A 1,000bhp engine called Hellephant now lives in a ‘68 Charger

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    It’s officially official: Dodge has gone mad and we love it. We have now reached the critical junction in humanity where Dodge will sell you a 1,000bhp, 950 lb ft crate engine to lob in whatever car you like. That, ladies and gents, is what we call progress. Better than that, Dodge has christened this monstrous engine of preposterous power and tremendous torque “Hellephant”. Yes, Hellephant.

    All that oomph comes from a supercharged, all-aluminium HEMI block with a 4-inch stroke and an increased bore of 4.125 inches. You can stop rubbing your thighs now, suck, squeeze, bang, blow fans. The name is merely a nod to the infamous 426 HEMI engine that was first introduced in 1964 and nicknamed the “elephant” due to its colossal power and size.
    Source: Top Gear

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