Disney Theme Park to Open a Marvel Land

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    After the successful opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we’re getting more from the Disneyland Resort. The next expansion will be at California Adventure Park and will be based on Marvel superheroes, according to the LA Times. However, because of licencing deals that were signed before Disney bought Marvel, they can’t use the word “Marvel” in the name or marketing for the park, meaning it can’t be called “Marvel Land.” We might be given more info at Disney’s D23 convention during the dates of August 23-25. VitalThrills.com will be there, so stay tuned.

    The city of Anaheim, which is home to Disneyland and California Adventure has reportedly approved building permits for a retail store, a microbrewery and a character meet and greet space. The site hows a wall at California Adventure Park around A Bug’s Land with the words “Stark Industries” on it.
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