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Wednesday | August 15, 2018
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Infamous (Playstation 3)

Infamous (Playstation 3)


Due for release in the UK in a few weeks is developer Sucker Punch’s new Infamous game. It is set to offer up an immersive, free roaming style of play for the control of your superhero. Is this possibly one of the finest Playstation 3 games released to date?

You take control of Cole, an inoffensive guy who made a living as a bike oriented delivery courier. This all changed one day when a package he was delivering exploded in his hands (we later find out this was called the ‘Ray Sphere’). This was no mere terrorists bomb however as it not only destroyed a portion of the city but it left Cole in an unusual coma state. He wakes up to find that Empire City is under quarantine because there is a virus making everyone sick and gangs have taken control of the three islands that comprise the region. After some time Cole realised that the blast has changed his genetic structure as he has been given electrical based super powers. Yes, you, the gamer control an unwilling superhero who can shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips, but not only that, he can fall from buildings without taking damage and can chuck vehicles into the air with his shockwave abilities … sitting to attention now?

As I said earlier, Infamous is an open world game in the same 3D style as Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown. You enter into a basic tutorial system in third person mode to adjust to the basic game interface. R1 controls your lightning and face button attacks and L1 gives access to the aiming method. It all works very well and there are no annoying interface issues which can ruin a sometimes promising title.

The missions are split between various categories. There are story missions, side missions or you can just run around the environment taking out bad guys wherever and whenever you want. The overriding goal of the game is to get Empire city back on track which means you need to get involved in sorting out all the cities amenities such as electrical fuse boxes (not an issue for our superhero obviously). As the game progresses, he gets access to a new wealth of powers so by the time the game ends Cole will have a total of 16 super abilities to take out his foes.

These powers are stunning visually and the creativity behind the development team deserves special mention. There are lightning shields available as well as more powerful attacks ranging from simple lightning bolts to lightning storms. While they make up a substantial part of the ‘cool factor’ relating to the gameplay there is quite a lot to admire when it comes to the city itself. Most objects can be altered in some manner, so you can move things, blow them up, or climb them. All the buildings are scalable and Cole can cling to various walls and surfaces in the same way that Spiderman can. In many ways Cole is modelled on Spiderman but instead of lame ass web powers you are loaded with glorious high charged electricity ! It is a sight to behold, jumping from one building to another and grabbing a pipe then scaling across a line to another far away structure. Just as importantly Cole has adaptive skills, so if you jump towards a roof edge he won’t demand a fiddly pixel perfect button press, he automatically will catch the surface if necessary. The end result is a massively playable and fun environment to wield your array of powers.

Making the city come back to live by reactivating the current is an important objective and when you do so then Cole can skate on the power lines which leads to fast navigation throughout the large city.

So far we have covered the exceptional powers and the great detail on the city environment but another stunning part of the game is the amount of work that has gone into the pedestrians and everyday people who make up the ‘thriving pulse’. You see women crying when they get attacked and men wandering around looking for their loved ones and there is also a great diversity in the scripted commentary from these people which even surpasses Grand Theft Auto 4, some achievement in itself. The fact that you can choose to help the everyday people in the city or just maim and destroy themmmeans the journey is fully open to your own interpretation.

To keep a track of how you handle yourself, there is a morality meter which means if you help people and do good deeds then you can reach a high ranking hero rating or if you decide to just destroy everyone and everything in your path then you will drop to scumbag thug level. To further enhance this system (much like in Fable 2) your looks begin to reflect your personality, if you are evil then your skin goes paler, your coat becomes unkempt and you end up looking like a bum you find on a street corner selling drugs. There are many reasons to be good, because people will walk up to you in the street, kiss you, cheer you and even post posters of how awesome you are ! When I played the game on a replay I decided to be as bad as I could be and was stunned to see some people throwing rocks at Cole and insulting me in the streets. That is the kind of detail you will be stunned to see in this modern day masterpiece.

Using your powers causes electrical drain and you can recharge by sucking car batteries and energy from lights as well as absorbing energy from people. Boosting energy from people completely refills your meter, but if you do so from an everyday person then your morality meter will change towards the evil zone. Sucking energy from a person means you have to tap the square button because they do their best to fight back, even if in most cases it is a one sided fight in your favour.

Fighting bad guys is part of the core mechanic during Infamous but you are really trying to reach 3 main boss characters who are doing their best to destroy everything for their own gains. First you have to deal with the gangs however who roam the streets in their own territories. The most dangerous are the First Sons who are determined to find out about the Ray Sphere device to use it for their own purposes. The Dustmen are homeless tramps who have developed armoured suits and can create robotic drones and lastly The Reapers are former druggies who are loaded with machine-gun weaponry. In reality not many of these guys are a match for the superpowered Cole and dealing with groups of enemy gangs is not really that difficult.

To make matters more interesting (and difficult) there are a select few people who have gained powers after the explosion – they are called The Conduits. Each of the three gangs have a small number of Conduits in their ranks and the First Sons Conduit can mutate into an energy being which is extremely difficult to deal with. The Dustman Conduits uses a mech warrior made of trash that can kill Cole by hitting him a couple of times and lastly the Reaper Conduits can send a force blast from a ground pummeling attack. To make matters more interesting, the gangs don’t get on with each other either, so there are times you see them fighting in the streets while you are wandering around.

Enhancing the morality system is a similar idea called “Karma Moments” and these present themselves in large and small decisions you have to make in specific parts of the game. When these happen the game gives you a decision to make, it pauses and Cole has to ascertain the various pros and cons to make a final judgement on how to proceed. There are also choices when a member of the public offers you money to help him with something, you can either do it and get paid or just kill him and take it.
When you complete main or side missions the game freezes and you get a statistics breakdown of your actions which range from experience to karma.

Karma makes a difference to the path of the game because there are 15 side missions available if you are good and another 15 if you are evil – these compliment the 70 or so you get for being neutral and there are specific moves than only open up if you get to a specific Karma rating.

To further flesh out the characters, there are two other main characters, Cole’s girlfriend Trish and his best mate Zeke, both are affected by his new found superpowers because Trish loses her sister in the explosion and Zeke has a hard time dealing with his lack of relevance in the greater scheme of things. You feel for Trish because she does her best to not blame Cole for losing her sister but you can tell she holds him partly responsible. All of these little relationships cause stress on Cole and you can’t help but sympathise with his situation, after all he wasn’t born a superhero, he was an ordinary courier who now has to deal with possibly losing the love of his life as well as his best friend. There is a certain charm throughout the game because while you might be running around jumping between rooftops and blasting gangs in true super hero fashion you are always aware that Cole is a guy much like anyone else, who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The presentation is helped by the wonderful cutscenes which are depicted by graphic novels which reminded me of the wonderful Max Payne.

Graphically I found the game extremely impressive and the fact that the developers have created a system which never loads during the action is another plus point. There are some downsides however with some pop in appearing from time to time which can damage the immersive nature of the game a little. To be fair I was enjoying the game so much that I didn’t really notice it most of the time, but if you make a concentrated effort to look around it is quite easy to spot. Thankfully there are very few bugs and in the 40 hours I played I never experienced a situation of being stuck in a building and having to reload from a prior time, that said there are some frame rate issues but they aren’t enough to damage the overall experience.

There are also trophies to collect for performing specific tasks, these range from knocking guys from roof tops to dropping a car on someone else and they add a little bit of extra game time if you are one of those dedicated gamers who likes to spend as long as possible with a game (and at £40 who doesn’t!).

Much like the big games in this genre, you can continue to play after you beat the main missions. You hang onto all your powers and experience you earned and can finish any remaining side missions or you can start all over again and take another route to the end … of which there are two available incidentally depending on your evil or good nature. If you play again then you lose all your powers and experience and start with a fresh slate.

So it Infamous worth getting? I would say wholeheartedly, yes. There have been rumours that this couldn’t get translated to the Xbox 360 due to CPU limitations but I have not received any official information relating to this. The game took me about 35 hours to complete and even then I was still able to play some side missions and attempt to get the bonuses. There is a huge amount of game for the money and if you are lucky enough to already own a Playstation then i see no reason why you shouldn’t close this page and go to your nearest store and get a copy. If you don’t have a Playstation 3 then there is no better time to get one. It really is that good.



Stunning range of open ended world action. Miss at your peril.
Fantastic for the most part, some pop in and frame rate issues appear from time to time.
Sound track is stunning and the effects are fantastic. Good solid voice acting too.
40-50 hours of possible game time, then you will want to replay to take a different end game.

One of the best games I have played.

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