different speed test results with phone & desktop

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    using the same mobile modem, the desktop gets less than 10mbit/s down & about 10mbit/s up.
    yet the smartphone has gotten as high as 40mbit/s down & 80mbit/s up.
    the smartphone consistently gets 70+ mbit/s up.

    both of the signals show excellent strength (full bars).
    i've done what i could with rts & fragmentation to get the crc errors as low as possible on the desktop (i've tried turning them off too).

    i think the phone is using an n type wifi connection, because doesn't g stop at 54mbit connection link?
    the phone says 65mbit/s & the desktop says 72.2mbit/s transmit & 65mbit/s receive.

    i used the tcp analyzer on speedguide.net & while the mtu size & mss size is the same, the rwin sizes aren't the same.
    the unscaled receive window on the phone is 229
    the unscaled receive window on the desktop is 65340 (chrome) & 65535 (edge).
    the time to live is different & the default rwin size is different, everything else is the same (except for browsers).

    i've tried all the different auto-tuning levels.
    i've disabled the auto-tuning & changed the value in the registry (didn't work).
    i added the global rwin registry value (didn't work).

    is there anything i can do to get the same speeds on the desktop that the phone is getting?
    (there isn't an option to plug the mobile modem directly into the computer to test)

    there isn't any setting in the modem that limits the speed of the desktop.
    all i can think of is it's the difference of the unscaled rwin size & finding out how to disable auto-tune & attempt to input a new rwin value manually in the registry wasn't easy to find in the search results (there aren't a lot of people talking about it to say the least).

    tried both the default rwin value & the unscaled rwin value (in case the little one was too small).
    not only do i want the speed on the desktop, i need it too because netflix struggles to stream in HD & even my magicjack has hiccups during calls (doesn't end the call, just dropouts).
    i went as far as buying a newer generation magicjack only to find out every single problem with the old one exists with the new one (dialup modem noise whenever somebody calls & i answer the call .. a bit delayed pending ack at the beginning of the call causing a moment at the beginning of every call to experience a gap of silence both ways .. every once in a while a call shows up on the caller id as missed but the phone didn't ring, or the number doesn't show up at all & the phone doesn't ring .. sometimes calling the magicjack, it says it is unavailable & goes straight to voicemail even though the software is up & running).
    then there's the fact of browsing the internet is basically too slow.

    i mean, my mother & i both got a core2quad processor (same model number) & we are both using windows 10 home .. i'm on 64bit with 8gb of ram & she is on 32bit with 1gb of ram (her other ram slot died about a month after installing the refurbished motherboard & it is really a 2gb stick but i've got her using the onboard graphics card because of how many watts it uses compared to a pci-e gpu)
    her pages load up snappy & lightning quick .. yet my computer is a lot more sluggish with pauses sometimes going 2-3 seconds.
    both computers are running fresh operating system installs. the one i'm on now is about a month anda half old.
    i haven't installed much either.
    i don't think it is a 32bit vs 64bit issue because sometimes at night when the desktop speeds go up, i've seen pages load snappy.

    missing 70mbit/s of internet speed is massive & i'm at quite a loss after learning the registry values don't work.
    i've read somewhere before (i think it was a speedguide.net guide) about sometimes the manual input into the registry editor won't work, but you can do it from command prompt or powershell - are there any commands for changing the rwin using either of those?
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    Have you tried using a different WiFi adapter for the desktop?
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    no, i've thought about it a little bit before.
    it's another one of those times when literally everybody seems to be wanting to increase their rwin value even though the auto-tune can do it itself (& i've seen it do it before on this computer just within the last seven days) yet here i am wanting to go the opposite direction & my want|need might as well be alien.

    i've got an old desktop around here that i can put windows xp on & then change the rwin size to see if it will get the same speeds.
    the thought didn't even dawn on me until just now about attempting it.
    certainly worth a try rather than buying a new wi-fi adapter that isn't needed when money is tight.

    though due diligence is bringing up how the wifi adapter in use has been able to reach, 30 or 40 mbit/s download speed before & that suggests the hardware is either good or the intermittent increase in speed is really just the age showing itself.
    maybe i can put my smartphone in access point mode & send a file or two from one to the other & check the speed - probably easier than setting up a whole desktop, but then again i don't know if i want to turn the phone's out-y into an in-y (because of any connections to it).
    i haven't owned a smartphone for more than a month now & i've gotta read up on whether it can do connection rejection or not.
    if the short time span isn't enough, a bricked phone during christmas season just isn't my cup of tea.

    and then again, without anything else to compare it to, using the phone seems stupid on two counts regardless of how convenient it is if it proves it doesn't work.
    besides, i've got a calibrated microphone coming for the phone to do equalizers with & i'd be upset if the phone died before it gets in here the next couple of days.
    makes me think of the phrase 'ho-hum'.

    i'm a bit tempted to try another operating system (other than microsoft) but i am without the energy to learn it right now.
    i guess this thread goes to show why some people fall asleep on purpose while fishing, because the chances are small} hahaha.

    (side note: add calls sent or received being deleted from the call log after restarting - it might have something to do with the write buffer caches enabled on the hard drive but those are on by default & that should of been taken into account .. i've got zero idea why the calls disappear, one would think it only happens with a forced restart & i should probably turn the bottom one off at least just to see .. but if i'm typing something in notepad or wordpad & the power goes out - what i've typed isn't going to be there after restarting regardless of whether i've got that feature enabled or not & it would be easier if the magicjack software would purge its cache to memory, because whatever flag is set to do it now isn't working. imagine that, magicjack tried getting me to believe version 3 or 4 isn't compatible with windows 10 & after i bought a new one none of the problems went away but a new problem did come as an addition - all because i thought the white on blue was pretty & i wanted to keep it clean)

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