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Noctua NH-U12S, NH-U14S and NH-D14 CPU Coolers Video Review

by Dave Chaos | 2nd April 2014

Today DaveChaos takes a look at some Noctua CPU coolers, including the NH-U12S, NH-U14S and NH-D14.

GamerStorm Lucifer CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 28th January 2014

Today we have an enthusiast cooler from GamerStorm attached to our test system. With specifications which are very much enthusiast, on paper, the price is very much budget. So lets find out if the Lucifer can perform as well as GamerStorm claim.

Silverstone AR03 CPU Air Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 2nd October 2013

We continue that refresh of our cooler reviews today with a look at one of SilverStones latest models. We last looked at one of their liquid coolers a couple of months ago in the form of the TD03 and were pretty impressed so let's see what the AR03 has to offer...

be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 CPU Air Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 26th September 2013

More than anything else people just trust air cooling over liquid and for that reason we continue to see a steady stream of new high end heatsinks released. One of the more recent models is Be Quiet's Shadow Rock 2 and that is the focus of our review today.

Raijintek Ereboss CPU Air Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 17th September 2013

We all know Raijintek, right? Well chances are you are thinking who?¯. Raijintek are a new player in the cooling marketplace (and soon to be expanding into cases and PSUs too), looking to take on the competition with a range of high performance, low cost heatsinks. Today we take a look at one of their top end models, the Ereboss.

XSPC RayStorm 750 AX240 Watercooling Kit Review

by Stuart Davidson | 6th August 2013

Today we are going to take a look at an entry-mid level water-cooling bundle and how it compares to a factory sealed equivalent while also finding out how it could be expanded over time. Enter the XSPC RayStorm 750 AX240 Water-cooling Kit.

Scythe Ashura CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 19th April 2013

Now Scythe are back with a new range of products and one of the newest is the Ashura tower cooler. Today we test it against a range of coolers on our socket 2011 system to find out how it might enhance our thermal performance.

Corsair H110 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 5th April 2013

Recently Corsair added a new model at the top end of their Hydro range of factory sealed liquid coolers. The H110 increases the radiator and fan size over the H100/H100i and looks to enhance performance while doing so. Today we have a H110 connected to our system and will see how it performs in standard and heavily overclocked scenarios using our i7-3960X.

Liquid Cooling Roundup January 2013 featuring Corsair H55, CM Seidon 120M and Antec Kuhler 620 v4

by Stuart Davidson | 24th January 2013

Today we take a look at three entry level liquid cooling solutions. They are the Seidon 120M from Cooler Master, Corsairs H55 and the Antec Kuhler 620 V4. All are aimed at the £45-55 ($60-70) price point but which offers the best performance, features or ease of use?

Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 15th January 2013

For all that big tower coolers and closed loop liquid coolers have their uses, there is also a significant market out there for compact, low noise models. Noctua are looking to fill that gap with the NH-L9i which aims to be a replacement for the stock Intel model, or an ideal product for SFF and HTPC use.

Thermalright Macho Rev.A (BW) CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 27th December 2012

The focus of today's review is the Macho Rev.A (BW) a chunky tower cooler which looks to balance price and performance. With support for Intel and AMD sockets we will be pushing our i7 to 5.0GHz to see how the Macho handles extreme conditions.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 14th November 2012

The product we have received from be quiet! today is the Dark Rock Pro 2 cooler their flagship model which promises ultra-high performance with virtually silent operation. Let's find out if it achieves this goal...

SilverStone Heligon Series HE01 CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 17th October 2012

The focus of today's review is one of SilverStones latest coolers. From the Heligon series the HE01 supports all recent CPU sockets and has one of the chunkiest bundled fans we have seen, as well as the option to install two more on the heatsink if we wish.

Xigmatek Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Edition Review

by Stuart Davidson | 18th July 2012

Recently Xigmatek launched a new revision of their Dark Knight cooler, the Night Hawk Edition. Releasing a Dark Knight product at the moment has obvious advantages and today we find out if it lives up to the high quality we have come to expect from Xigmatek products.

GELID Icy Vision-A GPU Cooler for AMD Review

by Mark Reed | 11th July 2012

Today we install a Gelid Icy Vision-A on our 7950 and see how the temperatures compare to the XFX custom cooler and AMD reference design.

Noctua NH-L12 Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 13th March 2012

Recently Noctua expanded their product line further with the introduction of the NH-L12 which is designed for use in HTPC environments where space is at a premium. Today we have the NH-L12 on our test bench to find out if this dual fan, low profile cooler lives up to Noctuas high standard.

Enermax ETS-T40-TA CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 28th October 2011

Using one of their high quality fans and a tall heatsink the Enermax ETS-T40 is a high performance CPU cooler which is aimed at those with midrange budget. That said the cooling potential is rated at 200w so this could well be a great buy for enthusiasts too...

Corsair H100 Liquid CPU Cooler vs H80 and Antec 920 Review

by Stuart Davidson | 6th October 2011

The H100 is the new high end model in Corsairs Hydro range of liquid coolers and today we put it head to head with the H80 and Antec 920 to see how each compare.

Corsair H80 vs Antec Kuhler H2O 920 Review

by Stuart Davidson | 15th July 2011

Today we have the latest and greatest from Corsair and Antec connected to our test system as we put the H80 and Kuhler 920 head to head in order to find out which is best. Can Corsair (and CoolIT's) latest design beat the critically acclaimed Asetek/Antec model?

Noctua NH-C14 Cooler featuring Intel Core i7-990X Processor Review

by Stuart Davidson | 2nd June 2011

Today we take a look at one of Noctua's most recent coolers, the NH-C14, pairing it with Intel's high end i7-990X CPU to find out how high we can take the CPU on air cooling.

Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 6th May 2011

Today we have one of Prolimatech's latest products on our test bench. The Genesis is a tower style cooler with a twist and we will be finding out how it compares to another high end cooler as well as the reference design model in a selection of tests.

Corsair H60 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 2nd March 2011

Today we take a look at a product which a year ago we wouldn't have thought possible, a cooler which is co-produced by CoolIT and Corsair... the H60.

Corsair H70 CPU Cooler Review

by Stuart Davidson | 9th August 2010

On our test bench today we have the H70 and we will be putting it through its paces against the H50, CoolIT Vantage and Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme to establish where Corsairs latest product sits in the marketplace. Have they improved on the H50 and more importantly can they give us a strong reason to choose the H70 over products such as the Tuniq Extreme and CoolIT Vantage?

CoolIT Vantage ALC Review

by Stuart Davidson | 30th July 2010

Today we look at CoolITs new high end cooler, the Vantage A.L.C. In this review we will discover how it compares to the H50 in terms of performance and also look at it in detail to find out what features it has which could take processor cooling to a new level.

CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010 Part 2

by Stuart Davidson | 24th July 2010

The enthusiast cooling market really is a busy place at the moment, despite reviewing coolers from Gelid, Akasa, Noctua, Spire, CoolIT and Xigmatek in the past few months there is still a large selection out there which may appeal to consumers. Today, for the second time in as many weeks, we have a selection of the newest on our test bench allowing us to see which is the most appealing in a very crowded marketplace.

CoolIT OMNI A.L.C. Review

by Stuart Davidson | 19th July 2010

Today we get the chance to look at the OMNI A.L.C. for the first time and what better card to start with than the GeForce GTX 480, one which would very much benefit from aftermarket cooling. Can the Omni give us CoolIT's usual level of quality and provide performance that GTX 480 users have been looking for, let's find out...

CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010

by Henry Butt | 14th July 2010

Most enthusiasts will agree that the standard CPU coolers supplied by Intel and AMD just dont cut it in terms of performance. For those who want extra thermal performance from their system there are a plethora of aftermarket coolers out there, tailored to a variety of different needs and today we are going to look at three of these; the Akasa Venom, Noctua C12P SE14 and Xigmatek Balder SD1283.

Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste Review

by Stuart Davidson | 14th June 2010

In 2009 GELID released GC-Extreme in an attempt to counter Arctic Cooling's MX-3 paste. Since then AC have changed their name to simply Arctic and today a box arrived from Arctic containing their new MX-4 paste. Today we hope to see where the crown lies.

CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Review

by Stuart Davidson | 6th May 2010

Today on our test bench we have CoolITs latest product, the ECO A.L.C. which shares the same design ethic as the Domino but revises many aspects in the hope of a product which will be preferable to the H50. We will be running each through a selection of tests on our Intel Core i7-980X CPU to find out which is the best choice for those wanting a simple, easy to use liquid cooler.

Heatsink Roundup April 2010

by Grace | 15th April 2010

The market nowadays is crowded with dozens of products which makes it very difficult for inexperienced users to pick the right cooler for their needs. Today we will present you four coolers from different manufacturers, ranging from the cost-effective versatile Gelid Tranquillo to the monstrous NH-D14 from Noctua and will be discovering what they can offer to end users.

Notebook Coolers Roundup April 2010

by Henry Butt | 1st April 2010

There are a number of notebooks on the market with underpowered cooling systems. This can cause damage over time and may well reduce the operating life of a notebook. Today we are going to look at four different coolers; The Choiix Mini Air-Through Cooling Pad, Vizo Xena Mini Notebook Cooler, Arctic Cooling Arctic NC and Hiyatek NB Cooling Pad and Stand which all aim to lower temperatures on the current generation of high powered laptops.

Akasa Orion Notebook Cooler Review

by Grace | 18th March 2010

Today we have another notebook cooler from Akasa for review, the Orion. Akasa markets the Orion as a stylish solution, but it is much simpler and cheaper than the Everest and not nearly as flexible.

Chill Innovation ChillDesk MiniXL Notebook Stand/Cooler

by Grace | 22nd February 2010

Today we will take a look at a product from Chill Innovation, a Danish company. The ChillDesk MiniXL CD-110XL is a notebook cooler and is the companys first effort to diversify into the cooling products market.

Akasa Freedom Tower CPU Cooler

by Grace | 21st January 2010

Today we will take a look at Akasas Freedom Tower CPU cooler. The Freedom Tower is a high performance product which is designed to combine exceptional thermal performance with silent operation and an attractive design.

Akasa X4 Cooler

by Grace | 18th January 2010

Akasa is a company most famous for their cooling products, even though they have diversified into other market areas over the years. We have reviewed many of their products over the past few years, including PSUs, computer cases and notebook accessories. Today we are going to have a look at their latest mainstream CPU cooler, the X4.

Akasa Freedom Force VGA Cooler

by Grace | 29th December 2009

Today we are going to thoroughly test and review Akasa's latest GFX cooler which was released a couple of weeks ago, the Freedom Force. The Freedom Force is a bulky, high performance cooler designed to complement the most power hungry GFX cards.

Aero Cool V12 Touch-screen Fan Controller

by Henry Butt | 24th December 2009

Today we are going to look at the Aerocool V12 fan controller that can control up to four fans and monitor four different temperatures simultaneously. It does this through a touch-screen panel occupying two of the 5.25"¯ bays in the front of your machine.

Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme Cooler

by Stuart Davidson | 11th December 2009

On our test bench today we have Tuniq's latest CPU cooler, the Tower 120 Extreme which sits at the top of their product catalogue and offers enhanced performance and CPU compatibility.

Thermaltake Contac 29 Cooler

by Stuart Davidson | 9th December 2009

Today we have one of Thermaltake's latest coolers on our test bench. The Contac 29 is a hugely flexible CPU cooler which is aimed at the mainstream market, let's find out how it compares to the standard Intel box cooler.

Arctic Cooling Roundup - October 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 10th October 2009

Due to the positive experiences we have had with Arctic Cooling products in the past we always look forward to their latest releases and today we have three such items on our review bench. For AMD CPUs there is the Alpine 64 Pro, mainstream GPUs get the Accelero L2 Pro and the GTX 260/275/280 get their own version of the Accelero (Xtreme GTX280).

Thermaltake ISGC-V320 VGA Cooler

by Grace | 1st October 2009

The V320 is a GFX card cooler designed to fit on almost every video card currently available. As well as being a choice for high end boards - mid range graphics cards tend to have some relatively poor cooler designs with small and noisy fan configurations.

Akasa Everest Cooling Station for Laptops

by Grace | 17th September 2009

Today we are going to have a look at a rather interesting product, the Everest notebook cooling station. As its name suggests, the Everest is a stand for notebooks designed to serve as a cooler.

Cooler Roundup Part 2 August 2009

by Nathan Marks | 10th August 2009

In such a crowded market it can be difficult for first time buyers to know what best fits their needs and today we are going to look at a number of different products from a variety of manufacturers, most of which you may have not heard of before now with Cooler Master being the only well known name in our line-up today. However, the Megahalems will be the product to watch as Prolimatech aim to take a chunk out of the Thermalright TRUEs market share.

Socket 1366 Cooler Roundup - August 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 6th August 2009

Despite the number of reviews we have published on this site in the last few years we occasionally come across a company whose products we have never used or tested. Evercool are one such company and when they offered two of their very reasonably priced air coolers for review we were more than happy to see what this company could offer.

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 4870X2

by Stuart Davidson | 4th August 2009

Arctic Cooling hope to continue their successful line of GPU cooling products, read on to find out if the Accelero XTREME 4870X2 is up to the task of cooling ATIs dual GPU monster.

Arctic Cooling MX-3 vs. GELID GC-2

by Stuart Davidson | 23rd June 2009

Since then GC-1 and MX-2 have been competing for our hard earned money but things are about to get a little more interesting as both manufacturers are refreshing their product line. Gelid have GC-2 heading to stores across the world now and we have an exclusive preview of Arctic Coolings MX-3 which aims to be the best performing compound available.

Rosewill FORT120 CPU Cooler

by Nathan Marks | 8th June 2009

Today were going to be testing the Rosewill FORT120, a high end CPU cooler utilising direct touch technology and a tower design. They already have a number of heatsink products in their lineup and it will be interesting to see how this offering stands up against the Thermalright 120, one of the most popular air coolers in enthusiast circles.

Coolit WS 240 Dual CPU Cooling System

by Zardon | 20th May 2009

Recently we reviewed the dual CPU Nehalem EP platform and when we heard that Coolit had a system planned we gave them a call. Today we have a review of the 'WS 240' which is based on the Domino A.L.C. - abeit with some important changes. Is this another killer product from Coolit?

Corsair Cooling ICE T30 System

by Stuart Davidson | 8th May 2009

The Corsair Cooling ICE T30 is the most extreme memory cooler available, but just how high will it allow us to push modules? today we find out.

Coolermaster V10

by Stuart Davidson | 21st April 2009

For some time now Cooler Master has been releasing larger than life CPU coolers which rarely disappoint and are always competitively priced. Recently they announced the V10, a cooler which features a design inspired by supercharged engines which purportedly cools CPUs with TDP up to 200w.

Is it a step too far, or not far enough? Read on to find out as we compare it to the current market leader, CoolITs Domino A.L.C.

Xigmatek Cobra Cooler

by Nathan Marks | 15th April 2009

Today were going to look at the Cobra cooler from Xigmatek, a promising looking unit which makes use of four heatpipes and direct touch technology.

Xigmatek Nepartak Cooler

by Nathan Marks | 9th April 2009

Today were looking at the Xigmatek Nepartak. From appearances the tower cooler looks faultless in design so lets hope it stands up to our testing.

Socket 1366 Cooler Roundup March 09

by Stuart Davidson | 27th March 2009

In October last year Intel released processors based on the socket 1366 architecture and with these came a requirement for redesigned heatsink install methods. Essentially the distance between corners of the heatsink increased (as did the processor footprint) and existing high end coolers were no longer compatible with new motherboards.

Xigmatek Thors Hammer

by Nathan Marks | 23rd March 2009

Today we are going to look at the Thors Hammer cooler from Xigmatek - is this finally a challenger for the awesome Thermalright True Black?

Sunbeam and NorthQ CPU Coolers

by Nathan Marks | 12th January 2009

Over the years weve seen countless designs spanning across a huge range of coolers on the market. Due to the ever increasing thermal output of modern components, companies have been evolving their cooling solutions over the years to keep up with the demands. Today were going to take a look at three coolers which use an exposed heatpipe design, providing the heatpipes with direct contact to the core as opposed to transferring heat through a base.

NorthQ Siberian Tiger II Water Cooler

by Grace | 2nd January 2009

Today we have the opportunity to review another product from NorthQ, a Danish company who have been aggressively expanding the last several months. Not long ago we had a look at the Siberian Tiger, a compact water cooling solution designed to narrow the chasm between air coolers and more complex DIY water cooling solutions. It was a pre-assembled, easy to install and maintenance free water cooling product.

Coolit Domino A.L.C.

by Stuart Davidson | 23rd December 2008

CoolIT have taken their experience with OEM designs and the rigorous quality and performance standards involved in these builds and used them to create a product which they claim is high performance, feature rich, universally compatible, indestructible, simple-to-install, fail-safe, long lasting and last but not least, extremely affordable.

GELID Silent Spirit Cooler & PWM Fans

by Nathan Marks | 19th December 2008

Gelid are a new name in the business and have already impressed us with their high performance GC-1 thermal compound which rates up there with the best already available. Today we are going to look at their first ever CPU cooler, a mid-range heatsink which could be a very important product for the company.

NorthQ FlexQ Combo Cooler

by Grace | 26th November 2008

Today we will have a look at a rather strange cooler from NorthQ, the FlexQ Combo cooler. What makes the FlexQ Combo unique is that it can be installed not only on most processors as a low profile cooler, but on several GFX cards as well. But given its small size, can it perform well enough to be a competitive product? We will find out in this review.

Titan Cool Idol NK75TZ CPU Cooler

by Grace | 5th November 2008

Titan are one of the oldest companies specializing in computer cooling equipment. They are not very well known in the US yet, but during the past few years their production capacity and R&D capabilities have increased many times over, making them one of the better known cooler makers in Europe and Asia. The product which we have here today is the NK75TZ, a huge heatpipe cooler aimed towards those who want great performance but silent operation at the same time.

AMA Serac 770 Watercooling

by Nathan Marks | 21st October 2008

Today were going to look at a kit from a new manufacturer, the Serac 770 from AMA. It is a reasonably compact kit which aims to provide easy installation and an effective cooling solution.


by Grace | 3rd September 2008

Today we will have a look at three of the most popular CPU coolers Xigmatek currently offer; the HDT-S1283, the HDT-RS1283 Red Scorpion and the HDT-S1284 Achilles. All three of the coolers are based on the same design and Xigmatek's Heatpipe Direct Touch technology, but each one targets a different user group. We will thoroughly examine all three of them in this review.

NoiseBlocker MultiFrame Series Fans

by Grace | 26th August 2008

Many companies offer solutions for quiet computing, one of them being Noiseblocker, a German company who design and manufacture high quality cooling fans. We reviewed their UltraSilent and BlackSilent series a few years ago and they were some of the best quiet fans money could buy at the time. Today we will take a look at their latest series, the Multiframe fans, which Noiseblocker claim to be better performing and more efficient even than their own previous fans series.

Akasa Vortexx Neo

by Zardon | 4th August 2008

Modern GPU chips have ever growing cooling needs, especially under overclocked conditions. Reference coolers aren't always able to keep up with the heat dissipation demands of these chips and the user may be able to get a lot more out of their card with the purchase of a more sophisticated cooling solution. Today we're going to look at the Akasa Vortexx Neo, which claims to combine high thermal performance with low noise levels.

Xthermal BTF Series Fans

by Asmoday | 30th July 2008

Xthermal are a Polish company who design fans aimed mainly at those seeking a silent cooling solution, today we have the pleasure of looking at two of their products; the Xthermal BTF80 and 120 Pro.As the names suggest the BTF80 is an 80mm fan and the BTF120 is a 120mm fan.

Cooler Master Hyper Z600 CPU Cooler

by Stuart Davidson | 28th July 2008

At Cebit earlier this year Cooler Master were displaying their new range of CPU coolers, however they were not quite ready for retail availability. That changed in May with the release of the Hyper Z600, a large but very stylish item which is designed to operate silently or in single and dual fan configurations. Today we will be running the Z600 through a number of tests using Intels X9770 CPU to establish just how good Cooler Masters new product is.

NorthQ Siberian Tiger (NQ-3580)

by Grace | 2nd June 2008

The new NorthQ CPU cooler is dubbed The Siberian Tiger and it is not a simple air cooler but a compact water cooling solution designed to narrow the chasm between simple air coolers and complex water cooling solutions, a rather intriguing idea.

Thermolab Nano Silencer & Micro Silencer

by Stuart Davidson | 19th May 2008

ThermoLab, is a company you might not have heard of. Established in Korea in 2005, they are new to the PC cooling solutions scene and today we are taking a look at two of their Socket 775 CPU coolers, the Nano Silencer and the Micro Silencer.

Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme & IFX-14

by Grace | 24th April 2008

Thermalright is a company with a long history in the enthusiast PC market and they have created some of the best, hardcore CPU coolers over the last decade. Today we will have a look at two of their greatest CPU coolers, the Ultra-120 eXtreme and the IFX-14.

North Q 3340WLA Extreme

by Grace | 10th April 2008

Nearly two years ago NorthQ released the 3310BL UFO which we reviewed and it was a good cooler at the time, a design which they continuously evolved (and enlarged) for two years in order to keep up with the growing demand for better CPU coolers. The 3340WLA Extreme however is an entirely new design instead of an oversized version of the old 3310BL and today we will find out if it as capable as their past efforts.

Titan Twin Turbo TTC-SCS88TZ VGA cooler

by Grace | 8th April 2008

The mid range graphics card sector tends to have some relatively poor cooler design as well as small, noisy fan configurations so with this in mind today we will take a look at a very large VGA cooler by Titan, the Twin Turbo CSC88TZ. Despite its massive size and twin fan design, the Twin Turbo is designed for installation only on low to mid range VGA cards.

Coolit Freezone Elite/Pure

by Stuart Davidson | 2nd April 2008

There are enthusiast users who want to get as much performance as possible out of their components and for that they require some serious cooling. These are exactly the users that CoolIT are targeting with their pre-plumbed and factory sealed Freezone Elite which makes use of maintenance refrigerated liquid. For the beginner enthusiast or more price conscious user the Pure CPU cooler shares many of the same components as the Elite and we will be taking a look at both products today.

Noctua NH-U12P

by Asmoday | 21st March 2008

Noctua has developed an entirely new fan: the NF-P12, which uses nine fan blades, two more than a standard fan. Additionally, it has notches which Noctua have trademarked, called "Vortex-Control Notches" these help in reducing the noise emitted by the fan. Below are some text and graphs explaining the technique supplied by Noctua.

OCZ Vendetta, Freeze Paste

by Stuart Davidson | 12th March 2008

Long gone are the days when OCZ were merely a memory manufacturer, today they produce some decent power supplies (after their acquisition of Pc power) and have a range of cooling products available including CPU coolers and thermal compounds. Today we are taking a look at two of the most recent additions to the OCZ cooling family, the Vendetta CPU cooler and Freeze thermal compound.

Akasa AK 965 Cooler

by Grace | 10th March 2008

Factory bundled coolers are rarely able to satisfy enthusiast PC users both with regards to noise and cooling performance, this has led to a large demand for aftermarket cooling solutions and many manufacturers are fighting for a piece of this lucrative cake. There are hundreds of aftermarket CPU coolers available today, each designed for a different purpose. Today we will take a look at a cooler from Akasa, the AK-965. Although it is only available for socket 775 CPUs, Akasa claims that the AK-965 offers excellent performance, low noise and easy installation at an extremely competitive price tag. Sounds too good to be true?

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800

by Stuart Davidson | 24th February 2008

Arctic Cooling are without doubt the masters of cooling. They never fail to impress us with their products which always deliver fantastic performance but still manage to maintain a very low noise level. It is for this reason that every desktop and media system I own uses Arctic Cooling CPU coolers. Despite this, up until I began testing for this review the coolers I had on my graphics cards were either reference, Zalman or Thermalright, with the reasons being I needed flat out thermal performance or small, compact and noiseless solutions. For all of my uses Arctic Cooling did not have a GPU cooler which matched my exact needs. That is not to say their products are a disappointment, far from it, but they have tended to be slightly too big compared to the competition, the Accelero S1 compared to Zalman VNF-100 for example. In the case of high end Nvidia coolers there really was no option from Arctic Cooling, until now.

Asus Arctic Square

by Grace | 15th January 2008

While Asus have enjoyed success, they have not stood still, they have been diversifying into more PC components and peripherals. Today they produce everything; from servers, notebooks and cellular phones to routers, monitors and computer cases. If Asus could make their own processors and hard disk drives, they could offer a home PC exclusively made by them!

ZEROtherm Premium: Nirvana NV120 CPU Cooler

by Dyre Straits | 17th December 2007

We have received for test and review the ZEROtherm Premium: Nirvana NV120 CPU Cooler. The ZEROtherm line of products is manufactured by a company named, APACK, Co. Ltd. APACK’s main focus is on cooling products that produce “ZERO” noise levels. In that vein, the company continues to research and develop technology for the next-generation of products. Due to its dedication to such products, it has become a technology partner to many of the well-known major companies with the most well-known being Samsung.

Swiftech H2O-120 Compact

by Grace | 5th November 2007

Watercooling, while not quite yet adopted by the mainstream enthusiast community is continually increasing in popularity as more people truly understand the benefits, especially as hardware keeps getting faster and hotter. The first watercooling kits found their way onto the market back in the Pentium 3 days; an era when 120mm fans and heatpipe air cooling designs were within the realms of fantasy. While watercooling systems have certainly evolved over the last few years, their relatively low demand ensured that they couldn’t evolve at the explosive rate air coolers have. The weakest points of the watercooling systems were always the high price, the difficulty of installation and the size of the kits. Swiftech, one of the most established PC watercooling manufacturers have released a new kit, the H2O-120, designed to counter these three major watercooling drawbacks. Will that be enough to compete against the high end air coolers available today? We will find out shortly.

Akasa Revo

by Grace | 22nd October 2007

Today we have something innovative for review, the Revo CPU cooler from Akasa. The Revo is using a new patented technology called “SilentFlux”, invented and patented in Denmark. Although Akasa markets the Revo as a low-noise cooler we were very curious to see how well it could perform, especially when we saw the high price tag. Akasa have been kind enough to let us have an engineering sample of the cooler for review today, so all of your questions will be answered in this review.

Asus Triton 75 CPU Cooler

by Stuart Davidson | 11th October 2007

As well as excelling with motherboards and graphics cards, Asus now branch out into many other areas taking their entire product catalogue to over twenty sectors. One of these areas is PC cooling, more specifically CPU coolers. Today we have one such product on our test bench, the Triton 75. This cooling solution is designed for AMD and Intel CPU’s and we will be testing it against Arctic Cooling’s excellent Freezer 7 Pro.

Zalman VF1000 LED and ZM-RHS88

by Stuart Davidson | 8th October 2007

Today we are taking a look at one of Zalmans latest graphics card coolers, the VF1000 LED and professional heatsink (ZM-RHS88). We will be installing the products on an 8800 GTS card to see just how well they cope with one of Nvidia’s high end models.

Arctic Cooling and Zalman GPU Coolers

by Stuart Davidson | 16th August 2007

For years now the majority of graphics cards have required significant cooling when running intensive 3D tasks. Despite this it would be fair to say that many manufacturers place little importance in the quality of the cooling systems attached to their hardware. There are some exceptions which have mainly come from Nvidia’s high end designs such as the 7800 and 8800 series however even ATI’s latest 2900 series still suffer from large and loud cooling solutions. So what happens if a fan just is not cutting it? Well, in the first of a two part article we turn to two of the most well known cooling experts, Zalman and Arctic Cooling to see the alternative cooling they offer for mainstream/budget and older cards such as the Radeon X1950.

ZEROtherm BTF90 CPU Cooler

by Grace | 4th July 2007

Today we will take a look at a large copper cooler from Zerotherm, the BTF90. The BTF90 is, as the name suggests, a ‘butterfly’ design cooler with a 90mm fan attached to it. It is a fairly large, good looking cooler coming and has a price which pits it against some of the best coolers available in the market today.

ZEROtherm GX815 VGA Cooler

by Grace | 27th June 2007

Hardcore overclockers and gamers do not only have to worry about the temperature of their CPU, but also the temperature of their video cards. Overclocking a video card usually has a much larger impact on game frame rates than overclocking a processor. That said, there is also another point of view when it comes to gaming and has nothing to do with overclocking, many people like to enjoy some casual gaming with their HTPC, or simply in a quiet environment. Buying a high end video card usually leaves these people frustrated, as the “reference” coolers generate a lot of noise in order to keep them cool enough. So aftermarket VGA coolers easily come into mind. Today we will take a look at a VGA cooler from a Korean company, Zerotherm, the GX815. The GX815 boasts not only exceptional performance but low noise as well. Too good to be true? We will soon find out.

Cooler Master GeminII / X Craft 360

by Stuart Davidson | 25th June 2007

Today we are going to take a look at a traditional Cooler Master part, a CPU cooler which goes by the name of GeminII, and a product from their extended catalogue the X Craft 360 enclosure. Those DH regulars amongst you will remember we have looked at the GeminII before - but we had over one hundred emails about this product asking if we could retest it on the highest end hardware. Our readers are very important to us, so today we are retesting the cooler on an Extreme Edition Quad Core Intel CPU.

Noctua Chipset Cooler

by Asmoday | 11th April 2007

In the past we have reviewed several of Noctua’s products, and we have been impressed by the build quality and performance they offer. Now it is time to have a look at one of their newest offerings; the Noctua NV-U6 Chipset Cooler.

CoolIt Ram Fan

by Dyre Straits | 2nd April 2007

Keeping our systems cool under heavy demand is one of the top priorities for PC gamers and Overclockers. Overheating of any of the components can spell serious trouble – not only for the games – but also for the entire system if the heating causes permanent damage. For that reason, every little bit helps when it comes to keeping our systems cool. CoolIT Systems, Inc. specializes in providing the tools for the purpose of doing just that.

Coolermaster GeminII

by Dyre Straits | 19th March 2007

CoolerMaster has been around for so long I’m seeing the label on many of the fans of the older systems I pick up and work on for other people. The company has earned a solid reputation for performance in providing devices to keep vital components cool under stress. That’s what we all need in today’s high-demanding systems where we try to squeeze out every little bit of performance gain through overclocking components like our CPUs, Video Cards and even our RAM.

Vantec Iceberq 6

by Grace | 12th February 2007

One of the most critical components which require cooling in a gamers’ PC is the VGA card(s). While most stock cooling solutions are quite efficient for the card itself, they tend to overlook things like efficiency and noise. Most of them will simply release the heat of the card inside the PC case, which can be a problem if even one, let alone two powerful VGA cards are installed. Couple this with two whirring fans and you can understand why there are many aftermarket VGA coolers available. Today we will take a look at an offering from Vantec, the Iceberq 6.

Noiseblocker Coolscraper 120

by Grace | 17th January 2007

Noiseblocker is a German company specializing in silent computer cooling solutions. We have tested some of their products in the past, which we found to be of high quality albeit somewhat expensive. Since Noiseblocker is a rather new company, their product line-up is still small. Noiseblocker mainly focuses on designing and building some of the best quality computer fans around, but also produce other cooling related products, such as CPU coolers and accessories. Today we will take a look at the second revision of their CPU coolers, the CoolScraper 120 V2.

Gigabyte 3D Galaxy 2 Liquid Cooling System

by Stuart Davidson | 16th December 2006

Gigabyte are a company well known for their motherboards and graphics cards however more recently they have been branching out into all sorts of other areas such as peripherals (keyboards, mice, speakers and so on) and cooling solutions. The Gigabyte motherboards and graphics cards we have looked at in the past have always been good, however if we are honest the cooling solutions have been average at best. The G-Power in particular performed well - however was a nightmare to install on Socket 775 motherboards. Today’s review product brought back memories of the G-Power when we opened the box primarily because the fan used on the CPU section of the cooler is the exact same design...that’s right, a fan on the waterblock, certainly sounds different. Let’s see what the 3D Galaxy 2 is all about...

NoiseBlocker Fans

by Grace | 27th November 2006

Noiseblocker are a German computer components manufacturer, who aim to design fans that perform well with a minimum amount of noise. They offer a wide range of silent or near silent high quality computer fans.

Freezone by Coolit

by Rasta | 17th November 2006

What if you used the TEC process from a “peltier” type cooler in combination with a traditional water block! That way, you could cool below ambient temps without the condensation, while using recirculating fluid without the need for a large radiator and bulky coolant reservoir! Well, please join me for another “wish I thought of that sooner” moment ... the technique described above is exactly what we see executed to near perfection by the subject of today’s review, the FreeZone by Cool IT.

Revoltec Graphic Freezer Pro

by Grace | 17th November 2006

A mere 22 euros for a VGA card cooler that supports almost every card currently available, while claiming to be silent and higher performing than almost all stock coolers? Too good to be true? Grace puts this cooler through its paces.

Thermalright Si-128

by Grace | 18th October 2006

Thermalright have been making enthusiast cooling products for quite a few years now and while their coolers were usually large with a high price tag, enthusiasts loved them. After all, they are widely regarded in creating some of the best air coolers available. Thermalright became famous through their early processor coolers, which mainly were the AX-7 and SLK series, but they later began to offer coolers for other computer components, such as VGA and Chipset coolers. Today we will take a look at a massive cooling body designed to keep the Core 2 Duo processors cool, the SI-128. The SI-128 is the natural evolution of the SI-120, which was a great cooler for both Athlon 64 and early socket 775 processors. Its basic design is the same, but the size of the heat dissipation area is much larger.

Noctua NF-S12-1200 and 800 Fans

by Asmoday | 10th October 2006

A few months back we had the opportunity to review Noctuas excellent CPU coolers the NH-U12 and U9, and we were more then pleased with the results we achieved. Now it’s time to have a look at another new product from Noctua; their 120mm fans: NF-S12-1200 and NF-S12-800.

OCZ Tempest Cooler

by Grace | 28th September 2006

When the name OCZ is mentioned, many computer enthusiasts would think immediately of their high quality RAM products and with good reason. As a company however they have diversified into many other areas of computer hardware including coolers and power supply units. While their power supply units have been a great success, their initial cooler releases have not really been the groundbreaking event they perhaps should have been. While they appeared to have good potential, they could not keep up to the competition in terms of performance or even value. OCZ is not the kind of company who rest on their laurels however, and so today we have their new universal “Tempest” cooler in our test labs. OCZ is obviously trying to take a piece of the enthusiast’s market with it, so let us see if they can should succeed this time.

Titan NK34TZ Cooler

by Grace | 21st September 2006

Titan is one of the oldest companies specializing in computer cooling equipment. During the past few years, their production capacity and R&D capabilities have increased many times over, and this year they have released many new products, striking at many of the cooling market sectors. The product which we have here today is the NK34TZ, a heatpipe cooler aimed at those wanting good performance on a budget.

Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R120

by Grace | 11th September 2006

The Aquagate Mini R120 is designed to make watercooling safe and easy for everyone to use. The pump and tank are integrated into the waterblock, the 120mm radiator fits a 120mm fan intake/exhaust like a glove and the whole system is assembled and filled with anti-icing liquid from the factory, which means that you have nothing more to do than install it on your CPU and then inside your case. Naturally many will question the reliability and performance of such a setup, so we will try to answer most questions in this review.

Cooler Master Aquagate Mini R120

by Grace | 6th September 2006

The Aquagate Mini R120 is designed to make watercooling safe and easy for everyone to use. The pump and tank are integrated into the waterblock, the 120mm radiator fits a 120mm fan intake/exhaust like a glove and the whole system is assembled and filled with anti-icing liquid from the factory, which means that you have nothing more to do than install it on your CPU and then inside your case. Naturally many will question the reliability and performance of such a setup, so we will try to answer most questions in this review.

Titan Amanda Cooler

by Grace | 25th August 2006

Do you like your coolers big and quiet? Look no further than the MASSIVE Amanda cooler from TITAN - don't let the name put you off. This beast comes with its own PCI control card, weight balancing cables to attach to the chassis for support, is the size of a small continent and weighs over 1 kilogram. We answer the all important question, is this all for show or does it really deliver the goods?

Vapochill LS

by Stuart Davidson | 18th August 2006

Asetek sent us a new Vapochill LS for review, so we decided to test it with Intel's baddest Conroe, the Extreme Edition x6800 and AMD's FX60 to see just how far we could get the processors to over clock. Could we push the 2.93ghz conroe to over 4ghz and get it stable? read on to find out.

Zalman Dual Heatpipe VGA cooler – VF900-CU

by Stuart Davidson | 17th August 2006

ATI's X1k series of graphics cards are certainly a powerful solution for gaming, however whether purchasing a X1900XT or the older X1800 - the coolers are some of the loudest we have heard in our labs. We made it very clear to ATI that their noisy cooling solution needed addressed in the future because this was never an issue for the 78x or 79x Nvidia boards.

Asetek VapoChill LS

by Stuart Davidson | 27th July 2006

Today's review product is one which really does fall into the extreme performance category. Aseteks VapoChill LS is capable of achieving temperatures of minus 50 degrees celcius and allowing users to overclock processors to their limits. Sounds like a lot of fun, so lets hook it up to two of the fastest CPU's currently available – AMD's FX-60 and Intel's Core2 X6800 to see just how far we can push them and to ascertain if it's worth the outlay.

Zalman CNPS8000 & CNPS 9500

by Asmoday | 20th July 2006

Zalman really need no introduction, they have been making high quality, low noise cooling solutions for a very long time. Today we are having a look at two of their latest offerings; the CNPS8000 and the CNPS9500.

Spire Verticool + DiamondCool Coolers

by Grace | 11th July 2006

There are many manufacturers of computer cooling products, and today we take a look at CPU cooling products from one of the oldest. Spire have been around since 1991 and they certainly have enough experience in the field to produce a high quality product. The two CPU coolers which we received from Spire are the VertiCool II and DiamondCool II coolers.

NorthQ 3390A Cooler

by Grace | 25th June 2006

There certainly isn’t a shortage of CPU coolers on the market, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They range from hard core coolers the size of a small house to inexpensive options for those on a budget. However, there are coolers designed for special purposes and applications. The NorthQ 3390A fits into this category. Measuring just 27mm tall, it is designed to properly cool a socket 939 CPU inside the smallest of PC cases, such as the Hiper Media Center case. People who build custom systems and cases will find good use for this cooler due to the looks, so it has a lot of potential to begin with.

Revoltec LightFX and LightWriter fans

by Grace | 28th May 2006

There are tens of companies making thousands of computer fans today. There are simple fans, powerful fans, colored fans, lighted fans, aluminum fans ... the list never ends. We could also say that there is nothing really innovative anymore in this market sector. Revoltec however, a German based company specialising in "modding" products recently released something entirely different; cooling fans which can project whole images and text on their fins. Sounds pretty cool? well how about if we told you that the fans can even read the temperature of the air moving through them and project the information direct to their fins!

Asetek WaterChill Xternal 03-L-7004

by Asmoday | 12th May 2006

In the past we have reviewed quite a few WaterChill kits from Asetek, and have been very satisfied with their performance levels. However those kits were meant to be integrated into the case you have, and not all cases are suitable for hosting a water cooling kit. Buying a new case or using your Dremel into your existing one might not be appealing to users wanting to venture into the water cooled world. Asetek now have a solution for those people; a new kit - the WaterChill Xternal.

Corsair Nautilus 500

by Stuart Davidson | 26th April 2006

We looked at Corsairs last attempt at water-cooling “Cool” some time ago now and it is true to say we were impressed with the kit. The installation was extremely easy for a water-cooling product and this was matched by equally good performance. Recently Corsair announced the Nautilus water-cooling system which aims to improve on the Cool in all areas.

NorthQ 80mm+120mm fans

by Grace | 15th April 2006

"Both the NQ-3711BL and NQ-3701 fans are unique in their own way. The feature they both share is they are both quiet, making them ideal for use in personal computers where noise is not desired, such as HTPC systems. Their looks will appeal to modders in a big way, especially the NQ-3711BL (and the other fans in that series). The NorthQ fans move a reasonable amount of air especially when you consider the speed they move."

Titan GT3 Aluminium Notebook cooler

by Asmoday | 3rd April 2006

We recently reviewed a number of products from the cooling giant Titan, ranging from the Vanessa series CPU coolers and Serina notebook coolers. Now we have had a look at another Laptop cooler; the Titan G3T Aluminium notebook cooling pad.

Cooler Master Cool Drive Lite

by Chaos | 1st April 2006

Today we are looking at a hard drive cooling device from Cooler Master. The enclosure is all aluminum and the base serves as a heatsink. Cooler Master even included a thermal pad that covers the exposed circuit board on the underside of your hard drive, for increased cooling and sounds dampening. The CoolDrive Lite is supposed to be able to reduce your hard drive temps by up to as much as 41%.

NorthQ 3310BL UFO Cooler

by Grace | 21st March 2006

"The 3310BL UFO cooler has a great advantage over many other coolers. That advantage is that you can mount the cooler on every processor currently available, as the cooler is compatible with all CPU sockets currently in production. There are several more advantages and disadvantages to discover through this review though."

Turbine Card Cooler XT

by Kombatant | 15th March 2006

Fast-forward to today, PC modding has hit mainstream big time. Nowadays companies sell pre-modded cases, pre-modded PSUs, pre-modded pretty much everything, with impressive neon lights, UV-coated material and cool-looking fans becoming the norm these days. Today on DriverHeaven we’re going to take a look at a very cool set of fans for your PC, called the Turbine Card Cooler XT and manufactured by The Card Cooler, a company specializing in cooling solutions and based in Ohio, USA.

Noctua Cooler

by Asmoday | 14th March 2006

"As you can see in the above charts the coolers from Noctua proved to be very good performers, the NH-U9 managed to keep up with the XP120 using a slow spinning 92mm fan while the XP 120 used the bigger (more powerful) 120mm fan. The NH-U12 was even more impressive, outperforming the XP 120 by 5° using the same fan is outstanding!"

Vantec Vortex 2

by Grace | 5th March 2006

"Of course cooling is not going to make any hard disk drive invulnerable, but can dramatically lengthen its lifespan and increase its reliability. Vantec is a company with tradition on cooling, which also has several products concerning hard disk drive cooling in their line-up. There are many types of hard disk drive coolers; today we will have a look at the latest and greatest from Vantec, the Vortex 2."

Arctic Cooling Accelero X2

by Stuart Davidson | 20th February 2006

Arctic Cooling have been making enthusiast coolers for gpu’s and cpu for quite a while now. In fact one of the Driverheaven review systems has been using the freezer range of CPU coolers for a while now and we have been completely satisfied with the performance and even more impressed by the low noise they create. When building our media centre system noise was a consideration and with the AIW X800 cooler not being the best we replaced it with an Arctic Cooling Silencer 5 and this was a complete success though when we recently moved to the more advanced AIW X1800 series card we hit a brick wall as far as noise levels are concerned. You see the mounting holes on the X1k series of cards are completely different to those on the X8 series and you therefore can’t just use any cooler on your nice new shiny X1k product. Luckily Arctic Cooling are on the ball and have recently launched a new line of GPU coolers – The “Accelero” series which features the X1 for Geforce cards and X2 for Radeon X1k cards.

Titan Eagle Universal VGA Cooler

by Asmoday | 15th February 2006

The Titan Eagle certainly is a universal cooler. It will fit on basically every VGA card available, not only that but Titan are claiming a very quiet 22db which should lead to a very silent running system.

Titan Serina

by Grace | 3rd February 2006

The Serina series consists of 2 notebook cooling pads. Both may look virtually identical, but they are not, although their cooling properties are. The G2TB/D is a simple cooling pad, meant only to keep your notebook cool, where the G2TB/A is more like a complete docking station, with an integrated All-In-1 card reader and USB hub. Let us have a look on their specifications and features.

Titan Vanessa

by Grace | 30th January 2006

The Vanessa series are supposed to be some of the most efficient and feature packed coolers available currently. Truly, the coolers are offering almost everything that you can expect from a CPU cooler. First of all, you can mount them on any socket currently available, so you do not have to worry if the cooler will mount on your motherboard or what will happen if you want to upgrade at a future date. They both feature speed adjustable fans for you to choose between performance and silence. And also they are carefully designed to enhance your system’s looks. Let us have a look at their specifications:

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro

by Grace | 29th January 2006

Today we have another Arctic Cooling cooler for evaluation, the Freezer 7 Pro. The Freezer 7 Pro is nearly identical to the Freezer 64 Pro which our fellow Steve “Chaos” Ruxton reviewed a short while ago, with the exception that the Freezer 7 Pro is meant to be mounted on a LGA775 socket motherboard. Mounting differences aside, the two coolers appear to be identical. That is not entirely true however as the Freezer 7 Pro is using a different, slightly faster and 4-pin powered fan, which can be controlled via PWM as well.

Arctic Cooling 9cm and 12cm fans

by Grace | 9th January 2006

you will have seen. First of all, the fans have no actual frame. The only part of the frame that exists is the front section, where the fan comes in contact with the mounting surface. The cables of the fans are entirely sleeved and the connectors are black. The fan motor is held in place by four plastic legs, which are reinforced by two plastic rings.

Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro

by Chaos | 6th January 2006

Well it is time to have a look at a new CPU cooler from Arctic Cooling - the new Freezer 64 Pro. This cooler is built specifically for the AMD Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 X2 Dual core line of processors. Most of you assuredly have heard of Arctic Cooling and some may be using their famous line of VGA Silencer coolers. They also make high quality PC Cases and cooling fans.

Vapochill Micro Extreme Performance

by Asmoday | 6th November 2005

We have reviewed many Asetek products on Driverheaven in the past, the last being the Vapochill Micro Ultra Low noise which received a glowing outcome a few months ago. Today we turn to another product from the same company in the shape of the Micro’s more extreme brother; the aptly named “Extreme Performance”.

Vapochill Micro Ultra Low Noise

by Stuart Davidson | 22nd August 2005

In the past, we’ve looked at some of Asetek’s enthusiast coolers here on Driverheaven. The Waterchill products have impressed us through both their first class performance with their high standard of components and build quality. Today, we have the newest of Asetek’s coolers in for review and it’s definitely a departure from the norm. Rather than being targeted at water-cooling enthusiasts, the new cooler is aimed solely at the mainstream market and it’s one that Asetek hopes will make them become leaders in performance in that segment as well as the enthusiast arena. Not only does the product aim to take the performance crown, it also claims to do it with a minimal amount of noise…

Asetek WaterChill KT03A-12VS

by Asmoday | 21st July 2005

The possibility to control the fans with software from Windows is another extremely practical touch and it has to be said that throughout testing the pump remained quiet, this is a BIG bonus as some of the kits we have reviewed have been louder than their air cooled counterparts! After all isn't one of the major points of watercooling to keep noise levels to the lowest possible? Not only was the KT03-12VS kit virtually silent it was able to outperform the Thermalright XP-120 by at least 3°C.

Speeze Pacific Laptop Cooler

by Stuart Davidson | 14th May 2005

A few days ago we took a look at the Chillmax CPU from Speeze and came away pretty impressed by its looks, noise levels and performance. Its not just CPU coolers that Speeze are manufacturing though, as we noted in our recent Alienware and Rock reviews, modern day performance laptops are running very hot, therefore under sustained use they do benefit from additional cooling. With this in mind today we are going to be testing the Pacificbreeze cooler from Speeze with our P4 3.6ghz/Radeon X800 based Rock laptop and recording any temperature improvements.

Gigabyte G-Power Pro HSF

by prodigal jenius | 11th May 2005

Today I am taking a look at the new Gigabyte G-Power Pro HSF unit. This lovely little (well, “little” is open to discussion) unit will be given a trial by fire, if you will, although hopefully there will be no actual flames. Now then, onward, to inspect this big blue behemoth of a cooler.

Speeze Chillmax

by Stuart Davidson | 11th May 2005

Noise is becoming a very important factor for most people when building a PC, the last thing you want when building your new plaything is to have the excellent soundtracks for modern games drowned out by irritating fan noise. In my current test rig I have a stock Intel fan which isn’t the quietest thing in the world when the CPU starts getting hot and its certainly louder than AMD’s stock fan so I was looking forward to trying todays review product and hopefully regaining the whisper quiet PC experience I was accustomed to.

Zalman CNPS7700-CU / Artic Cooler Freezer 64

by Asmoday | 29th April 2005

Today I’m going to test two different heatsinks, The mighty CNPS7700-CU from Zalman, a big chunk of copper that weighs in at a hefty 918g. That’s about 2 Lbs for you not familiar with the metric system, then we have the A64 Freezer from Arctic Cooling, a much lighter Cu/Alu heatpipe solution that weighs in at 460g (1.01Lbs) - that’s half the weight of the zalman.

Vantec lapcool2

by Zardon | 9th April 2005

Well every now and then we get bored reviewing high end graphics cards and processors and hunt around for some cool little gadgets for your enjoyment. Today we have an innovative little device to aid all you laptop users - is your laptop running too hot? would you like to help the cooling by placing two USB self powered high quality vantec fans under it, raise it from the worksurface? Then enter the Vantec Lapcool2.

Corsari Cool WC

by Stuart Davidson | 25th March 2005

Corsair are well known for their excellent memory, we use it in almost all of our reviews due to its great speed, stability and complete reliability so when they mailed us to say they were releasing “Cool” we jumped at the chance to try it out. From the launch material it looked like a compact and stylish water-cooling kit, lets hope it performs as well as it looks…

Asetek Waterchill KT12A-L30

by Stuart Davidson | 10th February 2005

Back in May 2004 we took our first look at a waterchill product from Asetek. Overall we were happy with the kit, its ease of assembly and even more happy with its fantastic performance. Asetek being innovators haven’t stood still in the past few months, they have been hard at work tweaking and improving the design of their system and so today we’re taking a look at the new improved Waterchill.

Asus Star Ice

by Zardon | 16th October 2004

The Asus Star Ice is very versatile with compatibility for Socket 478/754/939 and 775 it comes supplied in a clear package with the bottom section housing all the screws and fixings.

Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer 4 Preview

by Chaos | 15th September 2004

The VGA Silencer draws cool air from the inside of your computer enclosure and exhausts the warm air out the rear of your case using their DHES - Direct Heat Exhaust system. This feature will not only keep your VPU cooler but it will also lower overall case temperatures.

Asetek Waterchill Antarctica

by Stuart Davidson | 24th May 2004

Asetek recently refined their CPU waterblock, the result of this work was the Waterchill Antarctica and today we have a watercooling system based around this cooler to review.

Zalman Reserator 1

by Zardon | 19th May 2004

Watercooling is now widely accepted by the masses as the cooling of choice being quieter than a heatsink fan combination with lower temperatures especially under load. Phase cooling scares most people, so this is the next logical step on the ladder to a cooler quieter system.

Prometeia Mach II

by Zardon | 28th March 2004

The search for the ultimate Driverheaven rig starts today , the aim to create a beast so powerful it will make grown men green with envy. This is the first part in a series of overclocking adventures with the top of the line hardware which will hopefully not only be educational and informative but fun.