‘Chappie’s’ Neill Blomkamp Teases ‘Anthem’ Crossover

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    Not all of Neill Blomkamp’s movie are good. In fact, only one of them, his stunning scrappy 2009 debut District 9, was actually great. We’ve just been hoping for the South African wunderkind to reach those heights ever since. But despite their varying quality, Blomkamp’s films do all share a love of a particularly gritty industrial mech armor aesthetic. From District 9 to Elysium to Chappie to even his Alien 5 pitch, Neill just loves putting people in tough robot suits.

    So it really shouldn’t surprise you that Blomkamp is now teasing some sort of collaboration with Anthem, BioWare’s upcoming multiplayer loot shooter that’s all about the joy of putting people in tough robot suits.
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