All-electric Audi RS3 - 4 Formula E electric motors takes world record - speed in reverse at 210km/h

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    Over the past few weeks, Schaeffler has been letting German race driver Daniel Abt play with their crazy new all-electric vehicle: an Audi RS3 equipped with a battery pack and 4 Formula E electric motors in order to create an 880 kW all-electric racing car.

    Now the driver has taken the world record for speed in reverse gear at 210 km/h.

    As we previously reported, the German engineering and manufacturing group was already familiar with the Formula E motor through its involvement with Audi’s Formula E team.

    But they went to a whole new level by putting four of them in a single car, each of which provides a power output of 220 kW.

    It is also equipped with two battery packs with an overall capacity of 64 kWh for a modest range, but it’s enough for Schaeffler to perform its tests and blow away any driver or passenger.

    Over the past few weeks, they have partnered with Daniel Abt, a German race driver competing in Formula E, to test the vehicle.

    Last month, he did what he called ‘the hottest donut ever’ with the all-electric vehicle.


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