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Friday | October 19, 2018
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DemiGod (PC)

DemiGod (PC)


Demigod is the latest title from Stardock and Gas Powered Games which shipped about a week ago. This is a multiplayer based real time strategy game which unfortunately has some major issues and they have been hard at work for the last 3 or 4 days patching them.

Demigod is not a traditional real time strategy game like Command and Conquer, instead it takes inspiration from Defense Of The Ancients, a very popular Warcraft III mod that is basically the RTS equivalent of Counter Strike. Demigod is a multiplayer arena combat game and there is no single player campaign or storyline. This game is all about choosing one of eight different characters (demigods) and then entering into team battle on one of eight different arenas.

The very limited story is shown to the player in the opening cinematic and in the written back stories for the demigods. In a nutshell, there is a vacancy for a position in the ranks of the upper gods and the demigods (lesser gods) have to fight each other to determine who gets to move into the higher circles. There is very little in the way of presentation to be honest, but I am not sure the game really needs it considering the focus is purely on multiplayer.

If you fall into the single player RTS fanbase then I can safely say that this game is not for you. There is however a single player skirmish option in which you can battle against the computer AI as well as take part in single player tournaments against the same AI. This is a great way of learning the game mechanics and how to be successful online and it is the closest thing to a tutorial. Thankfully, the basics are straightforward, the right mouse is used for issuing move and attack orders which is the core of the gameplay mechanic. You do need to play a handful of times however to get a sense of all the possibilities, and unless you read the manual, working out the deeper strategies is going to be immensely difficult. If like me, you tend to avoid manuals then this game is never going to reach its full potential (as I found out after a few hours). This interface really could be more helpful in explaining some of the nuances, such as why the war ranking increases.

The eight different demigods are divided into two camps, assassins and generals – the former are excellent fighters while the latter are able to summon and lead minions on the battlefield. Generals are capable of fighting themselves but in a versus against an assassin they are likely to get slaughtered.

These demigods are all very different in appearance and ability so it is impossible to get them mixed up on screen, between them all they cover just about every play style imaginable which will appeal to many gamers. If you want to treat Demigod as more of an action style game then you can easily choose one of the assassin’s and level up the combat abilities. Equally so, if you are the kind of gamer who likes to sit at the back and supervise then you can select a general and use your skills in summoning and healing units.

Even though Demigod is considered a real time strategy game, there is no base building involved .. the focus is entirely on how you spend your time. If your demigod character is hurting then you can retreat to your health crystal to heal, but in doing so you lose valuable killing time, especially if you pick one of the slower, bigger assassins such as the Rook. You can use this time to capture specific flags to get bonuses or you can fall back to your citadel to upgrade it. It is all the options you have at your disposal that makes the game such fun to play.

The depth is very impressive especially when you consider all the level and item systems. As you play you gain experience points that let you level up your character by upgrading various skills and abilities. I have to say that playing as a general is more befitting of my strategic style as I am not one to rush in, weapon in hand. You can even further augment your demigod by purchasing items and potions at shops on the map, which sometimes mean you have to capture a flag next to it in order to start shopping.

In action, Demigod plays very well especially if you are up against other humans. The strategic elements are very appealing and there are many opportunities to create stalemate situations that force both sides to try more offensive strategies to progress. You really do need to think three steps ahead, especially with such competitive online players. Charging headfirst without any strategy is a good way to get wiped out, really quickly. If you keep dying then the other demigods get experience points and gold which helps them level up. There is also a respawn timer so you might have to wait 15 or 20 seconds before you respawn and when you do come back into the match you are back at the citadel which means you have to return to the front line … with a slower moving unit this can be very time consuming. It is also worth bearing in mind that while you are out of the action this gives you opponent time to capture or destroy a prime structure or flag.

Each of the arenas offer a great difference in tactics and gameplay diversity. Some of them are small and designed to get people into the action quickly and others are huge, meandering environments which means the level of strategy needs to be higher for success. Each of the maps has defensive structures that have to knocked down for various flags to be captured. Each of these flags has a special bonus with it so there is a lot of importance in capturing and holding flags or controlling a portal that spews forth units to flood the battlefield. There are also different strategic objectives that affect the flow of the game. In one, for example you have to rack up 10 demigod kills before anyone else which means you play much more defensively. Another might require you to take out the enemies citadel home base, which means fighting through until the end point.

The graphics are very attractive and thanks to Gas Powered’s experience with Supreme Commander there is a high level of attention to detail throughout particularly as you can zoom right out to see the whole battlefield, no matter how big it may be. At high settings the game is very playable with something such as a 4850 and it looks brilliant. The Gas Powered engine is very capable and units such as the giant Rook really have the “wow” factor particularly when you see arrows and rocks bouncing off its formidable armor skin. The audio is capable but nothing memorable and you are too busy working out strategies and admiring the engine to pay much attention to it. The voice overs however are exceptional, especially the horror voiced announcer who delivers key phrases at times of importance.

Demigod is a wonderful online game which should be one of the leading titles right now, if it wasn’t for the buggy online experience. Netcode issues currently ruin the experience and I found it hard to connect to any online game during the testing period. After installing the latest patches I was able to connect to several password protected games but there are still some major issues trying to connect to a random game or to the Pantheon. This would be forgivable many years ago, but in 2009 and with so many great online games and services it is hard to let this matter slide. It really is a bit of a nightmare and destroys much of the enjoyment.

The game revolves around a peer to peer networking solution instead of the defacto server setup used by most games however Stardock have stated with Demigod that P2P is a necessity. This obviously adds many issues as every single player has to connect to all other players and if one person has an issue connecting to someone else then everyone suffers. The latest patch allows the host to kick out players with connection issues, but it is far from ideal.


Demigod is a great game which is currently marred by horrible networking issues. I am positive that Stardock and Gas Powered will get it sorted in time, however it is severe issues which are plaguing the game and I hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later. Unless you know a few people who are currently playing then the chances of joining a random game are very low. Frustratingly the experience would be awesome if these were fixed but we have to rate the game as it stands. I would recommend this with caution right now and it would be wise to perhaps wait another month for the netcode to be sorted.


Amazing, when it works.
Awesome engine and great attention to detail
The voiceovers are great, the rest is pretty good.
Until the netcode is fixed, it is hard to recommend.

Hard to give a rating as this would be much higher if the netcode was sorted.

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