Australia's Baraja takes on Uber with autonomous vehicle lidar play

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    Australian startup Baraja is giving car manufacturers an alternative to the 13kg drum Uber is using for driverless vehicle mapping, launching its Light Detection and Ranging-based solution to help progress driverless vehicles.

    The product, Spectrum-Scan, uses shifting wavelengths of light to create "eyes" for autonomous vehicles. CEO and co-founder Federico Collarte told ZDNet the lidar solution solves the scalability, reliability, and performance issues that have "challenged automakers, rideshares, and the tech behemoths as they race toward a fully-autonomous future".

    At this point, it doesn't matter what type of vehicle the sensors are mounted to, as Collarte said "today you don't buy self-driving cars, you buy cars and you give them self-driving capabilities".

    Up to four sensor heads are connected via fibre optic cable to a central processor.

    Source: zdnet

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