Audi already advertising e-tron electric SUV ahead of the launch event

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    We’re on our way to San Francisco to see the Audi e-tron unveiling event. But as Audi is about to unveil the production version of its e-tron quattro electric SUV, the company has already started its advertising campaign which isn’t leaving much to the imagination…

    As we recently reported, a study shows that automakers are still not advertising their electric vehicles in the US.

    Audi appears to go against the grain on that front.

    For the Emmys coming up next week, the German automaker is launching a new advertising campaign around the theme of “unleashing” the power of electric vehicles:

    “Up until now the full promise of the electric car has gone unfulfilled. That’s about to change. This is electric like you have never seen it. This is electric unleashed.”


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