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Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by Flanker, Feb 25, 2009.

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    I've got a Sager 9262 notebook with Vista 64 on the primary drive and Win XP Home on the secondary. Recently nVidia started posting notebook drivers (finally!) on their site. I uninstalled the stock Sager video drivers and installed nVidia's 179.28 betas on both drives (yes........I used the correct Vista 64 and XP 32 drivers on their respective drives! :D). I got a visable increase in frame rate and they seemed stable enough. A couple weeks later, nVidia posted 179.48 betas, so I uninstalled the 179.28s off both drives and installed the newer .48 betas.

    Within a few days I started noticing some of the lighter colored textures in games on both the Vista and XP drives started to intermmitently shimmer light pink. Over several days................that progressed to shimmering a darker pink/red, and I started getting intermmitent red horizontal bars cascading vertically across my display. NOT very happy! :uhoh:

    My drill for all the driver swaps: Uninstall current drivers via Windows uninstall. Reboot. Use current Driver Cleaner (purchased from this site) to clean out all the nVidia crud (except the SLI chipset filter). Reboot. Install the new nVidia beta drivers. Reboot. Configure all nVidia CP settings and enable SLI. Reboot.

    Here's the real problem..................I uninstalled the 179.48 betas on both drives, following my drill above, and tried both the older 179.28 betas and the stock Sager 176.02 drivers and I'll be bleeped if both of them aren't exhibiting the sick gfx symptoms described above!!! :mad: I've always sworn by Driver Cleaner and had excellent results with a number of different versions over the years with both ATI and nVidia gfx cards of various models.

    This problem makes me suspect that what ever it was in the 179.48 betas that I think caused the initial display problem, is not being successfully cleaned out by DriverCleaner.

    NOTE: The symptoms are only appearing in games, not during POST, OS load, net surfing, or 2D apps.

    These are the games/OS I've had problems with so far:

    STALKER/SHOC--Vista 64

    Far Cry 2--XP
    Far Cry--XP
    Battlefield 2/Point of Existance Mod--XP

    FEAR 2 Demo--Vista 64 & XP

    Any suggestions? TY!
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    this sounds like some of the intial visual errors that some people have been experiencing when the nvidia GPUS started failing (physically falling apart)

    I would contact your manufacturer and emediately get it sorted...
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    I had driver issues a few months back and I resolved it by resetting Windows to a previous restore point. It's probably not the most recommended, but it worked for me.

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