Noiseblocker are a German computer components manufacturer, who aim to design fans that perform well with a minimum amount of noise. They offer a wide range of silent or near silent high quality computer fans.

Company background:

“Noiseblocker is part of the Blacknoise group. Blacknoise Germany specializes on the development and production of high-quality of computer hardware and multimedia accessories products. Our success is based not only on our innovative product developments and consistent quality philosophy but also on our ability to think not only global and very flexibly but also to put but the ideas and experiences as fast as possible and effectively into practice. From our company headquarters in Hilden our qualified co-workers coordinate a network from production enterprises in Germany, China and Taiwan. Our German coworkers in our branch in Shenzhen/China supervise and coordinate production in the respective manufacturing plants ensuring the high manufacturing standards. The development and careful product testing phase is taking place exclusively in Germany. Noiseblocker develops & produces high-quality PC fans, coolers and technical solutions for the noise reduction of computer systems. We aim for the highest quality clearly before low prices. The brand Noiseblocker is founded primarily for exceptionally quiet and long-lived fans and coolers. In addition, we offer a variety of high-quality coolers of all kinds, decoupling sets, noise blocking materials, accessories and many interesting silent products.Enjoy the silence.”

UltraSilent series 80mm fans

Fan speed (rpm)
Loudness (dB)
Airflow (m3/h)
UltraSilent series S1
UltraSilent series S2
UltraSilent series S3
UltraSilent series S4

The UltraSilent series are the high quality series from Noiseblocker which feature clear frames and blue fan blades. Noiseblocker offers their 80mm UltraSilent fans at speeds ranging from 1500RPM up to 3200RPM. The S1 1500RPM fan is entirely silent and the S2 2000RPM fan can be heard only if you place your ear next to it. The S4 3200RPM fan is clearly audible to the point it would be annoying for many, but it is a very high performance fan. The S3 2600RPM is a "middle ground" fan with decent air flow while remaining reasonably quiet, so using such a fan on a CPU cooler should in theory be ideal.

Noiseblocker also offer most of their fans in retail packaging, this includes 4 blue vibration absorber slicks and a fan controller which can be attached at a PCI slot. We received a retail version of the UltraSilent S1 fan, which is the same as the S1 described above. We found the fan controller to be entirely useless when paired with such a slow fan, why would you turn it down if you already cannot hear it anyway? On the other hand, the fan controller and anti-vibration slicks should be very useful additions to the high speed fans of the series.

BlackSilent series 80mm fans

Fan speed (rpm)
Loudness (dB)
Airflow (m3/h)
BlackSilent series X1
BlackSilent series X2

The BlackSilent series from Noiseblocker are designed with silence in mind and cost less than half of the UltraSilent series and feature black frames and blue blades. They tend to be quieter than the UltraSilent series, but also perform slightly worse and come with only a 2 year warranty. The X1 and X2 fans which we received are good fans, extremely silent but with limited airflow. Since they are very silent and cheap they should be a very interesting choice for case fans when building a silent PC. 

UltraSilent series 92mm fans 

Fan speed (rpm)
Loudness (dB)
Airflow (m3/h)
UltraSilent series SE1
UltraSilent series SE2

The UltraSilent series are the high quality series from Noiseblocker. They feature clear frames and blue fan blades. Noiseblocker offers their 80mm UltraSilent fans at speeds ranging from 1500RPM up to 1850RPM, both of the 92mm fans which we received were very silent. The SE1 could not be noticed at 1m range but we could notice the hum from the SE2 in a completely silent room. A common problem with 92mm fans is vibration, which is mainly why manufacturers avoid using 92mm fan slots in cases, but we were glad to find out that these two generated almost no vibrations at all.

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