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    Goldman_Gideon Robert McClelland
    Good day. Mr. McClelland. I have a questin. How do I run DDL on my sound card? And how do I download pax master suite, If the link does not work?
    P. S sorry, if written with errors. English is not a native my language.
    P. S 2: My sound card Audigy 2 ZS
  3. kanat
    kanat Robert McClelland
    Hi! sorry, I have a question. PAX MASTER PCI XFI Driver Suite 2015V 1.15 ALL OS Stable Drivers Default Tweak Edition
    Are these drivers suitable x-fi SB 0880 card? is this latest pax driver?
    whats the difference Daniel_K's x-fi support 4.0 drivers? Thank you...
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    Calliers blibbax
    Hey man! Long time!
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    Wir schaffen das.
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    Member since Feb 2012. New email address. Lost old email connection.
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    Calliers BabylenTatarsky
    Np bud. Anytime. :)
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    BabylenTatarsky Cow_160483
    PMs are broke. If you do join NiceHash I’d appreciate it if you could use my referral link please.
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    2. Cow_160483
      ok will give it a go :)
      Nov 23, 2017
  15. BabylenTatarsky
    BabylenTatarsky Calliers
    Thanks for the heads up. :)
  16. Calliers
    Calliers BabylenTatarsky
    I looked to see what you were doing and it said you were engaged in conversation, just wanted to let you know that the messaging system is broken right now. I don't think you will be able to send any messages to anyone on here. Sorry. They are currently working to fix it.
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    Apathetic PC Enthusiast
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    Calliers IvanV
    Sending you a pm coz it said my message was too long. :)
  20. Calliers
    Calliers IvanV
    Ma nyucka!!! WASUP!!!!! Why you so quiet these days, it's like you're maintaining radio silence on the forums, you didn't even diss the lame phone I bought recently lol.
    1. IvanV
      Oh crap, I'm so sleepy that I reported your message instead of replying! Things are going well, if a little hectic on my end. We've got literally 5 concurrent projects at work, plus maintenance for old clients, and we're a 10 men firm, so we're pretty close to falling apart.
      Apr 16, 2017
    2. IvanV
      Apart from work, I've gone back to dancing a bit more actively (mostly bachata and kizomba these days), I'm taking Italian lessons and, as of a few months ago, there's a certain somebody that's been taking a lot of my time in the best way possible. So, I'm not around as much as I used to be, and when I do drop by, I'm often a little low on energy, so I don't post as much. How are you doing?
      Apr 16, 2017