Back of DVD player's Digital Out (Coaxial) does not work but works w/cm108 SPDIF mod

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    I have 2 SB, one is 10k1 and the other 10k2. I have made a usb cm108 pin 1 spdif mod with the pin 38 mixer to ground mod.

    I put one SB into the PCI of the desktop computer, then have my desktop speakers. I have adjusted the inputs so that the spdif is not muted..

    I plug the usb cm108 into the laptop, then have it play a song

    I then connect the spdif out of the cm108 into the spdif in of the sb and got sound on the sb (desktop speakers)

    When I do the same with the DVD player (as Spdif OUT) using its Digital Out (Coaxial) port, it does not work.

    I've tried all the audio settings, already enabled digital out, tried DTS, PCM output, Dolby.. etc.

    I check in the kx SPDIF info, when I connect it to the cm108 it detects it fine, but when I connect to DVD Digital Out (Coaxial), it always says "Unused"... or never gets detected. I tried it already on two dvd player. Is there something different about it?

    I measure the voltage for the spif in cm108 its 1.5-1.6v,
    I measure the voltage for the coaxial output, its 100mv... (why so weak)? Does that voltage need to be amplified? I wish I could tap the spdif directly on the mediatek chip.



    I solved the problem for now, I hope this will help others because I never seen it mentioned..

    1) you can find the pinout of your dvd chip, ie: Mediatek or Zoran etc for the spdif pin, but soldering that will be hard.

    or 2) if you have a OPTICAL or some solder pads that look like a OPTICAL solder place, measure it with the voltmeter, it will be gnd, 5V and 1.2V, the 1.2v is your spdif...!

    So it seems the coaxial output will reduce the voltage..
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