Beating my head trying to figure out root of crash/freeze problem...

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by The_Neon_Cowboy, May 9, 2017.

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    Found the video i was looking for that investigated this... it's a bit of a watch but it kind of lays the ground work for what's going on

    This is further shown to be more evident on this latest set of tests.. where a ryzen 1500 performs like complete shit with a 1080... but then suddenly it's incredible powerful and matching up with 2x1080's in SLI.... which is never seen before SLI scaling which shouldn't be happening. The theory going is that due to the way nvidia handles SLI'd cards, there are 2 sets of driver threadings going on and that with the 1500 is doing with those is that each driver threading is limited to their own core complex resulting in proper true performance being seen... SLI on the higher models of ryzen doesn't scale nearly as well and the performance of the nvidia cards on those cpus is still quite low.. but the 1500 compared to intel's cpu shows a massive improvement which leaves people still scratching their heads and more evidence that nvidia's software scheduling is NOT handling things correctly on ryzen at all.

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