Dead Man’s Son Sues Cryonics Lab for Only Freezing Dad’s Head

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    A man is suing a cryonics firm for allegedly not respecting his late father’s wishes—or contract—to have his entire body cryogenically preserved. Instead, the firm severed and stored the man’s head, sending his cremated remains to his son.

    The firm in question is Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the first and largest business of its kind. The Arizona-based organization cools down recently deceased individuals in the hopes of bringing them back in the future. Laurence Pilgeram, a scientist long involved in the cryonics community, was Alcor’s 135th patient, and is the subject of the aforementioned lawsuit.

    According to a complaint filed against Alcor by Dr. Pilgeram’s son, Kurt Pilgeram, “Alcor has intentionally caused severe emotional distress to Kurt when they cremated his father’s remains and had them shipped to his house in a box without notice. Furthermore, Alcor committed fraud against Kurt when they promised him that his father’s whole body would be preserved and then cut off his head.”
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