When building a PC there are usually 2 schools of thought. The first group just wants a bog standard PSU that "works" and for the most part a generic PSU will suffice and these generally cost £20-£40 ($35-$60). The second group want a high end supply that can handle the highest spec components costing around £100 ($150). The PSU we are looking at today is made by Ultra who claim it delivers high end performance for a reasonable cost ($110/£80). It also sports some unique features combined with a very appealing appearance.

The X-Connect arrived in a distinctive box which was larger than most PSU boxes. Inside was a another box containing the cables, screws and manuals for the unit and underneath this the PSU encased in foam. Its always nice to see products which are well packaged, they give you the confidence that your purchase is good quality, the Ultra Xconnect is protected well by the foam and should handle the toughest of shipping.

The cabling included is as follows:

1x 20-Pin Main Power
1x 6-Pin AUX (Xeon) Power
1x 4-Pin 12V (P4)
6x 4-Pin Peripheral
1x Floppy

The Xconnect is a completely unique PSU, where most PSU’s are a jungle of wiring the Ultra PSU has removable cables. The idea is that you select the cable configuration that you need and then plug in only those cables. Here’s the Xconnext compared to an Antex True 550p PSU, quite a difference in appearance.

In addition to this method of wiring cutting down the clutter in your PC and improving air-flow the PSU cables don’t show the usual red, yellow and black wires most people will be accustomed to. Instead each wire is very sturdy mesh covered by rubber. The cables also feature a robust plug. The standard power supply plugs can feel easily breakable if stuck and can be very difficult to pull. With the Xconnect wires this is not the case. The larger plugs are easy to hold and the strength of the wires makes unplugging much easier.

The main features as published by Ultra are as follows:

High-Gloss Mirror Finish
Modular Cable Connection System
UV Reactive Shielded Cables
Dual 80mm LED Fans
Low Acoustic Noise
Short Circuit Protection
In-rush Current Protection
Thermal Overload Protection

As mentioned in the introduction of this review the Ultra Xconnect is designed to give the user high end performance for a reasonable price, features such as Short Circuit Protection, In-rush Current Protection and Low Acoustic Noise are all something expensive PSU users take for granted and its nice to see them present here. We’ll talk more about the UV reactive cables later….

The main PSU unit we received for review was the 500w Titanium cased model, Ultra also offer lower watt versions with various colour of casing. The titanium model is the nicest looking PSU I have seen. The surface is highly polished and the grill is a cool design. The usual features are present on the rear of the PSU, a on/off switch, voltage selector and power cord socket however the front of the PSU is where things get different. As mentioned earlier in the article the wires used for the Xconnect PSU are attached as required.


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