Dragalia Lost Crosses $16 Million in Revenue, Now Outpacing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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    Nintendo’s newest mobile game, Dragalia Lost, had a bit of a slow start as far as revenues were concerned. There were several possible reasons for this—the game was a brand new IP, instead of using a recognizable Nintendo character or franchise. It launched only in North America and Japan, so much of the larger mobile gaming markets were left out.

    In spite of that, however, it seems as though the game has started to pick up steam. Sensor Tower reports that in two weeks, the game has managed to gross $16 million, with $13.5 million coming in from Japan and the United States. That means that in the US, the game is now actually outpacing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (which was at less than $10 million in an equivalent period of time following its launch).
    Source: gamingbolt

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