After Ford, Nissan Decides To Focus More On SUVs; Discontinuing Big Names

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    Lately, have you heard of a mainstream automaker resetting its strategy and moving away from passenger cars altogether for the goodness of its future? Chances are that you might have read about Ford, but here is another big gun pursuing a similar route.

    Nissan has reaped success around the world with its alliance partner Renault and the calculative projects meant both the brands have mutually been benefited. However, Nissan is now opting towards SUVs and crossovers for the betterment of future in Europe and Russia, just as Ford did in the United States.

    In Europe, Nissan is dropping the Pulsar hatchback and the same can be said for Almera in Russia. The Japanese manufacturer has reasoned out the rapid increase of customers’ preference towards SUVs and crossovers over traditional vehicle segments.
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