Amazon decided to Apply Self-learning techniques on Alexa to understand users

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    Today, a developer’s Blog post published in which Alexa AI director of applied science Ruhi Sarikaya explained the advancements in machine self-learning techniques. It would allow Alexa to understand users in Contextual Clues. According to Sarikaya, these advancements played an important role in reducing user friction and making Alexa more conversational.

    From the past few Months, Amazon was working on self-learning techniques that teach Alexa to automatically correct its own errors or mistakes. It does not need any Human annotation and as per Sarikaya, Alexa uses customers “implicit or explicit contextual signals to detect unsatisfactory interactions or failures of understanding.”

    The Contextual signals range from Customers historical activity, preferences, and Alexa skills like where the device is located or what kind of Alexa device it is. It also consists of name-free skill interaction that guides customers to Alexa skills through a more natural process. For instance, You say “Alexa, get me a car,” and the voice assistant will understand the command without specifying the name of your ride-sharing service.

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