China to Make RFID Chips Mandatory in Cars So the Government Can Track Citizens on the Road

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    The Chinese government, in its ongoing pursuit to create the dystopian police state dreamed up in many a science fiction tale, is reportedly readying a new vehicle identification system that will be capable of monitoring the movement of citizens.

    The Wall Street Journal reported on the system, which will begin rolling out on July 1st of this year. Cars operating in the country will be adorned with radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that the government will use to track drivers throughout the country. Compliance will be optional for the first year but will become mandatory for new vehicles starting in 2019.

    The system will mark a sizable expansion of China’s already massive surveillance state, which the government seems intent on monitoring every aspect of its citizens’ lives. The nation’s law enforcement agencies have already littered cities with surveillance cameras in both private and public spaces and earlier this year shared their intention to combine them into a single network, called “Sharp Eyes,” that will be linked to facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence capable of tracking and surviving individuals.
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