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In the past we have reviewed both a case (Quantum) and a Power supply unit from MGE Company (MGE Xtreme Gamer Vortec 500w), now it’s time to have a look at one of the latest offerings from MGE Company; the XG Magnum 500W Power Supply.

The Packaging:

The XG Magnum comes in a nice looking grey box with pictures of the product and information of the features. You can also see a sticker that reveals MGE’s new policy on their new line-up of power supplys; they offer a full lifetime warranty., and encouraging start.

When opening up the main box you are greeted by a smaller box containing the UV reacting modular cables, Power cable and some screws for securing the PSU inside your case.

Here’s a better shot of the cables supplied with the Magnum. They are long enough for most chassis.

The modular shielded cables that come with the Magnum aren't quite up to the grade, they used to have some “boots” at the end not exposing the wires. The reason they look like this on this particular Magnum is that the old cable “boots” prevented the cables from fitting properly into some hardware. So this is only a temporarily solution from MGE, updated cables will be supplied in the future.

The 20/24 pin ATX connector


Ultra Silent
LCD Displays temperature, wattage and voltage
ATX 12V 2.0 Intel approved
Modular cable connection system
UV reactive shielded cables
Short circuit protection
In-rush Current protection
Thermal overload protection
Active PFC
Sata enabled
Smart fan control


P4 Plug Included
INTEL ATX 2.0 Form Factor
Chassis Material: 2.0 Aluminium
Box Dimensions: (WxHxD) 170x205x280mm
Case Dimensions: (WxHxD) 180x86x50mm
Efficiency: 90%
Input Voltage: 110V-230V
Input Frequency Range: 50Hz - 60Hz
MTBF: 100 000hr
Output: 500W
7 Sets of Cable

Here you can see the Amperage rating of the Magnum; it should be more then enough with its dual +12v lines with 15 Amps on each, +3.3v 25A and 30A on the +5v.



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