David Marcus, Facebook’s Blockchain Head Leaves Coinbase

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    David Marcus, Facebook’s newly appointed head of blockchain left his seat as a board of director of Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange.

    According to Marcus, his reason for resigning was the new blockchain group that he was setting up in Facebook.

    Marcus who joined Facebook in 2014, joined the Coinbase board of directions in december of last year. The Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong said at that time, Marcus, who once served as president of PayPal, would use his expertise in the payments and mobile space to help Coinbase with its overall mission.

    Five months after this, Marcus was named Facebook’s Head of Blockchain. While the social media giant did not reveal the work it is doing in the blockchain field, however, it is known that Marcus’s team consists of fewer than 12 members.
    Source: coinfrenzy.io

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