CDC warns free workplace food is driving unhealthy eating

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    Researchers with the CDC recently conducted a study that found free workplace food may be a major contributor to unhealthy diets. The researchers looked at 5,222 volunteers who work in various places across the United States, finding that food provided at work is often unhealthy and contain things like high sodium levels. The CDC indicates this may be the first national study of its kind.

    Snacks in the workplace may be provided by coworkers who bring the items into the office, but is often provided by the company itself. These snacks are often free as a perk for employees, but free snack food choices by companies are often unhealthy, involving ingredients like refined grains and sugar, high amounts of salt, and processed ingredients.

    While a nice gesture on the part of companies that provide it, the study warns that workplace snacks may be significantly contributing to unhealthy diets among Americans. Almost a quarter of study volunteers reported getting food from their workplace at least one time per week, and the weekly average calorie load from work was almost 1,300.
    Source: slashgear

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