Electric Morgan 3 Wheeler shelved for now

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    After a failed supplier contract delayed the car, the Morgan EV3 is officially stillborn, but Morgan's managing director Steve Morris said the company is committed to an electric future.

    According to a report from Autocar on Friday, the electric three-wheeler has been put on hold indefinitely after the company's second supplier was "no longer able to fulfill the project within the terms of the contract," according to Morris. That supplier is Frazer-Nash and the company's managing director, Noamaan Siddiqui, said the partnership ended due to a variety of reasons, but noted prototypes of the car were very promising.

    Morgan first revealed the electric version of its 3 Wheeler, called the EV3, at the 2016 Geneva motor show. It planned to launch the car in 2017, but the company's first electric powertrain supplier fell through. Frazer-Nash stepped in at the end of 2017 to bring the car to life sometime this year, but it appears similar issues led to the car's indefinite hiatus.

    Source: motorauthority

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