Chevrolet Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser Reassigned to GM’s Electric Vehicle Group

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    Al Oppenheiser, chief engineer and spiritual leader of the Chevrolet Camaro program for more than a decade, is moving to General Motors' newly formed AV/EV organization to focus on zero-emission-vehicle development. Mark Dickens, current executive director of Performance Variants, Parts, Accessories, and Motorsports Engineering—not to mention card-carrying member of the Bonneville Salt Flats 200-MPH Club—will assume Oppenheiser's role as chief engineer of the Camaro program.

    Credited with shepherding the fifth- and sixth-generation Camaro and performance variants such as the Z/28 and the ZL1 into existence, Oppenheiser developed a loyal team of colleagues within Chevrolet—not to mention the respect of the Camaro community and of Chevrolet performance fans as a whole. There is a contingent of late-model Camaro enthusiasts for whom Oppenheiser represents the human element behind the sheetmetal, tiny daylight openings and all. How they will react to his departure remains to be seen.
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