Apple unban a previously banned 3G TV application

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    Apple broke its own rules to remove a previously enforced ban on an Iphone application that allows the user to stream TV over a 3G connection.

    Elgato's EyeTV App allows users to watch live TV and recordings stored on their Macintosh computers. Apple have always made it clear that streaming video over a 3G network is in breach of its rules. On saturday the application was pulled from the store for breaching the terms and conditions.

    Elgato released a public statement: "Some test code that enabled live TV streaming over the cellular network was accidentally left in the the EyeTV App. Apple requested that we remove the code since their agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network."

    Surprisingly the £2.99 EyeTV application was been reinstated on the store and Apple have not forced the removal of the 3G streaming options either. Elgato had assumed that Apple would allow a new version of the application to be available on the store with only streaming over Wifi. Why they changed their mind is not yet clear.

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