Acer Aspire 5336-2524 celery replacement

Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by [hobo]eclipse, Aug 10, 2011.

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    Buddy of mine picked up the Acer Aspire 5336-2524 couple of months back, while demoing Reason Record software he was prompted that the CPU was not good enough. Turns out some numbskull a walmart pushed a single core celeron off on him.

    The lappy specs are listed here, Acer Support: Acer Aspire 5336 Notebook Series Specifications
    this particular setup came with 3GB RAM, 250GB HDD and the celeron 900 CPU.

    I am interested in tearing it down for him and replacing the CPU if possible. I notice it is the GL40 chipset. After reading around, general consensus seems to be any Penryn-3M 45nm 35w "should" work.

    Never having tore down a laptop, a few questions popped up:
    1.Does anyone know if the CPU is held in by a socket, or is there any chance it will be soldered directly on the mobo?
    2. Is a bios restriction likely, that will only allow the celerons to be installed? Is the laptop likely to recognize a cpu other than the 2 listed in specs?

    I was looking at this cpu, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz T6400 Laptop CPU SLGJ4 | eBay
    seems a deal at 2x the cores and 2x the cache of the celeron.
    Any opinions or feedback on methods, technical limitations, or cpu choice is greatly appreciated. :)
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    hi i have this same laptop and had to replace the motherboard so i can confirm that yes the cpu is in a socket and can be replaced. i hear a good cpu for this laptop is a core 2 duo T8300 so i got one on order and will put it in and hope for the best when it comes. should be pretty snappy because along with being 2.4ghz it had a 3mb L2 cache and yes the cache makes quite a difference.

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