts about which PSU manufacturer they prefer, Enermax would certainly be in the top three. They are one of the oldest and most reputable PSU manufacturers, continuously releasing products that never cease to please the perpetually unsatisfied hardcore PC users. Today here at DriverHeaven's we have one of their new high class range PSUs, the Infiniti 720W unit. The Infiniti series is not the most powerful series that Enermax currently produces, but it is loaded with pretty much all features a PSU can have.

SilverStone ST35F PSU

by Grace | 14th December 2007

Not everyone needs a monstrous 750W+ power supply unit for their everyday home or office PC, but most people would pay for a little extra in order to own a low power, high quality unit. Silverstone hope to address this with the release of the ST35F. The ST35F has a maximum power output of only 350W, more than enough for an average home or office PC which is not designed for heavy gaming or overclocking. Let us have a closer look at it and see if it’s worthy of the extra money over an OEM unit.

Hiper Type M 4M630

by Grace | 6th December 2007

Hiper were first known within enthusiast cycles for their Type-R PSU series released back in early 2005. We reviewed two of these units a few weeks ago and found them to be good products. That said, the Type-R units were marketed firmly at enthusiasts and could not compete against aggressively priced units in the value conscious sector. To address this Hiper introduced the Type-M series back in early 2007. We have a Hiper Type-M 630W unit for review today.

Hiper Type-R MKII HPU-5K880 / HPU-5B680

by Grace | 18th November 2007

Hiper were first known within enthusiast cycles for their Type-R PSU series released back in early 2005. Its many features, good looks and relatively competitive price made it a very reasonable choice of unit for a powerful system of the time. Three years have passed and Hiper have decided to completely redesign and revive the Type-R series, announcing the Type-R MKII units. These MKII units are entirely different than their predecessors, both in terms of features and appearance. Today we will thoroughly examine two Type-R MKII units, the HPU-5K880 and the HPU-5B680.

Ultra X3 600w

by Grace | 23rd October 2007

Ultra have redesigned their first modular PSU several times in order to keep up with the progress of personal computers and now are marketing the third generation of their modular PSUs, the X3 series. We reviewed the powerful 800W, 1000W and even the monstrous 1600W X3 units in the past, and we found them to be excellent performers. Not everyone has the funds to buy one of these units however so today to complete our coverage we will review the Ultra X3 600W. The Ultra X3 600W unit is the only unit of the series which offers a very competitive price/performance ratio with its price tag being nearly half that of the 800W unit directly above it. The big question is however, is it any good?

Hiper 5M730 PSU

by Grace | 22nd October 2007

We have reviewed many high quality power supply units from a wide array of manufacturers on DriverHeaven this year. Today we will put another power supply unit under the spotlight, one from High Performance Group (or Hipergroup). Hipergroup is a relatively new PC components manufacturer; however their highly competitive products have allowed them to grow very quickly in the market.

Akasa PowerMax 1000W PSU

by Grace | 16th October 2007

We reviewed several very powerful units during the past few months from various companies. Today we will take a look at another very powerful 1kW PSU designed and built by Akasa, the PowerMax 1000W. The PowerMax 1000W is the first 1kW+ unit Akasa have released and there is also a 850W model. The PowerMax 1000W unit promises high power output, low noise operation and high efficiency in one unit.

NorthQ Silent Lightning 400W

by Grace | 28th September 2007

We have tested and reviewed many top end power supply units here at Driver Heaven. However, most people do not need a wallet sapping 1kw unit. For example, buying a unit which can output 800W+ for a PC which is used for office applications or web browsing is insane. Today we have an interesting unit from NorthQ for review, the Silent Lightning 400W. While the 400W maximum output makes it suitable only for low to middle range systems, NorthQ have attempted to create a good looking unit, to make it stand out from the crowd.

Be Quiet DarkPower 1000W

by Grace | 26th September 2007

Today, a large percentage of enthusiast user is trying to build a very quiet or even inaudible computer system. We all know that quiet cooling fans are only a part of the "silent solution"; an efficient, quiet power supply unit is a must when building a low noise computer. Although still not very well known to enthusiasts worldwide, Be Quiet (a subsidiary company of Listan which originates from Germany) designs and builds some of the best noiseless power supply units out there. Be Quiet units have never disappointed us in the past, but while they perform extremely well by any standard, they also tend to cost quite a lot. Today we will take a look at the most powerful silent unit they have available, the DarkPower Pro 1kW.

PCP&C Silencer 750W

by Grace | 6th September 2007

Ever since the company’s birth they have been producing some of the best power supply units that money can buy and you will find they don't sell any "cheap" products. This has earned them a high pedigree reputation within enthusiast circles and many devotee's worried when OCZ bought PC Power & Cooling not long ago, standards might change. It seems that OCZ is not interested in doing that as PC Power & Cooling resumes their business as they always have. Today we will examine their most powerful unit of the Silencer series, the 750W Quad. The PC Power & Cooling 750W Quad unit is being marketed as high performance and reliable, but also ultra-quiet. An ultra quiet unit cooled by a single 80mm fan!

North Q Giant Connector 850w

by Grace | 29th August 2007

We have reviewed NorthQ products before and their range is diversing consistently as they try to gain more and more market share. Today we will review one of their latest and greatest power supply units clearly aimed towards enthusiasts, the Giant Connector 850W. The Giant Connector 850W is not only a powerful unit but it is also a modular one.

OCZ ProXstream 1000w

by Grace | 29th August 2007

Today we will examine one of the strongest power supply units available today, the OCZ ProXstream 1000W. The best consumer available power electronics technology is implemented inside, allowing it to significantly exceed the power specifications and efficiency of its predecessors. The 1kW rating is more than enough to power any hardware configuration right now, however the question we will be answering today is if the power can be properly controlled as well.

Ultra X3 1600W PSU

by Grace | 23rd August 2007

Is a 1kw power supply just not enough? If you are the ultra-hardcore PC user who is not satisfied with a mere 1000w and just want the most power you can possibly have, Ultra have expanded their X3 Modular PSU line for you! Their latest and greatest X3 unit is rated at 1.6kW output, which is probably enough to power a small city. The 1.6kW output rating makes it the most powerful consumer PSU currently available. Let us see if it can live up to the insane rating.

CoolerMaster Realpower M1000 PSU

by Grace | 13th August 2007

CoolerMaster is one of the oldest companies who have a good reputation with enthusiasts mainly because of their high end cooling solutions and chassis designs. They also offer many other products however, including high end power supply units. Today we will take a look at their best power supply product, the M1000. The M1000 is a high class modular unit capable of delivering 1kW continuous power and has a peak power rating of 1.2kW. Although we reviewed several 1kW units lately, the M1000 kindled our interest because of its weight and the fact that it has no less than six 12V power lines, the largest number of 12V lines we have seen on a power supply.

Ultra X3 800w and 1000w PSU's

by Grace | 9th August 2007

Ultra is a company who offer one of the widest selections of computer related products, ranging from modding lights and cables to RAM modules and hard drives. Their biggest success story however has been their power supply units. Ultra were one of the first companies to offer modular power supply units, a trend that was quickly followed by other makers. Today Ultra offers a great number of high end power supply units up to 1kW maximum output, most of which are modular. We will take a look at the best modular units Ultra currently offers, the X3 800W and 1kW units.

Corsair VX450W PSU

by Grace | 1st August 2007

Corsair are renowned for their RAM modules and have also built a strong catalogue of hardware components in other sectors, including power supplies. The HX620W unit is the latest and greatest Corsair unit, a very good enthusiast power supply which has survived for many months without revisions. Today Corsair is taking a different approach with the release of the VX450W and VX550W units, which are designed with optimal value in mind, not extreme performance. The big question, "So is it any good?" will be answered today.

OCZ Modxstream 780w

by Grace | 31st July 2007

OCZ has released a great number of power supply units lately, each targeting a particular market. We had the chance to test several powerful units from their line-up here at DriverHeaven, most of which were top of the line products. Today we will take a look at a more versatile unit, the ModXstream 780W. It offers a little bit of everything; high efficiency and power output combined with good aesthetics and low noise operation. So in theory, the ModXstream unit is the perfect unit for everybody. Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Akasa Power+ iQ 650W Power Supply

by Grace | 23rd June 2007

Akasa have made a good name for themselves in the computer PSU market with their PaxPower series. While Akasa mainly offer fans and other computer modding parts, their first entry in the PSU market was a success as the PaxPower units were not only powerful but also exceptionally silent. Akasa recently revised most of their units and increased the number of models they offer. Today we will take a look at one of their new units, the Power+ iQ P650FH 650W unit. It has four 12V lines and boasts a load of features. Through the review we will try to find out if this particular unit can live up to the Akasa’s hard earned reputation throughout enthusiast circles.

Hiper Type M 670w Power Supply

by Grace | 3rd May 2007

Here at Driver Heaven we strive to provide you with useful and thorough reviews and for that we have built a custom power supply testing station which allows us to efficiently analyse any consumer and industrial AC to DC power supply unit available. "High Performance Group, most commonly referred to as Hiper, is a newly found UK based company which has became well known for their high performance power supply units. Hiper acquired most of their fame for the Type-R series which was released a few years ago. The Type-R series were high performance modular units but a lot of attention was given on their aesthetics factor. Today we will take a look at another approach from Hiper, the Type-M series. The Type-M series are not modular and look quite simple, but they are considerably cheaper than the Type-R series and apparently perform just as well or even better. We will soon see if they are worth your time and money."

NorthQ Pacific 400W Fanless PSU

by Grace | 30th March 2007

If you want to build an entirely silent PC, you have to (logically) either take out or replace everything that generates noise. Every moving part inside a PC generates noise, mainly fans and hard disk drives. A common source of noise that comes from a PC is the power supply unit. These high power devices require cooling and so there are fans installed inside them. A cheap, less efficient or extremely powerful unit is commonly cooled by a fast, noisy fan. As of late, companies try to make their units more ‘user friendly’, making them more efficient so as to require less cooling, and therefore to be as quiet as possible. Nevertheless, for something to be entirely quiet, it has to be missing any moving parts. And so some companies introduced extremely efficient, fanless power supply units which generate no noise at all, for the most demanding of users.

Zippy Emacs 500w PSU

by Stuart Davidson | 13th March 2007

When it comes to power supplies in the mainstream market it would be fair to say that the name “Zippy” wouldn’t be the first to spring to mind, however since 1993 they have been manufacturing PSU’s for servers as well as redundant power supplies. They also produce a range of keyboards, mice, ceramic components and switches - they are a versatile company in the truest sense of the word. Recently Zippy launched a range of Gaming PSU’s and today’s review product is one such model. The (HP2-6500PE(G1) ) is a 500w SLI certified model which is aimed at mainstream systems rather than the ultra high end. Let’s see if Zippy can take the reliability of their server PSU’s and add gaming performance to the mix.

Ultra X-Finity 800W QR ATX PSU

by Dyre Straits | 28th February 2007

Today’s PC gaming rigs require Herculean muscle to get things working like they should. This is especially true with the recent next-gen games. This constant increase in demand is causing a lot of debate among gamers as to whether it’s worth the effort and cost to keep upgrading a PC to take advantage of all the new eye candy and physics that are evident in the 3D environment. Many previous die-hard PC gaming fans have opted to go with consoles in an effort to avoid the constant cost of upgrading. However, those of us who love our PCs and love the games they play, eventually bite the bullet and put out the funds to keep feeding the beast. The rewards are often received with mixed reviews, but, once the dust settles, many of us find no better satisfaction in gaming than on our own private PC. One company that is very keen to listen to the demands of the PC gamer is ULTRA. Arriving on the scene very recently, ULTRA has pushed the envelope to provide what the demanding public wants: More POWER and then some!

Ultra X Pro (QR) 800w AST PSU

by Dyre Straits | 6th February 2007

We’re going to be reviewing one of the Ultra Power Supplies (PSU) today. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all their Power Supplies. Keep in mind, however, that to qualify for the extended lifetime warranty, the product does have to be registered with the company within 30 days of purchase. We have yet to determine how stringent this requirement is, but it does pay to read the fine print.

Enermax Galaxy 850W PSU

by Stuart Davidson | 13th January 2007

We have been using an Enermax Noisetaker PSU in one of Driver Heaven’s benchmarking rigs for some time now and it has performed flawlessly. Since we installed that PSU every component in the system has been upgraded and while the Noisetaker still performs admirably (even when powering a 8800GTX SLI system) we felt it was time to move to something more powerful for futureproofing … their Galaxy 850w supply.

Ultra X Connect VS 700w

by Grace | 8th December 2006

The introduction of quad core processors along with multi CPU and multi GPU systems has dramatically raised the demand for strong power supply units. With the introduction of units rated as high as 1KW, it is clear that 300-350W power supply units are becoming a thing of the past. Today we will take a look at the Ultra X-Connect VS 700W power supply, those with good memories will remember Ultra introduced modular power supply units to the PC world. As strange as this may sound to some, this is not a power supply unit for the hardcore enthusiast but mostly aimed towards gamers and modders.

Corsair HX620w

by Grace | 23rd October 2006

Corsair is a company whose name is synonymous with quality RAM, however they have slowly tried to diversify by creating water-cooling systems for enthusiasts (the highly acclaimed Nautilus). Today we are looking at another product in this expanded range, one of their new high quality power supply units, they offer two models in this range, the HX520W and the HX620W. We received the higher specification 620w unit for testing today, so let us see if it lives up to the high standards we associate with the Corsair brand name.

Ultra X-Finity 500W and X-Finity 2G 600W

by Grace | 11th October 2006

Ultra is a well-known manufacturer of computer components even though they are relatively new on the scene. They has a vast product line and mostly focus on power supply products, since these are the products that put them squarely on the map. Ultra virtually invented the modular power supply units after all and their first modular power supply units were a great success. Today we have two new power supply units from Ultra, the X-Finity 500W and the X-Finity 2G 600W. Ironically, neither of them are modular, but still both of them are high class units.

Spire Rocketeer VI

by Grace | 28th September 2006

Spire is an old and well known company specializing in creating computer component cooling products. They have a very wide range of cooling products consisting of various heatsinks, fans and special accessories. Recently Spire expanded their products range with designer computer cases and power supply units. Today we are going to have a look at their best power supply unit, the Rocketeer VI. The Rocketeer VI is the most powerful unit Spire currently offers and by far the one with the most features.

Enermax Noisetaker 600w PSU

by Stuart Davidson | 24th September 2006

When building a high performance system quite possibly the most important choice of component is the power supply. There is no point in building your very own home made supercomputer to have it powered by a low end supply that has problems holding a good rail. Many users fall foul of the misconception that “the higher the wattage the better” where as others feel they can save money on something they deem as unimportant. When building our Driver Heaven review systems we take time to look at the variety of supplies and to decide whether they can take the extreme load we have to throw at them when reviewing the highest end hardware. When deciding to build a gaming system based around the latest array of hardware such as AM2 and Conroe with either SLI or Crossfire delivering the graphics it is extremely important to purchase a unit which will ensure you end up with a stable system.

NorthQ 4800-400

by Grace | 15th September 2006

There are hundreds of power supply units currently on the market ranging from the cheap to the expensive, from the beautiful to the ugly and they all come with various output ranges in classic or modular design. Only a few of them however offer special features and functions which can make them that little bit different. Today we will take a look at a unit from NorthQ which comes supplied with a remote control. A pioneering feature for a power supply unit, meaning you do not have to keep your case close to you (or even a case at all) in order to turn the system on and off.

Cooler Master iGreen 500 watt PSU

by Chaos | 7th August 2006

Today we get to look at a new power supply from Cooler Master in the form of the the iGreen 500w PSU. This power supply is designed to meet the latest environmental emissions regulations by adhering to both Energy Star and Blue Angel standards.

Zalman ZM460B-APS

by Asmoday | 3rd August 2006

We recently reviewed the Zalman CPU coolers CNPS8000 and CNPS9500 AM2 here at Driver Heaven, and were very pleased with how they performed. Now its time to have a look at another of Zalmans recent products: the 460W Noiseless Switching Power Supply.

Be-Quiet Straightpower series

by Grace | 31st July 2006

Be-Quiet have impressed us in the past with their high quality power supply units. Their DarkPower series have always been a very good choice for power users, enthusiasts and those of us addicted to silence. It would be fair to say that Be-Quiet have not been able to compete in the mid range sector because their power supply units, although very reliable and powerful, tend to cost too much for the “average” user. Be-Quiet have decided to address this situation by releasing the StraightPower series, which retain many of the features of the DarkPower series with extremely competitive pricing.

North Q 4775-500S PSU

by Grace | 16th July 2006

Today we have another product from North Q on our review bench, the best power supply unit they offer, the 4775-500S “Godzilla”. While it is not likely to be crowned the best power supply unit that was ever built, it has several distinctive features and boasts specifications which should satisfy all but the most demanding enthusiasts.

Ultra X-Connect X2 550w SLI Modular

by Chaos | 28th June 2006

Today we get to take a new offering from the folks at Ultra. We are going to take an up close look at their newest modular SLI ready power supply the Ultra X-Connect X2 550w PSU. Unlike the standard power supplies that have all the cables attached, the Ultra X-Connect comes “naked” with no cables attached. Thanks to the modular approach that Ultra takes, the cables are separate and can be plugged in only as required. Not only will this help reduce clutter inside your PC but it also leaves you with the option to add additional cables only if you add new devices to your system. Another beauty of the modular design is increased airflow within your PC chassis.

Cooltek CT 600 Ultra Silent PSU

by Asmoday | 22nd June 2006

Cooltek is a European based brand with various cooling products but with Main focus on power supplies. The products are designed in Scandinavia and Germany and produced in selected factories in China. Here are some words from our Swedish Cooltek representative Jesper Brenner: “We are dedicated in using high quality components inside our power supplies and only working with manufacturers we know can make products with a high, consistent quality. We visit all manufacturers’ factories as well, to control their routines and to ensure that the employees have a decent working environment. I'm telling you all this because I would like you to know that we are not just another "re-labelling" brand! Our power supplies may be a little bit more expensive than the competition, but they offer real wattages and stable voltages combined with low-noise, quality (Papst) fans."

OCZ Game XStream 600W PSU

by Zardon | 14th June 2006

It’s always fun to wake up at the crack of noon after hearing a loud knock at the door and opening it to discover the postman bearing gifts, and I didn’t even have to blackmail him for a change! Clutched in his sweaty hands was the object of my review, the Game XStream PSU sent to me from the nice folks at OCZ. OCZ are very well known for their excellent line of memory for overclockers and enthusiasts who want to get the most from their machines and have recently branched out into offering other quality products such as power supplies.

Be-Quiet Dark Power Pro 530w

by Grace | 9th June 2006

We recently had the chance of taking a closer look at the Dark Power P6-470W power supply unit from Be-Quiet, a company based in Germany. For this review we will be concentrating on a similar power supply unit by the same company, the Dark Power Pro 530W. The Dark Power Pro line is not intended to replace the Dark Power P6 line; it's merely an evolution of the latter with more features. There are several differences between the two units, with the main difference being the fact that the Dark Power Pro unit is modular, where the older P6 was not. The Dark Power Pro is designed to be as silent as possible while delivering high power loads and reliable enough to be an assessable part in high end systems.

Cooler Master Real Power 550W PSU

by Chaos | 20th May 2006

To follow up on the success of the Real Power 450W PSU, Cooler Master has released the new Real Power 550W SLI. It complies with both the Intel standard ATX 12V V 2.01 and SSI standard EPS 12V V2.1. They recommend the Real Power 550W as a viable solution for high end workstations and gaming rigs that contain those power hungry dual graphic card solutions based on SLI or Crossfire technology. The Real Power 550W PSU has dual output connectors for PCI Express VGA cards and has intelligent fan speed control and “real power" capacity that will help to maintain the stability and reliability of your computer system even at the most demanding moments.

Xion PowerReal 600w

by Grace | 11th May 2006

The Xion PowerReal 600W v2.01 is a high end, SLI ready unit which boasts a number of features, primarily aiming towards the enthusiast sector. The list of features is extensive, ranging from fan speed control to dual 12V rails. The unit is not modular and this might drive away some of the hardcore modders or HTPC users instantly.

NorthQ 4001EXT + 4775-400 PSU

by Grace | 29th April 2006

Today we will take a look at two power supply units from NorthQ in the shape of the 4001EXT and the 4775-400, which are rated for 400W maximum output. Although their rated total power output is the same and their basic architecture is akin, we will soon see that they are two entirely different units. Let us have a look at the specifications first.

Be Quiet P6-470 Darktower

by Grace | 12th February 2006

Many people want or need a completely silent PC for their home or work. Unfortunately, as computers become faster, their power requirements and heat dissipation also grows higher. Both of these problems affect the power supply units, which have to provide more power while remaining quiet and cool. Cheap power supply units have to use powerful fans for cooling, which makes them rather loud for using in HTPC systems or other systems which need to be quiet. Thus many companies strive to design more powerful and efficient power supply units, which not only are able to provide great amounts of power but also to dissipate less heat and require less cooling. Be-Quiet is a rather new German company, subsidiary of Listan, which focuses on creating computer related products, like coolers and power supply units, made to reduce the noise output of your PC without compromising quality and/or performance. Today we have the latest version of their power supply unit line, the P6 DarkPower PSU. Let us take a close look at it.

Antec Neo HE 550w

by Asmoday | 13th January 2006

The Neo HE is somewhat different to most other power supply units and we do not mean that because it is a modular type power supply unit as there are many of these around these days. The Neo HE is relying on its own high efficiency factor to solve all of the problems that a power supply unit may face and it is this that makes the Neo HE so different.

Enermax Liberty 400w PSU (Modular)

by Stuart Davidson | 29th December 2005

We’ve looked at numerous supplies here in the past and on the whole they have all been high specification units and those generally come at an equally high price. It goes without saying not everyone has a huge budget to work with, however stability is still an important factor. So today we are going to look at Enermax’s mainstream model which comes in at 400w. Enermax are not a company known for skimping on quality so we should be in for a treat at a very reasonable price.

Thermaltake PurePower Power Station 520

by WxChaser | 3rd December 2005

In 2005 another of Thermaltake's innovative products entered the retail scene, in the form of a well thought out modular power supply. The Thermaltake PurePower PST 520W series was introduced, and is totally compliant with published ATX 12v 2.0 version standards. The Power Station 520W PSU consists of the 5.25 inch P.S.T. (Power Station) that fits into an available 5 1/4 inch drive bay, and includes a mini-P.S.T. for connection of low power accessories such as case lights, fans, etc. The only connections that are made to the parent power supply are an 8-pin power connector which reaches from the power supply to the 5 1/4 inch Power Station, and dual connections are inherent for the 6-pin PCI Express power connectors on the back of the PSU itself.

XG Magnum 500W

by Asmoday | 30th September 2005

Mike has spent some time with a pretty impressive looking power supply unit from MGE. How does 500w with 30a on the 12 volt rail with almost silent noise levels, a funky looking blue LED, copper heatpipe design backed by a lifetime warranty sound?

Enermax 535W All-In-One

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd July 2005

Based on the results of our testing to say the Enermax 535w All In One has strong +12 and +5v performance would be a complete understatement. The figures shown are actually the highest we have seen achieved by a PSU to date. This includes the higher spec 600w models previously tested. Throughout the testing period there was not one stage where the Enermax unit dropped below +12v, generally maintaining a voltage of 12.16 or above and the +5v results never wavered from 5.107v. These results are spectacular and indicate complete stability within the unit.

MGE Xtreme Gamer Vortec 500w PSU

by Stuart Davidson | 19th February 2005

I’ll be honest, before being given the option to review the Vortec PSU I’d never heard of MGE Company (XG – Extreme Gamer) so was a little sceptical as I headed to their website… what I wasn’t expecting was a product catalogue of such cool looking components as the Vortec PSU and the Dragon/Viper cases. You can’t help but be impressed, So with great anticipation I accepted the Vortec 500w PSU as a review item and waited for it to arrive…

Ultra 600w

by Zardon | 18th December 2004

This 600w varies from the Xconnect model we reviewed in the fact it doesnt use the modular xconnect style connectors but the more traditional design as seen in the images directly below. Ultra also offer a 3 year warranty with their products which isnt to be sniffed at.

Ultra X Connect 500w PSU and UV Kit (Update)

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd December 2004

A few months ago we looked at our first Ultra product, the Ultra Xconnect PSU. The quality of the unit came as a complete surprise to us considering we’d never heard of Ultra before that point. Since then we’ve looked at a few other Ultra components, such as MP3 players and Cases and each time we’ve come away impressed. Today we have an updated model of the X-Connect in for testing. Essentially it’s the same internal components and performance as the older model so we will only be summarising the new PSU design here. We recommend that you read the full Ultra X-Connect review for detailed information on the unit.

OCZ Powerstream 600w

by Zardon | 13th November 2004

The PowerStream range is made for OCZ by ToPower under a close manufacturing deal that means OCZ are the only supplier that will have the PSU with these specs.

Ultra X Connect 500w PSU and UV Kit

by Stuart Davidson | 8th August 2004

When building a PC there are usually 2 schools of thought. The first group just wants a bog standard PSU that "works" and for the most part a generic PSU will suffice and these generally cost £20-£40 ($35-$60). The second group want a high end supply that can handle the highest spec components costing around £100 ($150). The PSU we are looking at today is made by Ultra who claim it delivers high end performance for a reasonable cost ($110/£80). It also sports some unique features combined with a very appealing appearance.

OCZ Powerstream 420W

by Zardon | 29th May 2004

OCZ are famous for making some of the highest quality memory on the market and over the last year ive had the pleasure in reviewing many of their modules, they have also been diversifying their product range with heatsinks, ram-sinks and most recently they have made a bold step into the power supply enthusiast sector. I am taking a look at the new PowerStream 420 (OCZ-420ADJ) PSU.