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Recently we have had a look at the impressive CPU coolers Vanessa type “S” and “L” from titan, now the turn has come to their Universal VGA cooler named Eagle.

Let’s have a look at the features and specifications;


• Stylish looks with a brilliant gold finish.
• Support for all modem and ATI and NVIDIA VGA cards
• Excellent heatsink design for maximum heat dissipation
• Easy installation with a brand new clip design
• RAM heatsinks are included for a complete VGA cooling solution
• The cooler is a solid copper heat sink



As you can see in the above specifications, the Titan Eagle certainly is a universal cooler. It will fit on basically every VGA card available, not only that but Titan are claiming a very quiet 22db which should lead to a very silent running system. Time to have a look at the cooler.

The Titan Eagle comes in a see through plastic package where you can see the gold coloured cooler and the RAM sinks.

Below you can see the cooler taken out of the package with the manual in the first picture and in the second picture the cooler along with the mounting hardware, RAM sinks and Titans own thermal compound; Nano grease.

The RAM sinks that are supplied with the Titan Eagle are gold coloured aluminium design with thermal adhesive tape pre-applied to them.

There is a very thin coating of sticky thermal adhesive that hopefully will provide good heat transfer.

Here’s another shot of the Eagle, as you can see it has some resemblance to the Zalman VGA coolers currently available. The copper base has black painted aluminium fins attached to it to dissipate the heat away from the GPU.

The Copper base of the Eagle has a very nice mirror like surface, which should do a good job in transferring heat.





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