Don’t Import Nintendo Switch Games From China – Region-Locked to Tencent Servers and More

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    The Nintendo Switch launched in China on the tenth of December last year. Frankly, beyond a small pattering of news regarding the fact that the console launched with just one first party title, Super Smash Bros, it all went fairly smoothly and without further note. Granted, due to the rather closed nature of China and the low level of information coming out of the country on such matters, other aspects were overlooked or simply not known about.

    Originally posted on Resetera by user KSweeley, there are a collection of tweets by Danial Ahmad covering the way the Nintendo Switch works in China, the games and how they are essentially both region locked and reverse region locked. What this essentially means is that those within china can only play online with other Chinese players and players outside of China would find it pointless to purchase a Chinese copy of the game.
    Source: wccftech

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