1,000-mph Bloodhound SSC project runs out of gas

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    When we last heard from the Bloodhound SSC supersonic car project, it had reached out to investors to secure the £25 million (about $32 million) it needed to complete the project's development and testing. Now, it appears that money never came.

    The Bloodhound SSC project has been put down, the BBC reports, following its inability to raise the required funds to move forward. The company wasn't quite ready to reach for the 1,000-mph mark it had hoped to hit -- further development was required, and it had yet to do a series of shakedown tests above 500 mph.

    The current land speed world record is 763 mph (Mach 0.99), set in 1997 by ThrustSSC. Its driver, Andy Green, was also supposed to be the pilot responsible for carrying the Bloodhound SSC past the sound barrier.
    Source: cnet

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