Brazil Wants Steam to Pull Beat 'Em Up Game for Promoting Hate

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    Valve's decision to no longer censor games on the Steam store is facing a test Brazil. Local officials are calling on the company to stop selling an indie game that features a right-wing presidential candidate beating up his political opponents, including gays and feminists.

    The game, Bolsomito 2K18, lets you take control of a parody of Jair Bolsonaro, a Brazilian politician who may end up winning the presidency later this month. The 2D side scroller pits your character against wave after wave of so-called "corrupted" government forces, including activist groups.

    Not everyone is amused by Bolsomito 2K18's gameplay. On Wednesday, Brazil's Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories called on Valve to pull the title from the Steam Store because, it says, the game promotes hate against gay and feminist movements amid the backdrop of a presidential election.
    Source: pcmag

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