Bully Hunters campaign goes dark after first stream erupts with backlash

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    In just under 72 hours, the vigilante gaming group Bully Hunters went from an idealistic anti-harassment campaign to a prime example of what can happen when seemingly good intentions go wrong.

    Bully Hunters is an initiative produced by marketing agency FCB Chicago, composed of an all-female organization made up of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players trying to raise awareness of in-game harassment. The Bully Hunters website described the collective as a “vigilante hit squad of elite female gamers” who will enter CS:GO games when called upon, evaluate the situation and take out an offending player if the case is determined to be severe enough. A debut livestream, which reportedly featured pre-recorded, staged gameplay footage and specially branded SteelSeries headphones used for charity giveaways, aired Thursday night.

    Reporters and other industry members criticized the group’s harassment countermeasures before the livestream ever kicked off. Their concerns were compounded after one host’s personal history of antagonizing people on Twitter and using homophobic language was dredged up, and questions about the involvement of companies like SteelSeries were aired. Even the use of pre-recorded footage during a live event raised alarms. It was the group’s anti-harassment techniques, however — which encouraged players to go in and take out bad actors — that drew the most ire.
    Source: polygon
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    it's a bloody joke.. their statistical figures are based on bogus non substantiated data... that's been ballooned to an insane figure to sound "profound" and it COMPLETELY negates genuine trollers, shit posters and game banter in general no matter how foul mouth it is... directed at everyone.. NOT just females.

    as bad as some damn pricks are.... the minimal few people that are completely jackasses doesn't automatically make literally everyone else including other female gamers.... instantly banable.

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