Aiways starts electric car production in Europe

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    The Chinese electric car startup Aiways has produced the first examples of its U5 model for the European market at its Shangrao plant. The official market launch of the Aiways U5 in Europe is scheduled for April 2020.

    After the Aiways U5 received approval for Europe in September, the company is now taking a further important step towards the sales launch planned for five months with the start of production. The first units are to be delivered in China before the end of this month.

    The electric vehicles manufactured under the European specification are to be used primarily for marketing purposes in Germany. “These vehicles will be presented to European media and potential customers at various marketing events across the continent and will allow visitors to see and experience the European version of the U5 before it becomes available next year,” said Samuel Fu, president and co-founder of Aiways, according to a company statement.


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