Canadian Cops Who Are Clearly Tired Of This Bullshit Seize Exotic Sports Cars For 'Stunting'

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    Look, just because you’re driving a $100,000 supercar doesn’t mean you don’t have to drive along at a snail’s pace like the rest of us plebeians. No no, you too have to suck it up as all of those 500+ horsepower go to waste. And if you don’t—as these people near Niagara Falls, Canada didn’t—your car’s getting towed.

    The Niagara police in Canada pulled over and threw a bunch of charges at the drivers of a Nissan GT-R, Porsche Cayenne, McLaren MP4, Mercedes AMG GT R and Chevrolet Corvette on the morning of July 11 after residents complained about unsafe driving.

    The police did a little stake out of a route typically driven by exotic vehicle car rental company Ultimate Exotics, and before they knew it, they observed a handful of sports cars allegedly doing speeds over 30 mph above the limit (with two traveling over 48 mph above the limit), the Niagara Police’s press release states.

    Source: jalopnik

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