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The move to PCI express can be an expensive one, depending on your current setup you could be looking at changing your CPU, memory, graphics card, power supply and motherboard – basically the whole system. So what if you want to upgrade in stages? Well one of the options is to buy an agp motherboard and keep your existing graphics card, this will you save your hard earned cash and buy the other components. For this reason and the fact that there is still a huge market out there for AGP based boards we’ve decided today to move away from PCI express for a while and see what MSI’s high end AGP based board has to offer and how it performs when compared to the Nforce 4 based SLI and Radeon Xpress reference board. The results came as somewhat of a surprise to us…


The K8N comes with all the essentials for getting your system up and running, as well as the driver/software CD’s you can see 2 sata cables, 1 ide cable (rounded) , 1 floppy cable (also rounded), i/o shield and usb/firewire brackets for adding devices. The rounded cables are a nice touch and will improve airflow (and general tidiness) in your case, which is never a bad thing.

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