Bethesda partners with West Virginia Tourism Office to promote Fallout 76

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    Bethesda Softworks has teamed up with the West Virginia Tourism Office to promote Fallout 76.

    The West Virginia Tourism Office announced the partnership in a press release (via Gamespot), revealing it will be creating advertising strategies to educate players about West Virginia’s 'unique landscape and culture', as well as offering players the chance to visit the state themselves in an effort to capitalize on the opportunity to 'reach a new, engaged audience'.

    The latest addition to the Fallout franchise - Fallout 76 - is set in a post-nuclear West Virginia and contains recreations of real locations from the state such as the Greenbrier, Woodburn Circle and New River Gorge Bridge.

    In addition, the game will feature mutated creatures inspired by West Virginian folklore, such as the Mothman.
    Source: techradar

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