Asus 8800GTS TOP 512Mb

Asus sent us a graphics card which did not have a game bundled with it, it has been a long time since we have since this. Subsequently this  also meant that the card does not feature a heatsink or box branded to match a bundled title. We are happy with this because it keeps the design clean but we are sure there will be some people out there who are disappointed, the game branded cards are unique. Inside the box Asus provide the TV-out (including HDTV), power convertor for Molex to PCI-Express 6pin, DVI to VGA convertor, manual and the driver/software CD’s. There is also a small added extra, a CD wallet.

Overall it is everything we need but it is still a huge waste of packaging by Asus as the box is about twice as big as it really needs to be.

The Asus take on the GTS looks pretty normal at first glance. The card is cooled by a reference style heatsink and fan, only a sticker is attached which matches the box artwork. There are two dual-link DVI connectors which are HDCP enabled and both the TV-out and the DVIs are protected by rubber covers.

The card may look normal but appearances are deceiving. Asus have set the clocks at a very high level which many manufacturers will not match. The core is raised from 650MHz to 740Mhz, memory from 1940MHz to 2070MHz and shader clock from 1620MHz to 1800MHz. These are impressive speeds but we must point out that the card actually uses memory which is rated at 2000MHz and so is running slightly over specification. The Asus warranty covers these speeds but it would have been nice to see higher rated chips used on this particular model.



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