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For most home users, when it comes on deciding which high end computer case to buy, the greatest factor is most probably not the efficiency of the case but the innovation of its design. Today I have a pretty strange looking case for review from Newance, a new found company which is a subsidiary of the large German company Listan, the Triplecone. The Triplecone is not only a large and very well built case, but its design can even confuse many unwary eyes, as many people will confuse it for a large speaker. Let us have a look at it up close.


Manufacturer specifications  
Technical Data:
-Dimensions: 50 x 20.5 x 55.7 cm
-Weight: 11.4 kg
-Suited for: ATX, MicroATX, E-ATX Mainboards
-Drive bins: 5x 5.25"& 2x 3.5" external, 6x 3.5" internal
-Fans: 2x 120mm & 1x 80mm
-1x 120mm Pre-installed fan
-Front Access: audio LINE Out/Mic in, Firewire,
2x USB 2.0
-Side-reversed interior layout
-ventilation tunnel
-LCD display





Replaceable panels

Have you got silver or elegant wood in your living room? A pre-installed and replaceable foot panel also supplied offer additional individual design possibilities for the front. So you can optically adapt the Triplecone to your existing hi-fi system.

Speaker box retro look

The front which replicates a loudspeaker makes the Triplecone a real living room case. The three large "membranes" dominate the design of the front, the drive shafts are hidden behind it. In addition to the Reset & Power switch, the display for monitoring the temperatures and fans is another elegant design element in the front.

LCD display

The CPU, the GPU and the system temperatures can be read off the LCD inserted into the front panel. Moreover, it indicates the speed of up to 3 case fans and has a built-in alarm function if a failure occurs. The blue backlighting enhances the overall high-quality appearance.

Cooling (120 mm fans)

The speed of the fans can be regulated with a knob between 1000 and 3500 rpm. The fans are installed without screws thanks to fan holders. The cables connecting the fans to the display are already laid in the area of the fan holders provided for this purpose. A total of two 120 mm and one 80 mm fans can be installed in the system.

Ventilation tunnel

In conjunction with two 120 mm fans, the innovative ventilation tunnel, together with the innovative PC system concept (side-reversed interior layout) ensures an optimum flow of air to cool the CPU.

Drives (rails)

All components such as hard disks, drives and plug-in cards can be installed completely without screws thanks to drive rails and click systems. The power supply unit is installed using a removable frame on the rear of the case.

Side-reversed interior layout

Thanks to the innovative PC system concept (side-reversed interior layout), the cooling of the CPU is optimised in combination with the ventilation tunnel and access to the card slots substantially simplified. The ventilation tunnel is supplied with 2 front panels and so optimum air circulation is also guaranteed for E-ATX mainboards

Side wall

The side wall of the case visually picks up on the loudspeaker theme again and the viewer gains the impression that this is another large loudspeaker membrane. In fact, the perforated mesh sheet enhances the intelligent air circulation of the case. The extraordinary lifestyle design conceals refined technology.

Front Access

The Triplecone case provides the following front access:
- Audio Line-Out/Mic-In
- Firewire
- 2x USB 2.0
The case front is lockable and therefore protects your drives against unauthorized access.


The box of the case is pretty large, consequently since the case is rather large as well. It is made out of thick cardboard, which should repel most minor blows. The main protection however comes from the thick Styrofoam pieces which hold the case into place. A nylon bag keeps the minor nuisances, like dust, away from the case.

The bundle of the case is not very rich, but the real bundle when talking about a case are not the included items but the features of the case. First of all, there is a small, clearly written manual, which covers 4 languages. There are keys for the front panel lock, a wind tunnel plastic adapter for dual CPU motherboards and a replacement part of the lower front panel in wood color. Finally, there is a bunch of screws, stand-offs and drive rails for all the devices this case can handle. The drive rails are all metallic, which is a nice thing as it makes them far more durable than plastic. The downside is that the metallic drive rails are pretty sharp, and you can easily cut yourself if you are not careful.


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