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Dell Venue 11i Pro Tablet Video Review

by Kaeyi Dream | 24th April 2014

Today Kaeyi reviews the Dell Venue 11i Pro tablet running Windows 8.1.

RAZER Edge Pro Gaming Tablet Video Review

by Kaeyi Dream | 10th April 2014

More than two years ago we got our first glimpse of Project Fiona at CES 2012. Today Kaeyi Dream talks us through the Razer Edge Pro gaming tablet.

Wikipad 7inch Gaming Tablet with Controller Video Review

by Kaeyi Dream | 25th January 2014

Today Kaeyi Dream puts the Wikipad gaming tablet through its paces, a 7in gaming orientated tablet featuring a full size removable controller surround.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Review

by Stuart Davidson | 5th July 2013

Now Sony are bringing the same great dust and waterproof design from their Xperia Z to the tablet market with the Xperia Tablet Z. Today we have the 3G version on tour test bench to see if a tablet can be durable and offer the same quality and features as other high end devices.

Dell XPS 10 Tablet (Windows RT 64GB) Review

by Stuart Davidson | 22nd January 2013

So we know the concept of a tablet with keyboard dock has potential but mobile operating systems are not necessarily the perfect solution. Well, until Windows 8 and Windows RT began offering a different experience with the release of the Microsoft Surface recently. Now Dell are looking to take on the Surface, and existing tablets with the XPS 10 running Windows RT and we have one to test today.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7in Review

by Stuart Davidson | 8th November 2012

As part of a flurry in the tablet market which saw the refresh of the Nexus 7, release of iPad Mini and debut of Microsofts Surface Amazon return to the marketplace with a follow up to their Kindle Fire, the Kindle Fire HD. Today we have one on our test bench to find out how it stacks up against the competition.

iPad Mini Review

by Stuart Davidson | 2nd November 2012

There is an argument that the 7ā€¯ form factor tablets from the likes of Google and Amazon dont eat directly into the iPad sales but it clearly isnt a risk worth taking for Apple and so today sees the launch of the iPad Mini. Priced at a more affordable level than the full size model can it offer something to combat sales of similar sized Android devices? We have one to test and find out.

Microsoft Surface Tablet (64GB) - Windows RT Review

by Stuart Davidson | 2nd November 2012

One of the aspects of Windows 8 Pro that really stands out when using it is that the operating system feels very much like it is designed for new, touch based hardware. For that reason one of the devices that should offer a great experience is Surface, Microsofts own tablet which runs a streamlined version of Windows 8, Windows RT. Today we take a look at the Surface to see if the new Windows experience finds an ideal home on the new hardware and if the tablet itself can compete in the high end of the mobile market.

Archos 101 XS Android Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 30th August 2012

With their new tablet Archos aim to take a chunk of the productivity tablet market with a device aimed very much at those interested in the Transformer Pad... so with several generations of tablet development behind them and a lower RRP than ASUS, can they succeed?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 24th August 2012

Clearly the success of the Galaxy Note as a brand inspired Samsung and despite having a well-established Tab range (of Android Tablets) their latest device goes with the alternative title which helps identify its key feature, a high functionality stylus. Today we have the Galaxy Note 10.1 on our test bench and will establish whether it has what it takes to compete with the likes of ASUS Transformer Pad, the alternative productivity tablet.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 10th August 2012

Today we have the Nexus 7 on our test bench to see if it offers a desirable, and workable, alternative to the more expensive larger tablets which are currently available.

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T) Android Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 3rd August 2012

With a 1.6GHz Tegra 3 processor inside, aluminium body and 1920x1200 resolution display the Transformer Pad Infinity is ASUS highest specification tablet to date; but is it their best?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 20th July 2012

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 from Samsung has recently been discounted across a wide range of retailers and so today we take a look back at what the device offers and whether it is worth considering for those looking to maximise their value when grabbing a tablet.

ASUS Transformer Pad (TF300) Android Tablet and Keyboard Dock Review

by Stuart Davidson | 24th May 2012

Following the success of the Prime ASUS have designed a new tablet which sits somewhere between the original Transformer and its follow up. Taking specifications from the newer model and a functionality from both that model is the Transformer Pad 300 and today we have it on our test bench.

The new iPad (iPad 3) Review

by Stuart Davidson | 16th March 2012

With today's launch of "The new iPad"... though many are calling it the iPad 3, we have a device which follows a similar design ethic to the iPhone 4S. Make most of the changes internal and otherwise stick as close to the previous design as possible. We have the new iPad on our test bench and today will be putting it through our review process, read on to find out what we think of it.

ASUS Transformer Prime (TF201) Tegra 3 Tablet and Keyboard Dock Review

by Niall Coleman | 7th March 2012

When we first heard about the best name ever for a tablet PC, or possibly any component, we had visions of a robotic looking blue and red case... sadly, well kind of, this proved not to be and instead Asus released a sleek looking update to the original Transformer that we reviewed last year. The Prime is one of the world's first Android tablets with a quad-core processor and is running Android 4.0 and today we have one on our test bench for review.

Archos 101 G9 Android Tablet Review

by Niall Coleman | 1st February 2012

Archos are back with an updated "Gen 9" version of the 101 Android tablet. Featuring Android 3.2.1 and updated specifications can it offer something worthwhile in an ever more crowded market?

ASUS Slider (SL101) Android Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 18th October 2011

The Slider, like the Transformer, is an attempt by ASUS to offer an attractive tablet which offers something different to the competition. With a built-in, slide out keyboard, the Slider is clearly aimed at those who love their hardware keyboards on mobile phones bringing the technology to the tablet arena. We have one of the early samples on our test bench today to find out if it lives up to the quality of the Transformer.

Samsung Chromebook A Guide

by Stuart Davidson | 10th October 2011

Today we take a look at the first mainstream Chromebook, from Samsung, to find out what it offers, how the operating system works and who it might appeal to.

Sony Tablet S (Android 3.2 - 16GB) Review

by Stuart Davidson | 26th September 2011

Today we take a look at the Sony Tablet S, an Android Honeycomb (3.2) capable tablet which has impressive specifications and a design that sets it apart from the competition. Let's find out how Sony aim to change what we feel a tablet should be like with our in depth review.

HANNspree HANNSpad 10.1in Android Tablet Review

by Niall Coleman | 9th September 2011

The HANNSpad has many of the same features and specifications as the ASUS Transformer but at a bargain £150 price. Let's find out if it is a worthwhile purchase and whether it is a tablet which is open to user customisation (Honeycomb on a £150 device anyone???).

ASUS Transformer (TF101) Tegra 2 Tablet and Keyboard Dock Review

by Niall Coleman | 8th August 2011

A manufacturer who is keen to get a decent slice of the high end Android market is ASUS and their Transformer tablet which is reminiscent of a faux-leather couture handbag is a slim, lightweight Android tablet that doubles as a capable laptop thanks to a matching keyboard dock. Today we will be taking a detailed look at the Transformer to find out if ASUS can back up the high quality styling with some substance.

Archos 101 Android Internet Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 15th February 2011

One company who are known for their quality mobile devices are Archos and a couple of months back they announced their own up to date range of Android tablets, the 70 and 101. These devices are based on Android 2.2 (currently) and aim to provide a better quality of product than the cheaper tablets while aiming to get close to the performance of the Tab.

Novatech nTablet Review

by Stuart Davidson | 28th October 2010

With Novatech's background we always have to take note when they release a new product and yesterday at an event in London they presented the nTablet to journalists. We attended the launch event where the overall feeling towards the nTablet was positive however more importantly we have had the opportunity for the last week to use one of the first sample of the system in day to day use, let's take a look at the product and how it performs...