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Linksys EA6900 WiFi Smart Router AC1900 Review

by Stuart Kerley | 31st March 2014

Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at the new top of the range Wi-Fi router from Linksys (now part of the Belkin group) the EA6900. Boasting a range of high end features and supporting the latest 801.11AC standard this product looks to set itself apart from the competition.

TP-Link 8-port Power over Ethernet Gigabit Switches Review

by Craig Humphreys | 28th February 2014

Today we take a look at two products from TP-Link, the aptly named TL-SG1008P and TL-SG1008PE. Both are 8-Port gigabit network switches featuring Power over Ethernet capabilities. The 'P' version has 4 of the available 8 ports with PoE capability in a desktop form-factor, while the PE version has PoE functionality on all 8 ports and a larger Rackmount form factor with the option to be used as a standalone unit as well.

NETGEAR D6200 WiFi Modem Router Review

by Stuart Kerley | 27th February 2014

Today we will be taking a look at the NETGEAR D6200, a 802.11AC dual band gigabit wireless router. The D6200 features a built-in ADSL2+ modem and supports the new AC standard. This offers speed up to three times of that we've seen with 802.11N rated models, ideal for the connected home, which now has multiple devices between set top boxes, PCs, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.


by Stuart Kerley | 21st February 2014

Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at the AS-204TE model from Asustor. This four bay model is squarely aimed at the home user and in addition to the hardware side we shall also be taking a look at the latest version of ADM (its operating system) which is currently in beta.

Thecus N2310 NAS Video Review

by Dave Chaos | 28th January 2014

Today DaveChaos reviews the Thecus N2310 NAS, a 2-bay network storage device.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN104 Review

by Stuart Kerley | 13th January 2014

Today we will be taking a look at our first ReadyNAS to find out what it offers against the competition. The model we will be looking at is a four bay device, the RN104... or more specifically the RN10421D, which comes with two 1TB drives already pre-installed.

Best Networking Hardware Roundup - January 2014

by HardwareHeaven | 3rd January 2014

As technology advances we are all becoming more connected in our homes. It is not uncommon for households to have multiple smartphones, tablets and desktop/laptop systems all connected to a network. But which hardware will help to maximise your enjoyment and experience? Today we round up a few items which we feel can make for an ideal base install.

TP-Link WiFi Powerline Extender Starter Kit (TL-WPA4220KIT) Review

by Craig Humphreys | 20th December 2013

Today we are looking at a Powerline WiFi Extender starter kit from TP-Link aimed at providing everything the consumer needs to extend their wired and wireless network into areas of the home not accessible by conventional means, instead utilising the electrical circuits already present.

NETGEAR R6250 Wireless AC Router Review

by Craig Humphreys | 19th November 2013

With the Wireless AC standard to be finalised in early 2014 now is a great time to start looking at Wireless AC tech for your home network. NETGEAR suggest the R6250, their latest AC router, is ideal for homes that have upwards of ten devices to connect. While that may seem a lot this is actually an easy target in todays connected world where set-top boxes, smart TV's, phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc all want to access our content. So today we take a look at NETGEAR's latest offering the R6250 Wireless AC Dual Band Gigabit Router.

Buffalo AirStation Wireless AC866 USB Adapter (WI-U2-866D) Review

by Craig Humphreys | 15th November 2013

Today we look at the AirStation AC866 Wireless USB adapter from Buffalo, offering up to AC866 speeds and supporting N300 as well.

Synology DiskStation DS114 NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson | 22nd October 2013

Today we take a look at the latest entry in Synology's single bay NAS solutions, the DS114. Running the same OS we find on their more advanced models it could be the ideal model for the storage novice to use for their first network based device.

Synology DiskStation DS214 NAS Review

by Craig Humphreys | 16th October 2013

Enter Synology and their NAS range, your own personal cloud; sync all your data, documents, photos, media to a single box that is accessible through all devices on your network. Today we look at the brand new DS214, a dual-bay offering aimed at home/small office solutions.

Thecus N2560 NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson | 20th September 2013

The focus of today's review is a brand new NAS from Thecus. The N2560 uses the latest media ready ATOM processor from Intel as well as running Thecus newest operating system, version 6. With HDMI/audio out and the relevant media apps bundled can perform well enough to be our storage and media centre?

Asustor AS-302T NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson | 7th September 2013

Now with a new range of NAS, and a new OS to run on their devices and some iOS/Android apps we get to see how the products have evolved in the form of the AS-302T.

Asustor AS-604T NAS Review

by Vas Roberts | 29th July 2013

Today on our test bench we'll be taking a look at the AS-604T NAS from Asustor. Asustor are a relatively new entrant into the home and small business digital storage business however as a division of the Taiwanese PC giant Asus they certainly have the backing to make a big splash.

Thecus N5550 NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson | 21st June 2013

So what can we do with our ever increasing library of digital content? How can we keep it all in one location and, in theory, safe from faults destroying data? We buy a NAS device and today we are looking at one of those very items, the Thecus N5550 which runs a 64bit OS, Intel CPU and has space for 5 internal drives and loads more via USB and eSATA.

Synology DiskStation DS213j Review

by Stuart Davidson | 7th May 2013

Today Synology are launching the latest of their Home/Small Office DiskStations, the DS213j. A 2 drive NAS it offers a balance of features and performance which should appeal to those looking for their first external storage device, or those looking to upgrade from an older model with more basic functionality.

NETGEAR Powerline 500 WiFi Access Point (XWNB5201) Review

by Craig Humphreys | 21st March 2013

We have looked at a number of NETGEAR devices recently, from state of the art routers featuring Wireless-AC technology to Music Extenders and WiFi range enhancers. Today we are looking at a wireless access point that utilises Powerline technology to access the router and share the connection via WiFi - the Powerline 500 WiFi Access Point.

NETGEAR Centria WNDR4700 Wireless Storage Router Review

by Stuart Davidson | 15th March 2013

One new device from NETGEAR which looks to offer both traditional networking and some additional features is the NETGEAR Centria WNDR4700. Part wireless-n (dual band) router, part storage device it allows us to add our own hard drive and enable media/backup functionality on our home network without the need for separate devices. Today we have one to review...

Edimax N300 Wi-Fi Extender and N150 Personal Hotspot Review

by Stuart Davidson | 13th March 2013

As with a number of manufacturers who produce networking products Edimax offer a wide range of devices, not just the standard router and adapter configuration most people need. For those who have a more unique requirement Edimax offer devices such as their N300 Universal Wi-Fi Extender and Wi-Fi personal hotspot (or travel router as it could be known). Today we have one of each to review.

TP-LINK N900 Wireless Router, N600 Wireless USB and AV500+ Powerline Adapter Review

by Stuart Kerley | 12th March 2013

Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at TP-LINK's current top of the range home networking solutions, the N900 wireless dual band gigabit router, the N600 wireless dual band USB adapter and the AV500+ gigabit powerline adapter with AC pass through.

Synology DiskStation DS213 Review

by Stuart Davidson | 8th March 2013

Not everyone has the budget, or need, for a 4-bay NAS and so Synology offer models such as the DS213 with two bays. Today we will be reviewing that model while also taking a look at their latest software, DiskStation Manager v4.2 (March 2013 release).

NETGEAR Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender (WN3500RP) Review

by Craig Humphreys | 2nd March 2013

Today we are looking at the WN3500RP or Universal Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender for short... or not. Designed to pretty much do what it says, this device extends the range of an existing wireless network by repeating the signal with the use of a new network SSID. So essentially, it is a basic router that forwards on traffic it receives to the primary router.

NETGEAR Powerline USB Music Extender (XAUB2511) Review

by Craig Humphreys | 12th February 2013

This Powerline device features a USB expansion port that can be used to stream music to any device with a USB, RCA / Mini Jack connection. Alternatively, the USB port brings network functionality to printers, scanners or hard drives allowing such devices to be shared across your home network from any power outlet.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205 Dongle Review

by Stuart Davidson | 19th December 2012

USB 3G dongles have been around for a while, allowing those of us on the move to connect to mobile networks with our laptops, or acting as a backup to a wired connection at home. This is all very well when there is one PC but what if we have more devices that need access to the connection? For those sort of scenarios Vodafone have the R205 adapter which takes its 3G connection and acts as a mini-router, sharing it with multiple devices via Wi-Fi.

NETGEAR D6300 Wireless AC Modem Router and A6200 80211.ac USB Adapter Review

by Craig Humphreys | 6th December 2012

The D6300 is essentially identical to the R6300 only this time NETGEAR have covered all bases with the inclusion of an ADSL2+ modem as well as the functionality to use any cable/fiber modem. The A6200 is NETGEAR's first USB Adapter to use the 802.11ac specification and enable users to connect to their ac equipment at above Wireless-N speeds.

NETGEAR N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router (DGND4000) Review

by Craig Humphreys | 31st October 2012

Today we take a look at the N750 Premium Edition, one of the few models to suit just about everyone with its built in ADSL2+ modem for use with DSL connections and a RJ45 port to be used with cable or fibre connections.

NETGEAR R6300 Wireless Router 802.11ac Review

by Stuart Davidson | 16th October 2012

With a completely new styling and specifications in excess of Wireless-N the new NETGEAR R6300 is one of the most advanced routers available. Today we review a pair of them giving us Wireless-ac (802.11ac) connectivity at either end of the transmission.

Buffalo AirStation 1750 802.11ac WiFi Router and AirStation 1300 Media Bridge Review

by Stuart Kerley | 18th September 2012

The AirStation 1750 is a wireless gigabit dual band router offering compatibility with the 802.11ac standard, the next level up from the current high end wireless standard 802.11n. Although 802.11ac is still under development it promises to offer super-fast networking in the 5GHz band. To support the AirStation 1750 we will also be looking at the AirStation 1300 a gigabit media bridge also supporting the fledgling 802.11ac standard.

NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL 2+ Modem Router (DGND3700v2)

by Stuart Kerley | 10th September 2012

Today we will be taking a look at another product from the Netgear range, the DGND3700v2. The DGND3700v2 is a wireless dual band gigabit ADSL 2+ modem router offering an all in one solution for ADSL broadband users.

Synology DiskStation DS413j NAS Review

by Stuart Kerley | 4th September 2012

On our test bench today we will be taking a look at Synology's newest four bay network storage device, the DS413j. We will also be having a quick look at some of the new features on the latest version of Synology's operating system DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1.

NETGEAR N900 Wireless Router and USB Adapter Review

by Stuart Davidson | 17th May 2012

Today we have the high end WNDR4500 Router and WNDA4100 USB adapter on our test bench. With dual band and 900MBPS specification along with dual USB connectors and the expected GB LAN ports these two devices could be the hardware to solve all our home networking needs.

NETGEAR Powerline Nano500 and Powerline 200 Mini Review

by Craig Humphreys | 1st May 2012

The subject of this review is powerline connectivity at a consumer level using two products from NETGEAR's range the Powerline 200 Mini and Powerline Nano500 Set.

Synology DiskStation DS112j NAS Review

by Stuart Kerley | 13th March 2012

Today we will be taking a look at the single bay DS112j, which is the latest model in Synology's NAS range for home use, offering file storage, sharing and data protection. We will also take a look at Synology's latest operating system, the very recently released DiskStation Manager 4.0.

Buffalo LinkStation Pro LS-VL Network Attached Storage Review

by Niall Coleman | 4th January 2012

With the growing trend towards home networks and the ever expanding multimedia market the LinkStation Pro is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) box that is designed for the home user market. It offers instant storage expansion and file access on a home network and over the Internet. This compact bit of kit is available with 1.0TB, 2.0TB or 3.0TB built-in 3.5in hard drives and features a 1.6GHz processor that promises transfer speeds of up to 76MB/s.

Synology DiskStation DS212j NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson | 10th November 2011

The DS212j is the latest model in Synology's 2-bay NAS range for home use, offering file storage, sharing and data protection while minimising power use and noise. Today we take a look at the DiskStation DS212j to see how it performs, as well as covering setup and the latest DiskStation Manager operating system build.

Synology DiskStation DS411 NAS Review

by Stuart Kerley | 12th September 2011

Synology offers a range of options that allow it to cross the divide between home and small business use and today we'll be taking a look at the DiskStation DS411, a four bay NAS offering. In addition to this we'll also be looking at their brand new operating system that has just been released, DiskStation Manager 3.2.

SilverStone DC01 Mini Network Storage Device Review

by Stuart Davidson | 21st July 2011

Given the advances in mobile devices whether it be tablets, phones or laptops the ability to access, update and maintain our content remotely is becoming more important. One company aiming to make this easy for us is SilverStone through their DC01 network storage device. Today we will be taking a look at the DC01 and finding out how it could improve our media experience when at home or out and about.

AC Ryan Playon!HD 2 Network Media Player (ACR-PV73700) Review

by Stuart Kerley | 22nd February 2011

Last week we took a look at the first new next generation media player from AC Ryan, the Playon! HD Mini 2, and we were mightily impressed. Today we'll be looking at the second of their updated media players, the Playon!HD 2. The HD 2 contains a hard drive and has additional connectivity options over the basic network only Mini player, lets find out if AC Ryan has been able to create another product as good as the entry level model.

AC Ryan Playon!HD Mini 2 Media Player (ACR-PV73800) Review

by Stuart Davidson | 18th February 2011

Recently AC Ryan announced their next generation players and today we take a look at the Playon!HD Mini 2 which as well as featuring improved specifications also gets the new GUI and some extra features such as social media integration.

PlayOn! HD and HD Mini Network Players Review

by Stuart Davidson | 16th July 2010

Today we'll be taking a closer look at two of A.C. Ryan's products, the PlayON! HD and PlayON! HD Mini to find out if they live up to the hype. The PlayON! HD is a set top box with inbuilt hard drive that will play a wide array of media directly from the hard drive in the box or via your network.

Synology Disk Station DS410j NAS Review

by Stuart Davidson | 17th March 2010

Today we are taking a look at the latest NAS offering from Synology, the Disk Station DS410j is a 4 disk RAID capable NAS solution that runs off a Linux based O/S. As media stored in the home becomes more common place we have started seeing more and more solutions such as these coming onto the market.

QNAP 639 Pro NAS

by Zardon | 19th August 2009

It is quite incredible how many models QNAP release and how often they are updated but this is due to the relatively cheap prices of large mechanical hard drives and end user demand for ever growing storage space. QNAP were established in Taiwan in 2004 and are well known for their build quality and sophisicated software packages. The QNAP TS-639 Pro is based on the same platform as the TS 509 Pro which we reviewed a while ago and as such now supports iSCSI integration as standard.

LinkSys Cisco Media Hub 405

by Zardon | 13th March 2009

At first glance the Cisco media hub appears to be just another NAS device like so many on the market, however as the name suggests this is aimed mainly at the media market with the focus on delivering music or video based files to other devices.

Qnap TS-509 Pro NAS

by Zardon | 12th September 2008

QNAP are a company well known for making class leading NAS system for home and office use. Today we are testing the newest device in their range the TS-509 Pro which features support for 5TB as well as 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 ethernet ports.