Bungie Says Destiny 2 Corridors of Time Puzzle is a 'Marathon'

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    Recently, Bungie has seen a bit of push back from its veteran player base and high profile members of the community like Datto and Gladd. The common sentiment seems to be that the current state of Destiny 2 lacks challenge, clear goals, and just something to do in the end game. There's still content planned for the remainder of this season, it appears Bungie may also have a surprise or two that the schedule doesn't feature. As a sort of answer to the fan base grumbling, a new puzzle has been released and so far it is proving to be quite challenging.

    Following this week's reset, Destiny 2 players discovered that Osiris had a strange and unexpected new quest waiting for them at the Sundial destination. The quest itself takes players back into the Corridors of Time, last seen when attempting to rescue Saint-14. At that time, the corridors were largely blocked or locked in order to help guide players through a specific path.

    With this new quest line, players will need to focus on the symbols scattered all around the corridors as most doors are open and there's no convenient marker to help guide. However, the obelisks that players have been upgrading since the start of the season are also displaying new rotating patterns with these symbols. Players have been making steady progress, though the ultimate resolution or reward still seems to be a ways off. Bungie provided a bit of insight into the situation in a recent Tweet.
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