Battlefield 5 Player Accuses EA of Deleting Their Origin Account Containing 100s of Games

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by Calliers, Aug 13, 2018.

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    So this is interesting (to say the least). An EA Origin subscriber has put up a long and comprehensive post on Reddit claiming that their Origin account has been deleted, without any deletion request from their side, with no e-mails in their linked account to show that they asked for a deletion (or even confirming the deletion)- and so far, EA’s response, in a nutshell, has been- “we don’t know what happened”.

    Reddit user FlyingOfficer claims that his Origin account, containing “games worth thousands of dollars” has been deleted. He has contacted EA several times, over chat, email, and over the phone, but the issue, it seems hasn’t been resolved yet. He claims to have information on transactions he made with his accounts, as well as his credit card information, which he has also provided to EA.
    Source: gamingbolt
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    I learned my lesson to not trust EA when I lost about 3 games back 10 or so years ago. I hope he learns his lesson.

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