Over the past couple of years, Thermaltake have offered many pre-modded cases to the market, consisting mainly of the highly successful Xaser series. The majority of their cases: the Xaser II, Xaser III, Xaser V, Lanmoto, Skull and the Lanfire have all followed a very similar concept design. Now Thermaltake have decided to try something new. The designs may have been remarkably similar, but the features were not, each case designed to appeal to the varying tastes of the consumer: the LAN-goer, the space requiring etc. With the Tsunami Dream, Thermaltake are looking to cater to the consumer with the same features as their previous models, but brand new looks. The Tsunami Dream is practically a Thermaltake Lanmoto case with a few big aesthetic changes.

Drive Bays - External - 4x 5.25" and 2x 3.5"
Internal - 5x 3.5"
Colours - Black and silver (Both with mirror coating)
"X type" side panel option
Weight - 6kg (13.2lb)
Expansion slots - 7
Motherboards - Micro ATX, Standard ATX and Extended ATX (Dual CPU)
Dimensions - Height= 495mm, Width= 210mm, Depth= 478mm
Cooling System - Front (Intake) 120mm, 2000rpm, 21dba
Rear (Exhaust) 120mm, 2000rpm, 21dba (blue LED with side window case)
Side (Intake) 90mm, 1800rpm, 21dba (only included with side window variant)
Material - Chassis - 0.8mm Aluminium
Door - Aluminium
- High Efficiency Ventilation: dual 12cm silent fan in front & rear, 9cm fan on side panel.
•  Mirror Coating
•  Ultra Light
•  Retractable Foot Stand
•  Highly flexible "Silent Purepower supply" (optional)

The Thermaltake Tsunami is available in four variants, black and silver, with or without a side window. Thermaltake have decided to use a side window in the shape of a large X, which differs from the standard shapes you tend to see around. It is quite easy to tell why the case has been called the Tsunami; it is to do with the front door and its wave-like shape. As you can see from the first picture below, Thermaltake have decided to include two blue LEDs to complement the shape of the door by highlighting parts of it. The eight slits you can see on the bottom right of the picture allow decent airflow for when the door is shut.

VA3000BWA (which is the focus of this review - black with side window)

(Silver with side window)

(Black without window)

(Silver without window)


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